Is Wild Fork Foods Good? A Complete Review

Wild Fork Foods reviews

As a whole, Wild Fork Foods is a pretty good brand that offers high-quality meat products. Their wide variety of meat and other food items is quite popular among customers. The plus point of the brand is their frozen meat goods that are delivered in boxes and bags equipped with insulated coolers and pre-packed dry ice to ensure their quality and taste!

Wild Fork Foods is a brand that offers its customers the highest quality meat at reasonable prices. The idea behind the brand is to transform the way its customers shop and consume meat products!

The beef is sourced from the feeders in Nebraska and Colorado. These regions produce some of the best cattle in the world, all because of their lush grasslands and cold climate. Since the brand believes in consistency to keep up its high-quality standards, they source the beef from the same suppliers throughout the year.

Are Wild Fork Foods meat good?

Based on the reviews on multiple websites, including Wild Fork Foods’ official website that takes online orders, many customers have opined that the meat is of good quality. Particularly when cut from the rib and loin areas, the meat tastes much better!

On Facebook, one customer said that they ordered the prime beef ribeye filets with choice bone-in ribeye and Au gratin potatoes that they totally enjoyed! The steaks were quite tender and juicy as well.

Another customer, however, reviewed that the pictures on the Wild Fork Foods website are slightly misleading. The burger pattie they received did not look like the one shown in the pictures.


The brand claims its meat prices to be reasonable and affordable considering the quality of meat they offer. Some of their popular meat products are:

  • The famous USDA Prime Beef Outside Skirt Steak is priced at $44.96 for approximately 1.8lb of meat. 
  • The USDA Prime Black Angus Bone-in Beef Cowboy Steak is priced at $50.11 for approximately 2.64lb of meat.
  • The USDA Choice Beef Center Cut Filet Mignon is priced at $23.09 for approximately 0.7lb of meat.

Most of the customers reviewed that they were happy with the pricing of the Wild Fork Foods meat, considering the quality of the meat. However, a few customers said that they were not happy with the shipping and tax charges on their orders.


Wild Fork Foods source their meat from Nebraska and Colorado as these regions produce some of the best cattle in the world. This is because of the cold climate and lush greenery in the regions. To ensure the highest quality of the meat, Wild Fork Foods uses a unique procedure known as blast freezing, which reduces crystallization and maintains the juiciness of the meat.

A majority of the customers reviewed that the meat from Wild Fork Foods is of good quality. The brand takes an extra step to maintain the quality of the meat by delivering the customers orders in boxes and bags equipped with insulated coolers and pre-packed dry ice to keep the meat frozen.


The brand claims that its meat is fresh, tender, and juicy. Using the blast freezing procedure, Wild Fork Foods ensures that its customers get the tastiest and best quality meat. The brand also offers dry-rubbed meat, which is a piece of meat that is rubbed with a blend of spices and seasonings to enhance the overall taste of the meat and introduce other complementary tastes to it.

Based on the reviews on multiple websites, it can be said that most of the meat products, such as pork roast, chicken, and bacon from Wild Fork Foods are extremely delicious. Most of the customers enjoyed their orders from Wild Fork Foods, in terms of both taste and quality!

Considering the multiple reviews of Wild Fork Foods, one can easily say that the brand has created a name for itself in the market!

Here are a few things about Wild Fork Foods and its products that you should know.

Who owns Wild Fork Foods?

Edward Deutscher is the owner of Wild Fork Foods.

Are the Wild Fork Foods meat frozen?

Yes, all Wild Fork Foods are frozen. The brand follows a unique procedure to keep its goods frozen, known as blast freezing. This procedure helps reduce crystallization and maintain the juiciness of the meat, thereby preserving its flavor and taste!

Wild Forks Foods blast freeze their meat at its freshness peak and keep them frozen throughout the supply chain. 

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How can you defrost the Wild Fork Foods meat?

To defrost the meat, follow these steps:

  • Place the meat in a resealable bag.
  • Put the bag in a bowl of cold tap water.
  • Let the bag sit in water till the meat is completely thawed.
  • Change the water every 30 minutes with cold water.
  • Once the meat is completely thawed, cook immediately after.

