Are SmartyPants Vitamins Good? Are They Safe?

SmartyPants vitamins

Vitamin is an essential micronutrient that is important for all fundamental and secondary bodily functions. There are 13 key vitamins. Are you getting all of them from the food you eat? The World Health Organization (WHO) points out that over two billion people in the world are deficient in key vitamins.

SmartyPants offers a range of vitamin supplements for your entire family – would that paint a perfect picture of health? Is it safe? Let’s explore.

Who owns SmartyPants Vitamins?

Unilever USA acquired SmartyPants Vitamins on 25 November 2020. The company, based in Los Angeles, was founded by Courtney Nichols Gould and Gordon Gould in 2011. Unilever has integrated the product into its nutrition and supplemental segment.

Are SmartyPants vitamins FDA approved?

The FDA does not approve dietary supplement products. According to the authority, it is not authorized to review such products for safety. It is permitted to only review and approve pharmaceutical drug products. However, according to the company, its manufacturing facilities are registered with the FDA and comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act. Also, the ingredients used are as specified in FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) list.

Are SmartyPants vitamins USP certified?

SmartyPants vitamins are not USP certified. However, the company claims that its GMP-certified facility meets USP standards. The supplements undergo third-party lab testing. They have received the Clean Label Project Purity Award and Clean Label Certifications.

Are SmartyPants prenatal vitamins good?

SmartyPants offers three options for prenatal care. The formulations are good for pregnant women since they are free of synthetic colors and artificial flavors besides several other allergens. The supplements contain omega-3, folate, vitamin B12, fatty acids, minerals, vitamin D, iodine, and zinc – which prevent pre-term labor, decrease the risk of preeclampsia, improve brain health, and maintain normal fetal development, support heart and thyroid functions, and improve the immune system.

However, they are devoid of calcium – an important nutrient for pregnant women. If you want to include calcium supplements, couple your prenatal supplement with adult mineral formulas.

Are SmartyPants prenatal vitamins safe?

While SmartyPants prenatal vitamins consist most of all vital nutrients and are free of several allergens, several health experts – including the Mayo Clinic Health System – advise pregnant women to stay away from dietary supplements. These supplements are not reviewed and approved by the FDA, and may hence contain harmful chemicals, metals, pesticides, and bacteria.

These toxins can be detrimental to your and your baby’s health – they can also cause birth defects.

This is not to say that SmartyPants prenatal vitamins are unsafe. But just that we do not have FDA certification that guarantees its safety. So, although there is no authentic guarantee on standard and quality, SmartyPants vitamins do undergo third-party verification. 

Eating food rich in nutrition is advisable. Consult your gynecologist if you are deficient in any nutrition and take supplements as recommended.

Do SmartyPants vitamins have iron?

Not all SmartyPants vitamins contain iron. According to the FDA, accidental overdose of iron is commonplace. Hence, the company has excluded it in its chewable formulas that taste good and can prompt overconsumption. You can find iron in SmartyPants Women’s Multi Capsule and Prenatal Multi Capsule.

Iron is an important nutrient that makes hemoglobin, supports growth and development, makes some hormones, and protects the immune system. Foods rich in iron include green leafy vegetables, raisins, apricots, peas, beans, seafood, red meat, and poultry.

Do SmartyPants vitamins have magnesium?

SmartyPants provides magnesium in three of its supplements – Adult Mineral Formula, Kids Mineral chews, and Healthy Kids Sleep Formula. The company clarifies that it offers magnesium in only selected supplements as the mineral is commonly found in your diet. Its formulations are designed as per recommendations from the Health and Medicine Division of the National Academies of Science, and to fill nutritional gaps in a Western diet.

Magnesium is a vital nutrient essential for protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood pressure control, and cardiovascular health. Foods rich in magnesium include bananas, nuts, legumes, whole grains, leafy greens, and fatty fish.

Do SmartyPants vitamins have gelatin?

Yes, there is gelatin in SmartyPants vitamins – but only in the multivitamin gummy supplements. The gelatin is derived from pork or beef – and is used to encapsulate the fish oil.

If you want gelatin-free multivitamins, go for SmartyPants Organic Toddler, Kids, Women’s, Men’s, and Prenatal supplements.

Gelatin has the potential to alleviate bone and joint pain, besides enhancing brain function. FDA considers the consumption of gelatin in food as safe. However, it may not be good to ingest it in high doses through supplements. Food sources of gelatin include vegetable gums, seaweed extracts, pork, lamb, beef, fish, and chicken.

Do SmartyPants vitamins have calcium?

Calcium is only present in the Adult and Kid Mineral formulas. Each serving of the formula contains 150 milligrams of calcium in the form of calcium citrate. This is lower than recommended daily intake of 700-1,300 milligrams a day for kids and 1,000 milligrams for adults. The difference can be drawn through diet.

