Are Tenmiro LED Lights Safe? 20 Questions About The Popular Strip Lights Brand

tenmiro led strip lights

LED lights today are a must for any special occasion. But their use is not limited to special occasions only – you may also use them to lighten or spice up your romantic life, or to change them according to your mood.

They can be installed around your furniture, recesses of your ceiling or floor, around the cupboards, they can be applied on any flat surface.

There are many LED light brands that are safe and do not cause any issues. Tenmiro is among the top 3 strip light brands on Amazon.

Are they safe? Yes, Tenmiro LED strip lights are perfectly safe to handle for anyone above the age group 10 years. Its upgraded self-adhesive sticking option makes the LED strip easy and safe to install. Its high-quality manufacturing material helps strip lights to bend easily around the corner. 

Now, let’s look at some of the important questions which customers ask before buying this strip light:

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1. What are the top products by Tenmiro on Amazon?

65.6ft Tenmiro LED Strip Lights, Ultra Long RGB 5050 Color Changing LED Light with 44 Keys IR Remote.

Ultra-long strip light kit contains 4 rolls of 16.4ft each and is long enough to go around an entire room. Easy to cut option helps to adjust the length. With the help of a 44 key remote, millions of different color combinations can be attained. The brightness can be adjusted too

There are 8 different lighting patterns available with this model: Fast/ Slow/ Flashing/ Auto/ RGB increase & decrease/ 3 color jump change/ 7 color jump change/ 3 color fade change/ 8 color fade change.

This model is not waterproof. With the help of the DIY option, you can obtain the exact color of your choice or intensity.

The lighting strip is made of plastic, and the kit comes with one CR2 battery included. With an upgraded adhesive sticking option, this LED strip light is easy and safe to handle & install.

50ft Tenmiro Smart LED Strips Light, Music Sync Color Changing LED Lights, App Control LED Lights

This 50ft LED strip light kit includes three 16.4ft rolls of LED strip lights, a controller, a 23 key remote control, a 4 pin connector, buckles & instruction menus which are easy to follow and safe to install.

The product is made of copper & PVC. This model is both remote & mobile app-controlled.         This model requires a CR2 battery which is not included in the kit.

You can set various functions like timer, music sync, 28 lighting style mode, and color change with music with the help of the mobile app called HappyLighting that can be downloaded from the Play Store or the iOS App Store.

This model is also not waterproof and is so advised to only be used indoors. 

32.8ft Tenmiro LED Strip Lights, RGB 5050 Color Changing LED Light Strips Kit with IR Remote

This 32.8ft LED strip light kit includes two 16.4ft rolls of LED lights, 1 AC adapter, 1 remote control receiver, and an easy-to-understand user manual.

This model requires one lithium battery which is included with the kit. The LED strip is made of Copper & PVC.

This model of strip light has 16 basic colors, 4 music modes & 6 dynamic modes. The timer option makes it easy to pre-decide the color or music or lighting modes.

With an upgraded self-adhesive sticking option, light strips are easy & safe to install on any flat, smooth surface.

32.8ft Tenmiro LED Lights Smart App Control Music Sync LED Strip Lights, RGB Color Changing LED Lights with Remote LED Lights

This 32.8ft LED strip light includes one 32.8ft roll of the LED light strip, one 44 key remote control, 1 power adapter, 1 controller, and an easy-to-understand user manual.

With an upgraded self-adhesive option it is easy and safe to install. Easy-to-cut instructions make it easy to adjust the length of the strip.

Make use of the DIY mode to get millions of color options for your lighting. This model also has 24 lighting modes, Bluetooth mode, timer, music sync option, and more.

32.8ft Tenmiro Dreamcolor LED Strip Lights,Tenmiro Rainbow LED Strip Lights, App Control Music Sync, Color Changing Chase Lightstrip with Remote Control & USB Power Supply

This 32.8ft LED strip light includes one 32.8ft roll of the LED strip light, a 24-key remote control, one USB port, and a controller.

This unit is made with a high-quality soft copper wire material that is easy to cut and can be bent around the corner. The upgraded self-adhesive option is easy and safe to install.

Like with all the other Tenmiro products, this one too can be easily controlled with a remote control, app, or controller. Also, it’s easy to sync with any Bluetooth device.

The DreamColor LED strip lights come with other options like music sync mode, timer function, brightness & intensity adjuster, etc.

