Is Tide To Go Stain Remover Pen Safe? Does It Really Work?

Tide To Go Pens

That handy-dandy Tide pen certainly does come to your rescue, doesn’t it? When you’ve spilled your lunch at work, or accidentally tipped a cup of coffee? 

This article will look at how safe using Tide Pens is. We will also explore how well it works on different materials. 

Tide Pens are a nifty little lifesaver. They can remove or lighten food and drink stains. This is great for mothers, office-goers, and during parties/gatherings. It lightens and conceals the stain until you can get home to wash it properly. 

Its pen-like design is meant to target the stain. Without getting your hands dirty and making a mess. It saves you time and embarrassment!

Tide To Go Pens are also safe for both people and their clothes. This is because it doesn’t contain toxic chlorine bleach. It works on most fabrics, without damaging them. 

It is non-toxic except when ingested. When swallowed you may experience nausea, vomiting, or stomach pain. 

Tide To Go Pen ingredients

The Tide To Go pens are made with the following ingredients. 

  • Polyethylene/Cellulose

This is a plant-fiber-based compound. It attaches to the stain, promoting enzyme action. The chemical reactions help to break down and remove stains. 

  • Water 

Aqua is the main solvent for all ingredients in this formulation.

  • Di-propylene Glycol Butyl Ether

This compound is used as an additional solvent. It dissolves ingredients that are insoluble in water.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide 

This compound is for effective whitening and stain removal. It is also a disinfectant that removes bacteria/microorganisms.  

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 

This compound is a surfactant/detergent. It helps in lathering and cleaning. 

  • Sodium Citrate 

Sodium citrate softens water by removing hard minerals like calcium/magnesium etc. So less detergent is needed for the same cleaning effect.

  • Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom salt)

Epsom is a drying agent which soaks up moisture from the stain. 

Alcohol (solvent) and fragrances are also present in Tide To Go. Some other surfactants and metabolic stimulants are also included.

Does Tide To Go have bleach? 

No, the Tide Pens do not contain chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite). Instead, it uses hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent. It is effective, safer, and more eco-friendly. 

Hydrogen Peroxide is much gentler than bleach which makes it safer for people. Chlorine bleach can release noxious fumes and is very corrosive. Hydrogen peroxide is milder, though slightly less effective at times. But it is non-toxic and biodegradable. This makes it a better choice for people and the planet.

Is Tide To Go safe on skin? 

Tide Pens are safe, not necessarily pleasant. Tide Pens usually don’t trigger skin irritation, unless large amounts are used. But it can cause allergies, irritation, or redness on sensitive skin. For people with existing skin conditions, the ingredients could aggravate it. 

The fragrances may also trigger/worsen skin conditions. This usually happens only if used excessively, for long periods of time. If it gets on the skin, rinse it off immediately. You should be good to go.

Are Tide To Go pens safe on colors? 

Yes, Tide Pens are safe for use on most colored fabrics. It can be used on white clothing as well. It can be used on clothes that can be machine-washed or dry-cleaned. Some fabrics are clearly labeled colorfast/dye-stable. So Tide Pens can be safely used without worry. 

But be extra careful on expensive clothing that does not have this tag.  You can apply the Tide Pen on the reverse/inside of the fabric. If you notice discoloration avoid using it. Also, stop using the pen if the stain spreads, that is, if a lighter ring (like a halo) starts forming around it. 

Is Tide To Go safe on silk? 

Yes, Tide Pens can be used safely on silk clothing like ties. Silk is dainty, so just dab it softly. With silk especially, Tide Pens are only a temporary fix, as such fabrics will need to be either hand-washed or machine washed in ‘delicate’ mode.

Some silk fabrics may need to be professionally cleaned. Make sure you check the label so you clean it appropriately.  Tide (and other detergents) can ruin some silk varieties. 

Is Tide To Go safe on jeans? 

Yes, Tide Pens are safe to use on jeans. These can be either machine-washed/dry-cleaned. Ideally, it should also have a colorfast label. If you are still worried about denim fading, you can take some preventive measures.   

First, blot out any remaining liquid/dirt using a cloth/towel/tissue, etc. Then apply the Tide Pen. This ensures the stain doesn’t spread and worsen.  Zap the stain immediately. Then you won’t have to wash your jeans too frequently. This way they won’t fade or shrink rapidly either. 

Does Tide To Go work on old stains? 

