Wicked Edge Unveils WEGO 60 Knife Sharpeners

Wicked Edge knife sharpeners

Are you a knife enthusiast? Maybe you just own a few knives in your kitchen, or maybe you’re a collector. No matter how you use your knife, a good knife sharpener can go a long way.

Wicked Edge WEGO 60 Series

Blade Show 2021 has concluded recently, and with it, Wicked Edge has launched their new lineup of blade sharpeners – The WEGO 60 series.

Featuring many differing variations of their newest technology, four new sharpeners will be hitting the store by the end of this year.

Pictured above is one of the four – The WEGO 66, which comes with the all-new Parabolic Cam Vise and the Screw Drive Angle Adjuster which provide precise sharpening ability. The WEGO 66 is the only version with a sleek and glossy black base. Details about the remaining WEGO sharpeners coming soon!

Wicked Edge knife sharpeners

Wicked Edge is one of the best brands for precision knife sharpeners. Their products provide the best edge to any knife, be it a kitchen knife or a hunting machete. They provide a wide range of products for knife care like Diamond Stones, Strops, Attachments, Adapters, and Sharpeners. Their precision sharpener series is one of their previous achievements and they provide delicate care to your knives. The precision sharpener series range from $349 to $575 and come with all the necessary things to get your knife wicked sharp. Diamond stones of varying grits, Aluminium and Granite Bases and angle adjusters allow you to mend your knife to your liking. The products have many options for upgrades as well, which allows you to make an investment when it’s necessary.


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