Are Under Armour Shoes Any Good? What To Watch Out For?

Under Armour shoes

Under Armour is an American sports footwear company based in Baltimore, Maryland. It made its debut as a brand of sports apparel in 1996, originally selling only garments made of microfiber fabrics that absorbed moisture and kept athletes cool, dry, and light, but later expanded to sell footwear in 2006.

It all began with a moisture-wicking sportswear line that included a T-shirt that wicks sweat away from the skin instead of absorbing it. Kevin Plank of Under Armour, who was tired of sweating through his T-shirts during his sports practice, promised to engineer and manufacture activewear that keeps athletes feeling fresh, dry, and cool at all times. The company sells fitted (athlete cut), compression (tight-fitting), and loose (relaxed fit) clothing that may be worn in hot, cold, or moderate temperatures. Among the various footwear options available are cleats, running shoes, slides, performance training shoes, basketball shoes, and hunting boots.

Undoubtedly, your feet are one of the hardest-working parts of your body, and you should take good care of them. They’re your first line of defence against the elements, the most prone to injury, and the most difficult to keep in good working order. Wearing the right footwear will not only keep you comfortable but will also help protect your feet from harm. Under Armour shoes are a good starting point. They’re known for protecting your feet and ankles from the environment and damage while being strong and flexible enough to withstand high-intensity athletic rigor.

In this article, we will review various types of Under Armour footwear and let you decide whether they are suitable for you and your athletic needs.

What Are Under Armour Shoes Made of?

As a new kid on the block, Under Armour quickly made its mark by creating a unique identity that set the brand apart from established players like Nike by leading the way when it comes to creating moisture-wicking activewear. 

The footwear line from Under Armour has been engineered using Threadborne technology, which utilizes advanced material manufacturing techniques and functional yarns to reduce waste and improve performance. The Threadborne technology provides a superior athletic solution using newly engineered micro-sized, lightweight threads that are intelligently woven together. These shoes promise superior ultra-lightweight comfort, breathability, and agility. 

With its footwear line, Under Armour has taken a unique approach from other competitors. Instead of using standard materials, Under Armour used their prior experience with textiles to create a line of shoes that are fully equipped with lightweight, breathable fabrics. As a result, their level of comfort, support, and circulation is unmatched.

What Are the Best Under Armour Shoes?

While Under Armour may not be as well-known as Nike, Puma, or Adidas, its shoes are on par, if not superior, in several ways. Under Armour began manufacturing shoes in 2006-07 and opened its first full-line retail store in Annapolis, Maryland, in late 2007. It now manufactures footwear for racing, football, boxing, baseball, basketball, track and field, and other sports.

Under Armour offers a wide range of footwear to suit your specific requirements. It is well-known for its top running shoe offerings, but it also has a lot to offer in terms of the type of shoe itself; it is simply a matter of personal preference and comfort that defines who will go with what. 

Here are the top 5 best-selling shoes from Under Armour:

  • UA HOVR Sonic 5 
  • UA Charged Bandit Trail 
  • UA Tribase Reign 4 
  • UA Project Rock 3 
  • Unisex Curry Flow 9 

The UA HOVR Sonic has UA MapMyRun technology, which provides real-time feedback to help you improve your running performance. It’s a no-brainer for distance runners who want better mobility and breathability.

UA Charged Bandit Trail feature Charged Cushioning, a superior shock absorption technology that provides less impact and a higher bounce back with each step. You’ll also be protected on any surface thanks to a TPU film and a high-abrasion rubber traction outsole.

The UA TriBase maximizes ground contact, improves reactivity, and gives you more grip flexibility during lifts. It features UA’s Micro G Cushioning, which is lighter and more powerful than conventional foams. It’s a breathable, ultralight mesh with built-in durability and abrasion resistance.