Calcium is important for strong bones and teeth, clotting of blood, the health of nerves, contraction of muscles, and normal heartbeat. The dietary sources of calcium include dairy products, green leafy vegetables, and soya drinks.

Do SmartyPants vitamins have sugar?

Sugar in SmartyPants vitamins is extracted from organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, organic rice syrup, stevia leaves, inulin syrup, and lo han fruit syrup. The company uses sugar in the supplements to make them tasty; so that you remember to take them.

The World Health Organization and the American Heart Association recommend a daily intake of fewer than 25 grams of sugar a day. However, a serving of SmartyPants vitamins contains eight grams per serving – which accounts for 32 percent of the recommended value!

If you are a diabetic or a pregnant woman at risk of gestational diabetes, it is recommended that you look for alternatives to SmartyPants since it may not be worth the risks.

Taken at recommended levels, sugar is beneficial in providing energy, improving sleep and the immune system, and having a strong gut. Some natural sources of sugar are dates, fruits, honey, rice syrup, corn, and coconut.

Do SmartyPants vitamins have probiotics?

The Adult Probiotic Formula and Kids Probiotic Formula contain the probiotics Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus coagulans. These two species of probiotics enable colonization of other kinds of probiotics in your gut.

Probiotics are beneficial to us as they help in the digestion of food, controlling bad bacteria, protection of gut lining, production of vitamins, and improving immunity. Yogurts, flax seeds, and nuts are rich in probiotics.

Do SmartyPants prenatal vitamins have folic acid?

SmartyPants prenatal vitamin consists of folate – which includes the many forms of vitamin B9, one of which is folic acid. However, it may not have the 400 milligrams of recommended daily intake of folic acid that you will require when pregnant.

Folic acid helps in forming the neural tube, in addition to preventing many birth defects. It can be naturally found in green leafy vegetables, peanuts, beans, sunflower seeds, sprouts, fresh fruits, and seafood.

Are SmartyPants Women’s vitamins good for you?

The SmartyPants Women’s vitamin supplements cater to the special nutritional requirements of a woman. They contain over 13 nutrients, including the essential B6, B12, D3, minerals, probiotics, omega-3, calcium, iron, and folates. The formulations for pregnant women are also well designed. However, most women do not require supplements. All essential nutrients can be easily obtained through healthy food sources.

Furthermore, the supplements are not reviewed by the FDA – hence, may contain harmful chemicals that can cause hormonal imbalance and thyroid issues. If you are pregnant, such chemicals can be bad for you as well as your baby.

Are SmartyPants vitamins good for toddlers?

Supplements for toddlers are categorized as 0-24 months and two to three years. The supplements for just borns are available in powder form, whereas in the form of gummies for two to three-year-olds. They are packed with essential nutrients like better immunity, bones, brain health, and cognitive development.

However, health experts believe that normal and healthy kids do not require supplements. Meals and snacks packed with essential nutrients like B and D vitamins, calcium, iron, and omega-3 would be adequate.

Are SmartyPants vitamins good quality?

The manufacturers claim that they follow stringent safety and testing standards. Their supplements have received the Clean Label Project’s Purity Award and are said to follow strict GMP-compliant guidelines. However, most of the ingredients are processed and synthetic. They also contain added flavors and dyes. The supplements are also not reviewed by the FDA.

Are SmartyPants vitamins good for ADHD?

SmartyPants vitamins contain vitamins B and C, iron, magnesium, and zinc that help in reducing symptoms of ADHD. However, the immense chemicals, flavors, dyes, and traces of heavy metals will worsen ADHD.

For children and adults with ADHD – do not use SmartyPants vitamins without consulting your doctor.

Are SmartyPants vitamins vegan?

Adult Probiotic Immunity Formula, Organics Men’s Formula, Organics Prenatal Formula, and Organics Toddler Formula are some of the vegan versions of the supplement. Most of the supplements are not vegan – Some ingredients are sourced from the wool of sheep, dairy, fish, and beef.

Are SmartyPants vitamins halal?

Supplements like Women’s Multi are halal. Most other supplements from the company have ingredients like gelatin sourced from pork or beef.


SmartyPants may not be safe supplements for you, although loaded with several vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, and are allergen-free. The company claims to be following stringent standards and carrying out third-party testing, but its ingredients do not seem safe. They contain artificial flavors, dyes, additives, and synthetics. The company has also admitted that there are traces of heavy metals like arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury in its supplements.

The consumption of excessive sugar and chemicals will do more harm to you than the benefits you can reap from the intake of supplemental nutrients. You do not need supplements unless you have a specific condition, illness, or are recovering from surgery. Bring home the goodness of nature and enjoy its benefits with complete safety.


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