Tide Pens may work on old stains. They are best suited for fresh stains that haven’t sunk in yet. The older the stain is, the more difficult it becomes to get it out. It may not be as effective as on speedy application.

But it has been proven to be useful in some instances. It can get stains as old as a few days, weeks, and months. In some cases, stains of over several years have been removed. These have been removed from comforters, clothes, carpets, etc., without any yellowing/streaking. 

Does Tide To Go work on blood? 

Tide Pens might not be enough to remove blood stains. It doesn’t work very well on non-food and drinks stains. Blood has proteins that attach strongly to the fabric. Bloodstains may need repeated washing with a strong detergent.  

The Tide Pen can be dabbed a few times to lighten it. If the blood has dried, scrape off the crusty bits. Then rinse the cloth and apply the pen. Tide Pens can completely erase small spots of blood though. 

Does Tide to Go work on oil/grease stains? 

Tide Pens do work fairly well to reduce oil or grease stains. But they are very tough to get out completely. Oil adheres strongly to clothing. Grease also repels water, making it harder to clean. 

The Tide Pen can be a pre-treatment, before washing. Usually, pre-treatment involves gently rubbing vinegar, detergent, or baking soda into the stain. This can be done using a toothbrush or scrub.

In an emergency, gently rub the stain with Tide Pen. This can minimize damage until you can get home. It absorbs some of the greases if applied quickly enough. 

Does Tide To Go work on sweat stains? 

No, it is unlikely to work well on sweat stains. Sweat stains are the bane of white clothes, where they are clearly visible. These may need to be professionally cleaned. Armpit/sweat stains can only be removed with proper pre-treatment. 

This needs to be followed by a complete wash-cycle. This includes rinsing, light scrubbing, soaking, and washing. If you don’t have this option, try wiping the stain with a Tide Pen. It may make the stain less noticeable. 

Does Tide To Go work on pen ink?

Tide Pens can help with ink spots, but not much. It could even make it worse by smudging it. The stain can spread out, bleeding over the fabric. 

Pen ink stains can be removed using Tide detergents, and a proper washing cycle. In the meantime, you can blot the excess ink from your clothes. Then carefully dab the Tide Pen over the area, so that the ink stain isn’t so striking. 

Does Tide To Go work on shoes? 

Yes, Tide Pens can work well on shoes made of cloth, or fabric like cotton. It might not help with mud or grass stains, though. 

These often clump together and stick onto the shoes. This needs a rigorous wipe-down with a washcloth, followed by manual washing. But for food/drink stains, cloth shoes will respond the same way as normal clothes. 

Tide Pens can’t be used on leather shoes. These need a specific polish/buff. 

Does Tide To Go work on coffee or chocolate stains? 

Yes, Tide Pens do their best job on stains like coffee, chocolate syrup, or sauces. Follow the usage instructions for the Tide Pen correctly. The stain should fade or vanish completely. The microfiber cloth in the Tide Pen extracts the stain by absorbing it in. 

Use a napkin, or cloth to softly brush off remains like crumbs, or flakes. Then apply the Tide Pen very softly, because chocolate tends to smear. You may need to re-apply a few times. 

Alternatively, you can wet the back of the fabric. Then apply the Tide Pen lightly. This is a good pre-treatment. Don’t rub the stain deeper into the fabric. For chocolate especially, proper soaking and a good laundering are necessary. Otherwise, the entire stain won’t vanish. 

Does Tide To Go work on makeup stains? 

Yes, Tide Pens are a decent rescue option for make-up stains.  Make-up can be tough because they are often oil-based. Most have strong colorants too. This can be lipstick, foundation, highlighter, blush, mascara, etc. 

You can do a few things first to make the process more fruitful. You may either wet the fabric, apply some ice, or use a spoon to gently scrape off the make-up residue. Then, apply the Tide Pen a few times to remove the stain. 

Does Tide To Go work on satin? 

The same process that applies to silk extends to satin as well.  People often confuse satin and silk. But satin can be made of silk or other fabrics. Satin is also very tough to clean, but slightly easier than silk. 

Tide Pens should get rid of small spots, or marks on satin. But satin can be made of different base materials. So, they may not all react the same way. Make sure you check the label. Detergents like Tide Pens can sometimes create a greenish, rusty stain on satin.

This article has shown you how to make Tide Pens work for you! So live and eat fearlessly, released from the fear of the mighty stain! 


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