Is Tyson Chicken Really Safe? Is It Unhealthy? Good or Bad?

Tyson chicken

There is nothing more comforting than chicken nuggets on a terrible day. You snuggle up on the couch, turn on some Netflix, and hope that the crunchy goodness drives your blues away. 

Perhaps the recent recall of Tyson chicken products made you rethink your favorite chicken fix. This article will sift through the information. We will give you a clear idea about the pros and cons of Tyson chicken.

Tyson chicken is a safe brand. There are no harmful ingredients which can severely impact your health. They use fresh chicken, locally produced. They don’t use drugs to fatten their birds. They have also done away with many unhealthy additives. 

Remember, there is still minimal processing. The products are not organic. But by the measure of processed foods, it is non-toxic. 

What are Tyson chicken nuggets made of? 

  • Chicken

An obvious ingredient. This is mostly boneless and skinless breast meat. Sometimes, chicken rib meat is added too.  

  • Wheat Flour 

This is used to coat the chicken for even frying. It provides a light batter-like effect.

  • Aqua

Water is added to frozen nuggets to keep them fresh. Freezing makes the meat dry. It can drain all the juices and flavors out of the chicken. Water retains the favor by locking in moisture. 

The rest of the ingredients form less than 2% of the total composition. These extra elements for taste and texture as described below.

  • Brown sugar, caramelized sugar, dextrose and standard sugar 

These are added to lend some sweetness. They balance the other flavors out. 

  • Paprika, dried onion, dried garlic powder and red chili peppers 

These are flavorings. They include natural salts and spices. 

  • Corn starch, yellow corn flour, maltodextrin, xanthan gum 

These are all used as thickening agents. It gives the nuggets a good bite and resistance. They bind the ingredients together.

  • Palm, soybean, canola, and vegetable oils 

Oils help to preserve the nuggets. They increase shelf-life. They also retain consistency during storage. 

There are other additives like yeast, breading and taste enhancers.

Is Tyson chicken real chicken? 

Yes, Tyson chicken is 100% authentic chicken meat. They are most well-known for their chicken products. These include nuggets, grilled chicken, frozen chicken, chicken sausages and more. They use only the white meat portions for the breast and nuggets. 

The drumsticks and thighs, containing more than 10% red fibers are also fresh. Tyson is one of the leading poultry producers in the country. So you don’t have to worry about the chicken being a hoax.

Are Tyson chicken nuggets healthy? 

To be clear all frozen chicken nuggets are processed. Processed food in itself isn’t very healthy. Eating fresh or frozen chicken is much better. Tyson’s nuggets have about 470 milligrams of sodium. They also contain about 17 grams of fat.

They don’t overshoot the recommended daily intake (RDA) for salt and fats. Still, one serving gives you about 20% of the daily limit. This is quite a high figure, which means it isn’t particularly healthy. 

It certainly isn’t the most nutritious option. But it is a healthier alternative in the chicken nugget universe.

Is Tyson chicken breast healthy? 

The chicken breasts from Tyson are quite nutritious. They are also free of antibiotics and other chemicals. They do not contain any artificial ingredients. The chicken breasts do not contain any trans fat. The level of saturated fat is also quite low. 

It might be slightly salty. This is because frozen breasts are treated with saline. This keeps the meat fresh for longer. It isn’t a harmful choice. But why choose a frozen version? The real deal is so much more nutritious and fresh. 

How many calories in Tyson chicken nuggets? What about Tyson chicken strips? 

The number of calories varies depending on the type of nuggets. The air fried nuggets contain 160 calories per serving. In comparison the standard chicken nuggets contain 270 calories. Each serving is about 4-5 nuggets. 

Per nugget, there are approximately 30-50 calories on average. If you down 10 of them, that’s a solid 300 calories minimum in one go. It is quite a high-calorific, energy dense snack. The chicken strips also have a similar calorie count. 

It also depends on whether the strips are breaded and what flavors are added. 

Can Tyson chicken nuggets be deep fried? 

They sure can! They don’t even need to be thawed or defrosted first. But dust off any ice flakes stuck to the nuggets. The oil should be heated to 350 to 400 degrees Celsius. Make sure you don’t dump the nuggets as a whole. Don’t pack too many nuggets into the fryer. 

Slowly lower each piece into the oil. There may be oil splatter. Then let them immerse in the hot oil for 2-4 minutes depending on how crispy and golden you want it.

Can I eat Tyson chicken nuggets while pregnant? Will it increase my milk production? 

Chicken on its own is a good source of protein for expecting women. Chicken helps with healthy lactation. Tyson chicken nuggets are not natural chicken though. They have a higher fat and salt content. This is not recommended during pregnancy. 

It could cause bloating, kidney problems and high blood pressure. If you have cravings try limiting yourself to 3-4 times a month. Also prefer baking or pan-frying over deep-frying. What you eat can filter into the breast-milk. So make sure you are eating as clean as possible.  

The chicken itself may boost milk production. The nuggets themselves do not cause extra or excessive milk production. A fresh grilled chicken breast would be a better, safe and healthier option. It creates more nutritious and nourishing breast milk. 

Are Tyson chicken nuggets gluten-free? 

Tyson does offer a specific gluten-free chicken nuggets. The rest do have gluten or gluten derivatives. The gluten-free nuggets have a rice-flour breading. It avoids breading which uses panko crumbs, wheat, oat fibers and more. 

The other ingredients are quite similar. But they are all gluten-free alternatives. They have been manufactured and processed to avoid cross-contamination. This is a great option for those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. 

They can enjoy crispy chicken treats without the risk of an immune reaction. 

Are Tyson chicken nuggets dairy-free? 

