Are Squishables Safe? How Do You Wash Them?


Need a mindless manipulation toy to help with your anxiety? Or does your little one want a cuddly friend to keep them company at bedtime? Are Squishables worth the buzz?

Squishables is a safe and engaging playmate for your tiny tot. They certainly are a fairly risk-free recreational and diverting amusement. 

This article will guide you on the pros and cons of this fan-favorite toy. It will also help you with little maintenance, washing, and safety tidbits. 

Are Squishables popular? 

Yes, Squishables are very popular. What’s not to love about a hybrid between a squeezie and plushie? Squishables are soft toys that provide a sensory experience.  They can be cuddled, squashed, and flung across the room! 

They are pliable so they regain their original shape when squeezed. So you can do it all over again! Squishables are also fidget toys. They promote your child’s movement, coordination, and agility. They are also soft and easy on little hands.

It’s a great tool for adult stress relief as well. Squeezing them re-routes the nervous energy out of your body. This calms you down.

They are buddies when you are lonely, stuck at home with no company. They are huggable snuggle monsters when it’s time to sleep. If nothing else, they are fun pillows that make for a wacky change from the usual.  

What are Squishables made of? What is inside it? 

Squishables are made of 100% polyester fabric. It is used to line the outside and stuff the inside. Polyester is a multi-purpose synthetic fabric. It is actually a plastic extracted from petroleum. It is affordable to produce on a mass scale. 

Different varieties are used for clothing, upholstery, and bags. 

The fiberfill variety of polyester is used for Squishables. It provides volume to make the toy plump. It has a cottony, marshmallowy texture. It is quite stretchy and durable. 

Some Squishables have polyethylene pellets in them. These beans help the toys to stay upright by adding weight.   

How big are Squishables? 

Squishables are available in many different sizes. The main sizes are Standard, Mini, and Micro. Standard is about 15 inches in height. The girth and spam also range around this value. The Mini range is about 7.5 inches tall on average. 

There is also a Massive range which is sized anywhere between 32-36 inches in height or girth.  The smallest are Micro Squishables. These are only 3 inches big. They are available as keychains too. 

Other varieties like Kawaii, Comfort Food, and Snacker also come in one or more of the main sizes.  

Is Squishable safe? 

Yes, Squishables are safe as long as you take precautions. The Squishable material has been tested extensively. They comply with chemical and flammability safety standards. They adhere to international, federal, and state guidelines. 

You need to be cautious with sizes. The Squishables website claims that the Standard and Mini ranges are okay for ages 0 and above. They are quite safe because they are bigger than the babies. So they won’t suffocate by swallowing it.  

But if they chew through it, some parts may come loose. These can be accidentally ingested, obstructing breathing. We suggest that the Standard and Mini Squishables should be given to toddlers 3 years and above. This ensures maximum safety and avoids any unexpected threat. 

The Micro Squishables should only be given to older kids. These are tiny so they fit in smaller mouths. 

Avoid the bean-filled Squishables for toddlers aged around three. The toy seams may rip open, and the kids may stuff the spilled pellets into their mouths. They are non-toxic in solid form. But if ingested, they may cause asphyxiation. 

These pellets are also unsafe for pets. They may lodge in the intestines and obstruct bowel movements. They may also get stuck in the lungs, causing breathing trouble. 

Another uncommon, but possible danger, is polyester allergy. Some kids and adults may be allergic to polyester fabric. You will immediately notice redness, hives or rashes if you or your baby are allergic. 

In addition, soft toys like Squishables may harbor dust mites. Other allergens like insect excreta, mold, and mildew may also accumulate on the fur. These aren’t the best choice if anyone in the family suffers from asthma. 

Squishables are not certified to be asthma or allergen-friendly. Clean them regularly and use anti-mold or bug spray to avoid any reactions. 

Are Squishmallow and Squishable the same?

No, Squishables and Squishmallows are not the same things. They are different brands owned by separate companies. Squishables was launched in 2007. Squishmallows is owned by Kelly Holding LLC. It was launched in 2017. 

The differences are few as listed below: 

  • Customization

Squishmallows are more compressible and they bounce back faster. Squishmallows can be personalized with names and adoption certificates. Squishables don’t offer such bespoke options. 

  • Partnerships 

Squishmallow collaborates with Disney and Star Wars. Squishables only engage with some webcomics. Squishable invites customer designs under Project Open Squish. Squishables will make any design as long as it isn’t copyrighted.

  • Material

Squishmallows use both spandex and polyester fiber. Squishables only use the latter. Squishmallows are also clearly labeled as hypoallergenic but Squishables are not.

Are Squishables washable with soap detergent? Can you use a washing machine? 

Yes and no! Squishables are washable. But they should be washed only when extremely dirty. 

Ideally, you should try to spot-clean them. Gently rub the area that has a stain or grime. You can use a damp cloth or a soft-bristled brush. You can even use wet wipes. Use mild soaps, shampoo, or gentle detergent without bleach. 

Harsh detergents can leach the dyes causing discoloration. It may also make the material brittle and dry. 

If the toy is filthy all over you can either wash it manually or machine-wash. 

You can soak them in lukewarm or cold water and manually scrub them with soap. This method takes a lot of time and effort because the toy gets fully soaked and heavy.  

Or you can put them in the washing machine. Tie them up in a cotton pillow cover. This limits water seepage and damage from tumbling.

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Can you put Squishables in the dryer? What about the microwave? 

You can either air-dry or machine-dry Squishables. The dryer will need a few cycles. Don’t remove the pillow cover when machine-drying. Keep the dryer at the lowest possible temperature. 

Don’t ever use high-heat devices like blow-dryers, iron machines, or microwaves. Polyester fabric is not highly flammable. But it isn’t fire-resistant or retardant either. The material will melt or catch flames. Avoid high-pressure gadgets like vacuums. They could tear the fur. 

Wash and dry at long intervals to retain quality and durability.

Squishables are quite the fleecy-fuzzy friend, aren’t they! Go out and buy a few to make your fun-filled family time even more memorable!


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