13.12ft Battery Powered Tenmiro LED Strip Lights, USB Powered, RGB 5050 Color Changing LED Lights with Remote control

This 13.12ft LED strip light includes two 6.56ft rolls of the LED strip light, two USBs, and two 20-key remote controls.

Other functions included in this model are music sync and brightness control.

This strip is portable and can be operated by using 4 AA batteries that are however not included in the kit.

With a strong adhesive option, it is easy to install this strip on any flat surface.

65.6ft Tenmiro LED Strip Lights, Ultra Long Smart Music Sync LED Strip Lights, App, and Remote Controlled, RGB Color Changing LED Lights.

This 65.6ft LED strip light includes one roll of 65.6ft LED strip light, one 44-key remote control, one controller, and a power adapter.

Like with many other models from Tenmiro, these strips are not waterproof either. You however get a power-packed unit that comes with features like music sync, remote & mobile app-controlled lighting, a DIY function, timer, 24-lighting mode, Bluetooth mode, and more.

2. Are Tenmiro LED lights easy to control?

Tenmiro LED lights have models which can be controlled either by remote control or mobile app. Both are perfectly easy to adapt.

3. Are Tenmiro LED lights waterproof?

No, they are not waterproof.

4. In what standard sizes do Tenmiro LED lights come?

Tenmiro LED lights are available in five different sizes. Starting from smallest size 13.12ft to 32.8ft, 50ft, 65.6ft, and largest of 100ft.

5. Can two separate bundles be connected?

Yes, strips can be connected by using the connector provided with the product.

6. Can the length of the strip be shortened?

Yes, strips can be cut between every 3 LEDs along the cutting mark depicted on the strip. After cutting, connectors will be needed to reconnect them.

7. Where can LED lights be installed?

You may install the Tenmiro LED lights on any flat surface like above the kitchen cupboard, behind the fridge, around the furniture, recesses of the ceiling or floor.

8. Can Tenmiro LED lights be Bluetooth-controlled?

Yes, advanced models have this function.

9. What is the name of the Tenmiro app?

The mobile app that you will need depends on the specific model you have. The mobile app for the 50ft LED strip lights is called “HappyLighting” while you will need to use the “KeepSmile” app for longer strips of 65.6 ft, or 100 feet. 

You may download the relevant apps from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

10. How to install and connect lights to the mobile app?

Step 1: Scan the QR code given on the controller or search the app name on Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Step 2: Make sure Bluetooth mode is on.

Step 3: LED lights will automatically sync to your mobile via Bluetooth.

11. Can these LED lights be kept on all night?

Yes, they can be left on all night. By adjusting the intensity, these lights can even help you sleep. They can also be timer controlled via the mobile app.

12. What is the adhesive quality?

Adhesive quality is of upgrade quality and is very strong. Wipe the surface clean and dry them out before sticking the lights. Once it’s installed they are difficult to remove. So be careful about where to put them.

13. Can Tenmiro LED lights be attached with other LED brands?

It’s not recommended as different lights have different functionality.

14. How much do Tenmiro LED lights cost?

The price of the Tenmiro LED strip lights depends on the model you pick. They start at $13.99 and go up depending on the length, the features they come with, etc.

15. What is the return policy of the Tenmiro LED lights?

The brand provides a 60-days money-back guarantee.

16. What is the warranty period?

The brand provides a 12-months warranty on all products to give its customers a smooth experience.

17. Are LED lights harmful to the eyes?

There is no right answer here, as some people are quite sensitive to bright light while others are not. You may consider adjusting the intensity and brightness of the LED light to make sure your eyes don’t hurt.

18. What kind of LED lights does Tenmiro have?

Tenmiro has five types of LED lights. These are

  1. Battery-powered strip lights.
  2. USB-powered strip lights
  3. Wifi LED strip lights
  4. Bluetooth LED strip lights
  5. Remote-controlled LED strip lights

19. Can Tenmiro LED lights be controlled from anywhere in the house?

If the strip lights are remote-controlled then you will need to point the remote directly at the lights to control them. However, when the lights are controlled by the mobile app, you may control them from anywhere in the house.

20. Are Tenmiro LED lights worth it?

Yes! Tenmiro is among the top 3 LED light brands on Amazon, and its reputation is backed by hundreds of 5 stars reviews from happy customers.

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