Most Tyson chicken nuggets are listed as dairy-free. They are also free of various other allergens like nuts, fish or eggs. Unless of course they state otherwise. Many other Tyson chicken products that are breaded or grilled also don’t contain dairy extracts or milk. 

Some nugget flavors do have dairy. For example, the hash brown flavor nuggets have dairy products like butter. Tyson also has a disclaimer that their ingredients can change over time. So please check the label before buying a pack. 

Does Tyson chicken have hormones or antibiotics? 

No, Tyson chicken is 100% free of any antibiotics, hormones and steroids. This is according to government regulation. The federal law prohibits injecting chicken and other poultry with hormones to promote growth. 

Tyson is part of the “No Antibiotics Ever” (NAE) program. This label can be found on many of their chicken products. It is also being expanded throughout the brand range. Their FarmCheck program regulates farmer practices. They buy from farmers after a thorough quality audit. 

Sometimes shared-class antibiotics like gentamicin are used to treat diseases. In such cases, the package will not have the NAE label.

Does Tyson chicken have carrageenan? 

No, it doesn’t seem like Tyson uses carrageenan in their chicken. Carrageenan is a red seaweed extract. It is injected into chicken to keep it tender, juicy and moist. It prevents spoilage. Carrageenan can lead to gut inflammation, arthritis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). 

Some studies have even linked it to cancer. It is banned in the European Union. Usually it is added together with chicken broth and salt. Some Tyson chicken products do contain 10-15% chicken broth and salt. Carrageenan is not one of the ingredients in the broth or otherwise. 

Do Tyson chicken nuggets have eggs, MSG, soy and nitrates? 

A resounding no to all! 

  • Eggs

You would think eggs were crucial to make a golden coating. Tyson doesn’t use eggs in any of its chicken nuggets. Most Tyson products also don’t have eggs. Just to be sure, double-check the label for other products and meats. 

  • MSG

Tyson nuggets also do not contain Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). MSG is a flavoring that lends a salty, umami taste. It is quite unhealthy as it causes headaches and obesity. Tyson doesn’t use MSG, but it does have MSG-like additives. 

For example, it uses yeast extract to add the same taste that MSG provides. Some people may react badly to yeast extract as with MSG. Yeast extract also has glutamates. These are safe in moderate amounts. 

Excess glutamate can lead to nervous disorders, amongst other issues.

  • Soy 

Tyson chicken is also free of soy. But some products do contain soy-oil. Soy or soy-bean oil doesn’t count as soy. Soy in itself is an allergen which needs to be listed. Soy-oil is not an allergen. 

It doesn’t have any properties of soy. It doesn’t cause any adverse reactions. So even though Tyson contains refined soy or soybean oil, it is considered soy-free! 

  • Sodium nitrate 

Nitrites or nitrates are usually added to frozen and processed chicken. It is a preservative. The chemical keeps the taste and texture intact. It is also an antimicrobial and antibacterial. 

Tyson chicken nuggets do not contain nitrates. Some other products might though. For example, the Tyson Chicken Fajita Breast Strips contains sodium nitrites. 

Are Tyson chicken strips pre-cooked? 

Some varieties are pre-cooked. They have been cooked through fully. All you need to do is heat each strip for 1-2 minutes. Then rest and cool the meat for another minute or two. For example, the Buffalo Chicken Strips, Breaded and Barbecue Strips are all cooked and seasoned. 

You can either microwave them or bake them. Some varieties are uncooked. For example, the Uncooked Lightly Breaded Strips are raw. They may be marinated. So be careful when you buy them. 

Don’t put raw chicken strips in the microwave. It can cause food poisoning through salmonella or E.Coli. The uncooked strips need to be baked for 15-30 minutes at 450 Celsius. 

Are Tyson chicken nuggets precooked or fully-cooked?

They are fully cooked, seasoned and then frozen. So they can just be baked, air, pan or deep fried. Or you can just pop them in the microwave. Even though the nuggets come fully cooked, there may be some raw chicken remaining. 

This is why it is crucial to cook it right. When baking, heat up to at least 350 degree Celsius for 15 minutes. Frying takes anywhere between 5-10 minutes at very hot temperatures. 

Can Tyson chicken increase weight? 

That depends on which product you are consuming and how much. The fresh chicken from Tyson will not cause weight gain. Neither will the frozen and grilled chicken.  They are quite natural and nutritious. Chicken is a lean meat. 

It is often recommended for people trying to lose weight. It is a good protein source, without the heavy fats in red meat. Tyson products with high calorie content can cause obesity. Items like Panko nuggets or the Barbecue wings can pack on the pounds. 

If you deep fry them, the additional grease will also contribute to body fat. The more the seasonings, breading, and flavors the more fattening it is. The sausages, salami and other cold cuts can increase bloating due to high salt content. 

Can Tyson chicken increase cholesterol? 

Many Tyson chicken products don’t have any trans fat. This is the main culprit behind high cholesterol. But the high saturated fat levels in processed chicken can still bump up bad cholesterol. 

The more the processed marinades containing salt and fat, the higher the bad cholesterol. The nuggets, wings, and tenders can hike levels. The other chicken items like skinless breasts are not quite as unhealthy. 

They are kept in their original form with a few preservatives. Chicken thighs have high fat content. Over-consumption can lead to heart disease and other lifestyle illnesses. 

Is Tyson chicken processed in China? 

No, Tyson chicken doesn’t not have any connection to China. All the chicken that Tyson uses is produced in the United States. All the manufacturing and processing is done within the country. None of their chicken is imported from any other country. 

Tyson has contracts with farmers across the United States. They make sure the birds are kept clean and safe. But Tyson does sell their poultry to China after a four-year ban came to an end recently. 

We hope this article clarified your doubts regarding Tyson chicken. Now you can go ahead and make a scrumptious, balanced meal for your family. 


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