Check Out The Best Selling Cakes & Tarts From Tatte Bakery

There is nothing like home cooked pastries to give one the sense of home, and Tatte pastries manage to capture this essence perfectly. Founded in 2007 by Tzurit Or, Tatte Bakeries aims to create an atmosphere of belonging, as if someone was hugging you. With over fifteen bakeries, each Tatte has its own individual sense of identity, but they all stay true to the original spirit. While the hold a wide variety of pastries, here is a list of their 7 top sellers (so you have something new to eat every day of the week)

Flourless Tea Cake Assortment

Flourless cake from tatte bakery

This is the perfect way to start your morning or afternoon tea with. Made with almond flour, these rich and moist teacakes burst with flavor and texture. They come in a pack with nine assorted tea cakes: three roasted strawberry, three caramel and pumpkin seed, and three halva and sesame. The pack of these nine assorted tea cakes costs $28.

Cinnamon Walnut Coffeecake

The only thing better than coffee is a rich and moist coffeecake. This is a Tatte classic which is made of brown sugar, walnuts and also cinnamon to give it that extra kick. The cake is 9″ round and serves 8-10 people. You can get this cake for $38

Almond Tart

Almond tart from Tatte Bakery

Tarts are the perfect shortcrust pastries. This crisp buttery crust is filled with almonds tossed in honey caramel. It can serve up to 8 people. You can get it for $35

Pecan Tart

If you are not a big almond fan, then try out the pecan tart. It has a crisp buttery crust that is filled with whole pecans on a base of honey caramel. It serves up to 8 people and you can get for $38  

Mixed Nut Tart

Maybe you are not satisfied with just almond or pecan and are looking for variety, then the mixed nut tart has got you covered. Its crisp buttery crust is filled with honey caramel and an assortment of cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios, and pecans. It serves up to 8 people and costs $42

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Pistachio Cherry Tart

If you like a little fruitiness with your nuttiness then the pistachio cherry tart is for you. It has a rich almond tart crust and almond crumbs topping. In between, you have a filling of pistachio paste and cherries. The tart comes as a  10″ square and can serve up to 10 people. It costs $40.

Pear Tart

Pear tart from tatte bakery

If you are looking for more fruit and fewer nuts then, the pear tart is perfect for you. It has a rich, buttery tart shell filled with almond frangipane topped with poached pears. The tart comes as a 9” round and can serve up to 6-8 people. It costs $40 

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