Is SkinStore Legit? Complete Guide

Is SkinStore trustworthy?

SkinStore has over 8000 beauty and cosmetic products from more than 300 brands. The products on sale at SkinStore are authentic and are directly marketed by the manufacturing company. Unfortunately, however, many customers are wary of SkinStore’s customer service, return and refund policies, and sometimes of the packaging of products.

Who owns SkinStore?

The Hut Group (THG), a British company, owns SkinStore. THG is a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) eCommerce brand that operates over 100 online stores globally. 

Are SkinStore products authentic?

 The best way to ensure that the products you are receiving from SkinStore are authentic is to check if SkinStore falls within the list of authorized dealers of the company whose product you are buying.

For example, if you are buying a NuFACE product, ensure that SkinStore is mentioned in the list of authorized online dealers of NuFACE.

While there are indeed customer reviews online that state that SkinStore sells fake products, we cannot confirm any of this. SkinStore is an established eCommerce store and is an authorized seller of over 300 brands.

So, it’s fair to say that concerns about them selling fake products are misplaced.

Is SkinStore an authorized Obagi retailer?

Yes. SkinStore is an authorized Obagi retailer. On the web, there are incomplete lists of unauthorized retailers who sell counterfeit products in the name of Obagi. SkinStore is NOT listed as one of those retailers.

When you buy products from unauthorized retailers, you can get watered-down or expired products.

Obagi is a global skincare brand dedicated to providing clinically proven solutions to skin problems to women of all skin types.

Is SkinStore an authorized SkinMedica dealer?

Yes, SkinStore is an authorized SkinMedica dealer. Based on the incomplete list of unauthorized SkinMedica dealers available on the internet, we can assure you that SkinStore does not fall within those names.

SkinMedica is a brand that sells high-quality skincare products developed and recommended by dermatologists. Their products contain ingredients like Vitamins C, Retinol, Tea Tree oil, and Salicylic Acid that help rejuvenate the skin.

Is SkinStore an authorized EltaMD seller?

Yes. We found the name of SkinStore in the list of authorized online retailers of EltaMD.

EltaMD is a brand that sells sun and skincare products. The company is particularly known for being a dermatologist-recommended professional sunscreen brand. EltaMD claims that its wide range of sunscreens allows customers to “confidently live freely under the sun”.

Is SkinStore an authorized NuFACE dealer?

 Yes. SkinStore is on the list of authorized online retailers of NuFACE. 

NuFACE is not like the other skincare brands that help you fight aging and wrinkles with topical skin products. It has award-winning microcurrent skincare devices that rejuvenate your skin, tone it and make it firm and smooth by erasing away the wrinkles.

Does SkinStore sell fake products?

No, SkinStore is an authorized seller of over 300 skincare brands. It does not sell fake products to consumers. While there are indeed a few customers who have complained about this online, we have not found anything to prove these claims.

Does SkinStore ship to Canada?

Yes, SkinStore ships to Canada. There are two modes of delivery. The standard one takes a $10 delivery charge and ships within 10-14 business days, while the speedy one takes a $15 delivery charge and ships within 2 days.

Does SkinStore ship to India?

Yes! India is on the list of countries to which SkinStore products are delivered. But you have to pay a hefty delivery charge and a shipping fee to get products from SkinStore.

Through their courier partner, Blue Dart, SkinStore ships products to India at a delivery charge of $15, within 10-14 business days. However, SkinStore states that it does not ship to remote areas and towns within India.

Orders above INR 1000 are eligible for free shipping. Orders less than that have to pay an INR 65 as a shipping fee for delivery into any Indian city.

Does SkinStore ship to the UK?

Yes, you can find the United Kingdom in the list of countries where SkinStore products are delivered. Through international mail service, SkinStore will ship your products to the UK at a charge of $15 within the standard 10-14 business days time period.   

Does SkinStore have free shipping?

Yes, SkinStore offers free shipping to customers within the US. The minimum order value to qualify for free shipping is $49. You will get your products shipped within 5-7 business days.

How long does SkinStore take to ship?

SkinStore specifies that after a customer places an order on their website, a Customer Representative calls the customer and telephonically verifies the order and the delivery location.

Now, if the order is placed and confirmed before 4 pm on a working day, then the order gets shipped within 24 hours. And if the order is placed and confirmed after 4 PM on a business day, or a Sunday or a public holiday, then the order is shipped within 48 hours.

For orders within the US, there are three types of delivery rates. The ordinary one is called ‘Tracked’ and gets delivered within 5-8 working days. Hawaii and Alaska however might take up to 14 days. In this mode of delivery, orders above $49 are eligible for free delivery, while orders less than that require a $7 charge.

In the ‘Express’ mode, with a delivery charge of $10, you can get your orders within 2-3 working days if placed before 4 PM EST.

In the ‘Premium’ mode, orders placed before 4 PM EST get delivered within 1-2 business days at a delivery charge of $20.

Where does SkinStore ship from?

SkinStore is located in Hazelwood, Missouri (United States), and ships its products from warehouses across the country.

What is the return policy of SkinStore?

This is how returns work on SkinStore:

First of all, you will have to register for a return request within 14 days of receiving the package. Also, you can only ask for the return of a product that is unopened.

You have to contact a Customer Advisor at SkinStore with the order number through Live Chat or by messaging. Now, if the order you are returning is something you do not want, then you can only return it unopened. Also, you have to ship the product back at your own cost.

In case of returning a damaged item, you have to send a photo of the product to the Customer Advisor at SkinStore and ask them for a refund. In this case, SkinStore can offer you a refund and will provide the shipping fee.

In case of refund or reimbursement, SkinStore will use the mode of transaction that you initially used to place your order; unless you state otherwise. No extra reimbursement fees will be asked from you.

Once the SkinStore advisor registers the return, the company will send a pre-paid returns label to your email address. You may print the label and stick it to the product you are returning.

If you have requested a refund, you will receive that within 14 days of SkinStore receiving your return package.  

Certain items like beauty bags, beauty boxes, advent calendars, and special edition boxes are not eligible for returns.

Does SkinStore accept PayPal?

Yes. You can easily pay your purchases from SkinStore using your PayPal account.

Does SkinStore accept Apple Pay?

No. SkinStore does not accept Apple Pay.

Does SkinStore accept Google Pay?

Unfortunately, SkinStore does not accept Google Pay.

Does SkinStore accept Alipay?

Yes. SkinStore accepts payments made from Alipay accounts. Alipay is China’s fastest online mobile payment platform that is now available across the US.

Does SkinStore accept Visa Gift cards?

Yes. Visa Gift cards are prepaid Visa cards that can be used for offline or online purchases at all shops worldwide that accept Visa Debit cards. As SkinStore mentions that it accepts Visa Debit cards, you can place your order at SkinStore using your Visa Gift card.

Does SkinStore accept credit cards?

SkinStore accepts payments by credit card. Payment will be debited from your account before your products are dispatched. For payment via credit card, a pre-authorization value of $0.01 will be held against the card until the card issuer validates the payment.

Does SkinStore accept Medicaid?

Unfortunately, we could not find anything on the website of SkinStore that states that the company uses Medicaid.


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