This Urban Skin Rx Cleansing Bar Makes It To “The Greatest Skin Care” List

Urban Skin Cleansing bar

Give your skin a treat with the latest Urban Skin Rx’s Cleansing Bar which has successfully made it to “The Greatest Skin Care” list by Beautinc. No matter how hectic a schedule you have, this cleansing bar allows you to take care of your skin by minimizing the steps in your skincare routine.

This bar functions as your cleanser, mask, and exfoliator altogether, thus bringing ease to you. If you are apprehensive of your uneven skin tone, then this bar will be the best buy of all time. Formulated especially for the melanized peeps and for folks with the problem of rough skin texture, it is composed of Kojic Acid and Niacinamide resolving the issues regarding dark spots and uneven skin tone. It comes as a brown cleansing bar that lathers easily with the help of a free exfoliating sponge. Smelling of tea trees and licorice, gives your body a fresh and sublime feel throughout the day. It is perfect both for your morning and evening skincare routine. It features Clear Tone Advanced Technology that proffers a healthy skin tone.

Its usage results in a brighter, youthful skin tone with no dark spots left.

 It comes in 2 package sizes of 2 oz priced at $15 and 3.4 oz priced at $24. Shop for it here Use code MEMDAY21 for a flat 25% off on your checkout.

Urban Skin Rx is a skincare line that advocates for accessible skincare for all kinds of skin tones to empower people from all around the globe and let all feel beautiful and confident. It takes care of non-humans by being a cruelty-free brand.



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