10 Sweetapolita Sprinkles That We Love The Most

Give your recipes a crunchy and alluring look with Sweetapolita sprinkles. There are so many sprinkle options in the market that it’s almost difficult to pick the right one. Here are Sweetapolita’s top ten sprinkles for making your recipes delectable and succulent.


These vegetarian-friendly sprinkles are manufactured in Canada and are thinner and longer than most jimmies. They are an excellent choice for adding a chocolatey flavor to your recipe. Your recipe will stand out with its cocoa powder coating and delicious flavor.

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Rainbow pareils complement a wide range of recipes. They give your recipes a beautiful and appealing appearance. They’re the ideal way to dress up every cake, cupcake, cookie, ice cream sandwich, chocolate bark, or pretty much anything for a party. They are Kosher-certified and ideal for vegans and vegetarians.

They are also gluten-free.

The price of the pack varies depending upon the size you opt for

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Blend of 4 sizes of round rose gold dragées (3mm, 4mm & 6mm) plus vibrant rose gold square dragées, rose gold triangles, and rose gold rods. It gives your recipe a royal and fashionable appearance. The sprinkles come in a cute French square container made of transparent plastic. There are four sizes of sprinkles available.

Get the pack of your choice from: https://sweetapolita.myshopify.com/products/rainbow-sprinkles?variant=38331679887


If you like hard candy, this is the choice for you! Sprinkles with a silver coating add an elegant touch to your recipe. It comes in three sizes and is sold in a cute transparent plastic French square bottle with a white smooth cover and a shiny label. The price of the sprinkles pack varies depending on the size you choose.

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It is one of the finest sprinkles with a mixture of some of the world’s most magic pastel sprinkling: pink/pastel, turquoise/purple/white crunchy sprinkles, sugar beads, edible pearls, shiny gold rods, edible gold dragées, comestible gold stars, nonpareils and more.

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Baking a red velvet cake? Make it party-ready with this sprinkle, specially made for the recipe. The red and white beads will give your recipe an ethereal look and a crusty flavor. The sprinkle brings a decadent taste to your cake that’s ideal for the occasion. The sprinkle can be ordered in 4 sizes.

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This is a mixture of vibrant shapes that make the cake eye-catching. It improves the taste and aesthetics of a dessert. These beautiful, matte forms are made of smooth, crunchy sugar and pastel sweets. It is made with natural coloring and is your ideal choice if you prefer natural things. It is versatile and makes all kinds of recipes party-ready. It’s available in three sizes.

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Glamorize your cake with a combination of pink hearts, spectacular purple-pink metallic dragées + rods, rock sugar, candy-covered chocolate balls , endless candy beads, nonpareils, and more! The sprinkles glam up your cake and lend it a party-like appearance. 

The sprinkles come in four sizes.

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These glittery stars are edible and lightweight, and the sprinkles add a festive touch to your dessert. Each jar contains hundreds of tiny stars that can be used for anything from adding magic to cake, cupcakes, and cookies to flipping into drinks, ice cubes, and so much more. It’s available in 2 sizes: 1oz (5g) jar and 4oz (20g) jar

Get your pack at: https://sweetapolitashop.com/collections/all-sprinkles/products/lovely-lavender-matte-sugar-triangles?variant=37880523358374

PastelLovely Lavender Matte Sugar Triangles

These gorgeous Lovely Lavender Matte Sugar Triangles are the ideal complement to any baked good! If you don’t want dark or party colors, this is the choice for you. It adds crunch and flavor to your cake while maintaining a classy appearance.

The sprinkle bottles are made of transparent, lightweight PET plastic with a glossy label.

It comes in two sizes.

Get your pack at: https://sweetapolita.myshopify.com/products/lovely-lavender-matte-sugar-triangles?variant=37880523292838

Rosie, also known as Sweetapolita, founded the firm in the summer of 2015, while working on The Sweetapolita Bakebook, as a consequence of a coincidental recipe-idea to combine multiple bottles of sprinkles for a wonderful sprinkle cake. She accepted the new notion wholeheartedly and never looked back. 

The company emphasizes utilizing only premium ingredients prepared in facilities that meet the highest food safety and quality requirements. Sweetapolita sprinkles are made in Canada and are of the finest quality. They favor uniqueness over imitation, and they strive to provide their consumers with unique and high-quality flavor sprinkles.


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