The Project Rock gear of UA is endorsed by none other than Dwayne Johnson, the ‘Rock.’ This lineup of men’s weight lifting sneakers enables you to identify and break past barriers. It features UA’s HOVR cushioning and Tribase technology for soft cushioning and movement stability.

Curry Flow 9 is part of the Curry lineup from UA’s brand collaboration with the NBA star, Steph Curry. The UA Flow cushioning technology is ultralight, bouncy, and gives incredible grip. The UA Flow is completely devoid of rubber, making them extremely light and gripping. It also features UA WARP upper technology, which improves comfort and control during dynamic basketball moves.

Do All Under Armour Shoes Have Bluetooth?

In February 2018, Under Armour released the UA HOVR Connected shoes, which feature a high-fidelity sensor in the right-footed shoe’s midsole that links to the MapMyRun app through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The sensor is completely weatherproof and will last the entire life of the shoe without needing to be recharged.

If you wish to pair your UA Connected Footwear with your phone, double-check that you bought the right pair of shoes with Bluetooth technology-enabled. Several shoe types currently feature the technology needed to connect your shoes to your app. Check for a Bluetooth symbol on the inside of the right shoe’s flap to ensure you bought the correct model.

These UA ‘smart shoes’ use an integrated chip and the MapMyRun app to provide runners with real-time fitness data and post-workout analytics. Everything from your distance run to your stride measurements is available at your fingertips. Are you running without your phone? No worries. Every step is tracked by your connected footwear. When the shoe pod comes close to the runner’s mobile device after the run, it will immediately sync with the MapMyRun app.

Do Under Armour Shoes Run Wide or Narrow?

Choosing the correct size, especially when shopping online, can be tricky. Many folks have different sizing preferences. Some people like a looser fit, while others prefer a tighter fit. You don’t want to end up getting the wrong size because these shoes can be usually quite expensive.

In general, Under Armour shoes fit true to size, though some may run narrow or wide depending on their target market. For example, if you’re into running, the shoe should fit snugly, not too tight or too loose, with about a thumbnail’s space between your longest toes and the end of the shoe.

Most Under Armour clothing is designed to fit close to the body for minimal distractions, but it still follows standard sizing guidelines, according to the company’s website. If you would like a roomy fit, you can always order a larger size than your usual.

Are Under Armour Shoes Good Quality?

When it comes to athletic performance, comfort is crucial, and Under Armour’s sportswear line passes this test with flying colors. It has a large selection of high-quality activewear made of polyester to keep the body dry and a comfy and functional shoe line. With high-tech innovations like Charged Cushioning (shock-absorbing,) ClutchFit (enhanced upper support,) HOVR (outstanding durability and bounce,) and MicroThread (cool, moisture-wicking upper,) Under Armour promises shoes that are of exceptionally high quality.

It produces most of its shoes in Asia, where China accounts for 20% of production, with the rest going to other Asian countries like Vietnam, Jordan, Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. 

For Running

SpeedForm was Under Armour’s breakthrough collection for runners. Above all, it proved the brand could produce a quality running shoe to compete with its sportswear line.

Because of their ample cushioning and flexibility, UA daily running shoes are ideal for everyday exercises or frequent runs. With embedded chip technology, the UA Hovr series is perfect for durability, cushioning, and real-time tracking of your daily running exercises.

For Walking

UA also has a fantastic selection of walking shoes to suit your demands, such as jogging and long walks. The increased comfort of the Charged Cushioning and the flexible foot strap make the UA Charged Breathe LACE Sportstyle Shoes a good choice. For stability, the UA HOVR Summit LOGO Sportstyle Shoes include a solid rubber outsole with carbon-rubber pods under the heel.

Are Under Armour Shoes Good for Sports?

Under Armour has long been revered for its high-performance apparel and running shoes, and the firm has expanded its offerings to include footwear for sports such as basketball and tennis.

