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Stone and Strand jewelry

New York-based ‘Stone and Strand’ has unveiled the latest collection of jewelry for everyday use.

Stone and Strand specializes in making premium-looking jewelry without a high price tag. Here are some of their products!

Fine Diamond Maritime Chain Ring

Part of The Queue Collection, the Fine Diamond Maritime Chain Ring is perfect to be worn all day. Made with 10k solid yellow gold and White Diamonds of 0.21ct, it gives off a dazzling reflection, and is a great conversation starter!

It’s also electroplated with white rhodium, giving it a golden white shine. Rhodium does fade away with time, however, which is something you will have to consider. It’s a downside but the low cost of 550$ justifies it. 

The ring is pretty good in terms of detail and looks though, as the brand sets their diamonds by hand using microscopes, to ensure detail to the highest level. The product also features a 100-day return and warranty period. It has its drawbacks but is definitely a good pick for regular use. 

 Everyday Pearl Bracelet

Next in line is the Everyday Pearl Bracelet. As the name suggests, and like all the other products in this list, this is perfect for everyday use.

The Everyday Pearl Bracelets feature handpicked pearls that originated in freshwater and are set in 14k solid yellow gold. The pearls themselves are about 4-4.5mm thick individually, and the whole bracelet comes in 6.5 inch and 7.5-inch variants. Priced at 195$, this product is a perfect balance between quality and price. The bracelets also offer a 100-day warranty and return period. 

Love Knot Studs 

Love Knot Studs is a simple but beautiful product from the Queue collection. 

These studs come equipped with a 10k solid yellow gold frame that houses the 0.14ct white diamonds (for a pair). Just like the Fine Diamond Maritime Chain Ring, these studs are crafted by hand using microscopes to provide a lot of detail and comfort. They’re really subtle because of their small size, yet have that glimmer that attracts attention. They can also be the perfect gifting choice for an anniversary or any other occasion. They’re available at $455 with 100-day returns and a warranty. 

Green With Envy Necklace 

Next in line is the Green With Envy Necklace which features four beautiful green emeralds on a gold chain. 

The Chain in question is made of 10k solid gold with a size adjustment between 16 and 18 inches. It also features four Marquise Emeralds that are 4 mm x 2 mm in size.

Part of the Pointe Collection, this necklace is one of its kind, completely unique, and only available for a limited period of time until stocks last. The design is very minimalistic and clean, making it perfect for everyday use like work or a night out.

The diamonds are also mined ethically, ensuring that there wasn’t any exploitation of any kind for the making of this product. All of this is provided without a crazy markup, making this product available at only $265 with a 100-day return and warranty. 

Wild Blueberry Drop Earrings

Last, but not least are the Wild Blueberry Drop Earrings. Another product of the Pointe Collection, these feature Blue Sapphires and Emeralds in a minimalistic design.

These drop earrings are made with the fine 10k solid gold chains that are 15mm long, which support a Green emerald at the top and Blue Sapphires at the bottom.

These earrings are one of the more colorful, yet minimal, designs at Stone and Strand. Just like the Green With Envy Necklace, these earrings are completely unique and limited edition as the gems are mined ethically. They’re available at $135 along with 100-day returns and a warranty, like all of their products. 

Stone and Strand 

Stone and Strand is a jewelry brand that was started in 2013 by Nadine, who sought to change the jewelry market by providing ornaments that could be used every day, rather than saving them up for occasions. Following this motto, her brand creates stunning jewelry ready for everyday use without the 10x markup that’s usually seen on most jewelry these days.


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