Wituka Unveils Organic Cotton T-Shirt In Blue and Green

Organic cotton tshirts from Wituka

Wituka has come up with its newest “Cool to Be Kind- Double Printing” Organic cotton T-Shirt which is designed especially by Nelson Nikola.

This is made up of 100% organic cotton exported from Bangladesh and is printed with the Silk Screen printing technology. The T-Shirt lets you contribute to the environment as well because, on every purchase, Wituka plants a tree. This minimalistic T-Shirt is available in 2 different color options of baby blue and geyser green. It has a brand logo on the front and a cool graphic print at the back with a round neck. Available in a range of sizes, this T-Shirt is priced at €12.9.

International shipping to selected countries is available.

Purchase yours from here: https://www.wituka.com/en/collections/t-shirts/products/cool-to-be-kind-double-printing. Have a look at this Instagram post for more information: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPktoW7Cdc0/

Wituka deals in men, women, and kids apparel including t-shirts, shirts, polos, dresses, and bags. As an environment-friendly brand it uses organically grown cotton exported exclusively from Bangladesh and on every single purchase, they make sure to plant a tree. With certification from GOTS and Fairtrade, their production is of the highest quality standards. The advanced technology of silk-screening printing takes place in Spain. They serve as a PETA-approved vegan brand. Their main aim is to produce sustainable clothing for all at affordable prices.


  1. https://www.wituka.com/collections/t-shirts
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