What are the different types of meat products at Wild Fork Foods?

Wild Fork Foods has a wide variety of meat products for you to choose from. These include:

Beef and Steaks

  • Wagyu
  • Picanhas
  • Tenderloin
  • Ribeyes
  • Short ribs
  • Skirt steaks
  • Dry-rubbed beef
  • Brisket and roasts


  • Berkshire
  • Chops and tenderloins
  • Bacon and belly
  • Ribs, roasts, and hams
  • Pork ground and sausage
  • Berkshire
  • Dry-rubbed pork


  • Salmon and trout
  • Shrimp and scallops
  • Tuna and whitefish
  • Lobster and crab
  • Clam and mussels
  • Octopus and calamari

Chicken and Poultry

  • Chicken breast
  • Wings and drumsticks
  • Thighs
  • Whole chicken
  • Turkey

Where does Wild Fork Foods get their meat?

Wild Fork Foods source their meat from farms across the country, to ensure the highest-quality goods. 

What does dry rubbed meat mean?

Dry rubbed meat is exactly what it sounds like. It is a piece of meat that is rubbed with a blend of spices and seasonings, without any wet ingredients. The purpose of dry rubbing meat is to enhance the natural flavor of the meat and introduce other complementary flavors to it.

How is the outside skirt steak different from the inside skirt steak?

Outside skirt steak is a popular meat cut that is preferred for its rich fat marbling, flavor, and tenderness. Inside skirt steak, on the other hand, is narrower, thinner, and leaner, and comes from the flank.

How different are grass-fed and pasture-raised cattle?

True grass-fed cattle remain on a grass-fed system throughout their lives. They are rotated to different areas as they chew through their meals. On the other hand, pasture-raised cattle receive a major portion of their nutrition from stored dried forages and organically managed pasture.

Is Wild Fork Foods beef grass-fed?

Yes, Wild Fork Foods sources its beef from Nebraska, a state that has one of the highest-quality cattle breeds in the country. The sourced beef is 100% grass-fed. The grass-fed cattle do not receive any animal by-products, added hormones or growth promotants, or antibiotics.

How does Wild Fork Foods enhance its products?

The brand uses both blade tenderization and natural broths to boost the flavor of the meat in some products.

What is the Wild Fork Foods guarantee?

The brand has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Based on multiple reviews online, it can be concluded that a majority of their customers are satisfied with the quality of the meat that Wild Fork Foods offers.

Does Wild Fork Foods have a physical store?

Yes, in addition to their online store, Wild Fork Foods has several physical stores in Chicago, Dallas, Central Florida, and South Florida too. You can visit their official website and search for their stores near you through the store locator option!

How is the order from Wild Fork Foods packed?

The brand has carefully engineered boxes and bags with insulated coolers and pre-packed dry ice to ensure the meat you ordered stays frozen till it reaches you.

Does Wild Fork Foods deliver orders on the same day?

Well, that depends on your location. Wild Fork Foods has a dedicated same-day delivery zone. If your location falls in that zone, you will receive the order on the same day. If not, you will get it the next day.

Does Wild Fork Foods have a membership program?

Wild Fork Foods has two membership programs – Wild Fork Unlimited and Wild Fork Unlimited Local. 

Wild Fork Unlimited is priced at $49 per year. You can place orders with unlimited deliveries nationwide.

Wild Fork Unlimited Local is priced at $29 per year. With this membership program, you get unlimited deliveries in areas near a local Wild Fork store. It is only applicable in certain regions.

These memberships are billed annually and you can cancel them only at the time of renewal. Changes to the membership tier are not allowed after 6 months of your membership start date.

Apart from meat, does Wild Fork Foods offer other frozen products too?

Yes, you get a whole lot of other frozen things from Wild Fork Foods, including fruits and vegetables. 

In the fruits category, you get frozen strawberries, mixed berries, mixed fruits, organic whole blueberries, organic sliced peaches, pineapple chunks, and mango chunks.

In the vegetable category, you get zucchini spirals, ripe plantain slices, pepper trio with onions, steamable broccoli florets, babycakes, mini potato hash browns, tiny brussels sprouts, mixed vegetables, among others.


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