11 Totally Bamboo Cutting Boards That Embody City Life

Totally Bamboo cutting boards

Totally Bamboo’s innovations are masterfully crafted. The higher tensile strength of bamboo makes it a perfect choice for cutting boards. Their collection of city life boards are crafted in the shape of those cities featuring engraved artwork of its neighborhood attractions and sights.

Since Totally Bamboo’s cutting boards are crafted from Moso, bamboo that is sustainably sourced, they are easier to clean and gentler on knives compared to plastic boards. They can also work as a serving platter for your favorite meats, cheeses, and a variety of other snacks.

While there are a lot of cutting boards out there in shapes of states or carved to resemble a map, they are seldom usable. What makes Totally Bamboo different is that their boards have a reverse side which is ideal for cutting, slicing, and dicing. These reverse sides feature no engravings so that you have a plain surface to cut your veggies evenly.

Here are 11 Totally City Life Bamboo Boards that embody City Life:

Washington D.C City Life Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board

This board features engraved artwork of the things that make up the United States’ capital. Highlighting the top towns and attractions; this board makes for a perfect gift! When not being used in the kitchen, hanging the Washington DC City Life Board is a great way to show off the city on the wall. A souvenir or a great conversation starter for those who love the evergreen state.

Manhattan City Life Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board

This cleverly crafted board in the shape of the borough of Manhattan features laser-engraved call-outs that makeup Manhattan City from Wall Street to Harlem, Central Park to Chelsea, the lower East Side to Tribeca, and much more. With a fun, whimsical design it makes for unique wall art too.

Brooklyn City Life Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board

Brooklyn bamboo cutting board

This beautifully crafted board is carved in the shape of Brooklyn also known as the city that never sleeps.  Featuring laser-engraved call-outs from Coney Island to Crown Heights, Bridge to Bushwick, Williamsburg to Sunset Park, and much more.

Chicago City Life Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board

The board features the Second City from Lincoln Park to South Shore, Lawndale to Lake view, Portage Park to South Chicago, and much more. Also known as The City of Broad Shoulders. Whether you’re from Chicago or just someone who had a memorable trip to the city, this board is a must-have. 

San Diego City Life Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board

From Point Loma to North Park, Barrio Logan to Mission Valley, Coronado to Balboa Park, the San Diego City Life Board celebrates “America’s Finest City”. 

San Francisco City Life Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board

 This board is a celebration of Golden Gate City. Beautifully crafted in the shape of San Francisco it also features laser-engraved call-outs of San Diego to Sacramento, the Golden Gate to the Salton Sea, and much more. A true reflection of the beautiful city.

Seattle City Life Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board

Seattle bamboo cutting board

In the shape of the city of flowers, the board features other highlights and artworks that make the city what it is. This board celebrates the beautiful life in The Emerald City.

Minnesota City Life Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board

Celebrate life in The Land of 10,000 Lakes with this board featuring the “twin cities”. With laser-engraved call-outs of the top attractions like Macalester Groveland, Hamline Midway, St. Anthony, and everywhere in between. 

Dallas City Life Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board

From Preston Hollow to Wolf Creek, a pleasant grove to Cockrell hill and everywhere in between, this board shaped in the outline of the great state of Texas features laser-engraved call-outs of the top cities, sights, and attractions. 

Atlanta City Life Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board

With this board cut to the shape of the Peach State. It features engraved artwork highlighting the top towns and attractions in Atlanta.

Miami City Life Bamboo Serving Cutting Board

Miami bamboo cutting board

  This beautifully crafted board is shaped in the outline of the great state of Miami featuring sights from everywhere between Virginia garden to Virginia key and Lemon city to Biscayne key.  


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