What Can Super Glue Be Used For? Complete Guide

The Original Super Glue

Super Glue is made with cyanoacrylate, an acrylic resin, hydroquinone, and a little amount of organic sulfonic acid. 

It is the most durable adhesive option for a wide range of people. Super glue is popular because it’s affordable, adaptable, and has extreme strength!

Super Glue is temperature and moisture-resistant and comes in handy across a number of scenarios. 

What To Use Super Glue For

Super Glue can be used on wood, plastic, and metal surfaces.


You can use Super Glue to fill up the gaps in wooden surfaces, furniture, and other wooden items. It is frequently mixed with baking soda or sawdust by artists as a thick filler or to speed up the curing process.


Super Glue can also be used to fasten plastic without any clamping with just one drop. It’s great for plexiglass, polycarbonate, polystyrene, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) restorations.

This may however not be the best option to attach to smooth textures or surfaces with minimal porosity.

Metallic surfaces

Super Glue also works great on metal surfaces. In fact, it is even credited with breaking the Guinness Book of Records by lifting an automobile weighing over five tonnes with only nine drips of glue.

Because of the qualities of this adhesive, a clean metallic surface, whether porous or non-porous, will bond quite well. 


Super Glue’s industrial strength allows it to fasten textiles, and add embellishments.

The possibility of creating one’s own patterns and utilizing innovative techniques boosts and upgrades clothing quality.

Whether you lose a bead from your outfit or wish to create a whole new design, Super Glue may be just the thing you need.

Rubber and Leather

The rubber of any kind can be joined together with a tiny amount of Super Glue. It is observed that it becomes hard and strong comparatively sooner than other materials.

It’s possible that the rubber is to blame if the joint falls apart after being stuck together.

Super Glue is perfect for sticking leather surfaces together. It won’t soak through or stain. Although the adhesive is not particularly flexible, and so will work for a quick repair.

Ceramics and Glass

Super Glue is powerful, clear, and waterproof. This makes it a great adhesive to stick broken glass. It dries quickly and may be used to repair damaged mugs and cups without any clamping issues.

Super Glue is also dishwasher safe. This makes it ideal to stick broken earthenware, porcelain, or glass.

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Super Glue works great on paper as well. It doesn’t bleed through paper and is an excellent choice for craft projects and models.

We would not recommend Super Glue for school projects though.

Please note that adult supervision is an absolute must when letting children use industrial-grade adhesives like Super Glue. 

Electrical Wires

Super Glue is a good insulator and is helpful to keep wire wrap boards in place. It works well for PCB (printed circuit board) fabrication and repair and may be used as a substitute for soldering as well.


Super Glue is perhaps the simplest way to repair broken heels and separated soles. There is no need to wait long hours for the glue to dry as it dries practically instantaneously.

As this adhesive does not expand, it creates a stronger and more long-lasting bond.

You now don’t have to worry about wearing faulty shoes or saving up for new ones. Superglue, the ultimate adhesive has it covered.


Have you ever wondered what to do with broken but precious pieces of jewelry? A favorite earring stripped of its adornment? A shattered pendant?

Super Glue restores your fragile ornaments to fresh life with its quick-drying and strong bonding characteristics.

For small business owners making hand-crafted pieces, Super Glue is just the thing you need.


Super Glue is waterproof and may be used underwater. The presence of water hastens the adhesion process.

Super Glue is non-toxic to all living things in the water, making it ideal for fish tanks and marine life.

Vinyl and arrow inserts

Super Glue works well on vinyl surfaces because it draws moisture and generates a mesh-like structure that forms an extraordinarily strong adhesive.

The glue also works nicely on arrow inserts.

Fake nails, Phone screens and teeth gems

No, Super Glue is not recommended for fake nails, and teeth gems. This is an industrial-grade adhesive that can damage body tissues. So, any exposure to skin or tissues can be dangerous.

Using Super Glue inside your mouth is especially harmful since even a tiny amount of glue could potentially kill the sensitive roots of your teeth. You will need a root canal to get this fixed.

Super Glue is also not advised to fix phone screens unless you are a professional. While Super Glue is an insulator, you can still permanently damage your phone if the glue sticks to something on your phone that it is not supposed to touch.

Superglue may be used to apply fake nails, fix phone screens and affix teeth gems. It’s difficult to overlook the fact that super glue is extremely hazardous to the human body and should only be handled with extreme caution. 

Super Glue, when handled with prudence, can be a game-changer. A single application of it can last up to three years. Depending on what you want to be fixed, Super Glue can be a way cheaper alternative to buying a replacement for your broken product.

From that perspective, Super Glue’s numerous functions make life truly super.


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