Steven Smith Tea Launches Limited Edition Lemon Black Iced Tea

Steven Smith Teamaker

This summer beat the heat with Steven Smith’s first-ever seasonal iced tea, “Lemon Black Iced Tea”. It is the perfect drink to enjoy with people you love, on a hammock, beach, or at a barbecue.

This tea is made with the classic mix of tea leaves from Assam, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala in India, and from the Dimbula region in Sri Lanka. In addition to this, lemon myrtle leaves are also added to the mix to give it citrus notes. Cold-pressed lemon essential oil is also added to it to give a refreshing lemon flavor.

To make the tea, you will have to put the sachet in a pitcher and pour two cups of boiling water into it. After allowing it to steep for five minutes you must then remove the sachet and then pour two more cups of room temperature water into the pitcher. You must then stir the mixture and then pour it into a glass with ice cubes. Then sit back and enjoy the refreshing drink. A pack with twelve sashes costs $16.99 USD and orders over $39 receive free shipping in the US.


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