For Basketball

The Under Armour basketball sneakers are among the best on the market right now. These sneakers are built of a sturdy, flexible material that can be worn for hours without issue, especially the Curry signature line, which is a collaboration between NBA basketball player Stephen Curry and UA.

For Soccer

Soccer cleats and sneakers from Under Armour are available in a variety of styles and features. There are several choices, including the UA Magnetico, UA Spotlight, and UA Force.

For Football

If you’re looking for the highest-quality football cleats and skipping big brands like Nike, go no further than Under Armour, which offers options like the UA Spotlight and the UA Speed Phantom, which provide excellent comfort, durability, and stability.

For Badminton

Tennis players love UA footwear, but they’re also terrific for badminton players thanks to the support, heel lockdown, and stability they provide with models like the UA Hovr Rise and UA Charged Ultimate.

For Tennis

If you’re looking for the best quality tennis shoes, look no further than the UA Charged collection, which includes breathable and anti-slip options like the UA Charged Assert, UA Charged Will, and UA Charged Impulse.

For Golf

Under Armour has some of the best golf shoes on the market, with top golfers such as Jordan Spieth and Hunter Mahan vouching for it. There are options such as the signature UA Jordan Spieth lineup, UA Hovr Drive Golf shoes, and UA Hovr Fade, all of which promise all-around performance.

Are Under Armour Shoes Good for Your Feet? 

For Wide Feet

With alternatives like the UA Charged Assert Wide 4E, UA Charged Vantage Wide 2E, and UA Essential Sportstyle 4E, Under Armour shoe sizing is meant to better fit athletes with extra wide feet.

For Flat Feet

If you have flat feet and need cushioned but flexible footwear, Under Armour has you covered with options like Grade School UA Assert, UA Hovr Machina, and UA Charged Rogue.

For Better Arch Support

UA stability sneakers provide excellent grip, traction, and breathability. UA SpeedForm Europa, UA Charged Bandit, UA Hovr Guardian, and other stability shoes can help runners with low to medium arches.

Non-slip Shoes From Under Armour

With alternatives like the UA SpeedForm Apollo, UA Charged Pursuit, and UA Charged Assert, Under Armour has not only taken the size of the shoe into consideration but also its overall stability and anti-slip base.

Are Under Armour Shoes Good for Standing All Day?

If your line of work demands you to stand for the most of your day, your feet could suffer from chronic pain or discomfort. To relieve any foot pain, you need to wear shoes that provide proper cushioning and arch support, and Under Armour has options like Valsetz Tactical Boots, UA Charged Gemini, and Threadborne Fortis, that are designed to do just that.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a condition characterized by stabbing pain in the heel that can become worse with prolonged standing, running, or leaping. Under Armour shoes, such as the UA Hovr Guardian and the UA Charged Assert, are designed with a supportive upper, a sturdy base, and a medial post to avoid overpronation.

Do Under Armour Shoes Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Only certain products, such as backpacks, are covered by a lifetime warranty from Under Armour. It also offers a universal lifetime warranty on the sunglasses, which covers them against improper or unreasonable use, regular wear and tear, accidental breakage, and scratched lenses. 

However, all of Under Armour’s products come with a Universal Guarantee of Performance (UGOP) to ensure that products bearing the UA logo will last. This extends the life of the products, reducing the need to throw them away and replace them.

Before making a purchase, it’s a good idea to look over the website and the product page.

Can You Wash Under Armour Shoes?

Can you machine wash Under Armour Shoes?

According to the UA website, the same colors should be machine washed in cold water. It’s recommended to tumble dry on low heat and avoid using fabric softener or bleach.

Using the Dryer 

Never put Under Armour shoes in the dryer. High temperatures can harm the glue that ties them together, as well as shrink some fabric and components. It can also permanently deform them, affecting their size and performance.

With a dry brush, remove any excess dirt from your shoes before soaking them in warm water with a few drops of mild detergent and allowing the lather to clean them. Set it aside to dry after wiping it down. This should do the job.


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