Is Simple Skincare A Good Brand? A Complete Review

Simple Skincare reviews

Simple is a British-origin skincare brand that started in 1960.

What began as just a soap launched for people with sensitive skin is now a leader in the skincare industry.

Simple only uses pure and natural ingredients. 

Let’s find out more about the brand and its quality!

Is Simple Skincare Chemical Free?

Simple Skincare has compiled a list of 2000 chemicals that have been notified as sensitizing agents by regulatory agencies and government bodies.

A sensitizing agent is essentially a chemical that has been observed to cause an allergic reaction in normal tissues of humans or animals after repeated exposure.

While Simple is completely devoid of chemicals, their products are free from these 2000 chemicals that are known sensitizing agents.

Please know that the list of 2000 chemicals is by no means an exhaustive one.

Simple Skincare intentionally tries to keep up with the new updates launched by the respective agencies and eliminate even more chemicals, if present, in their products.

Is Simple Skincare Natural?

Simple claims to be free from 2000 chemicals, but that isn’t the same as being a natural or an organic brand.

Even though people tend to use these terms interchangeably, each term is different from the other.

Simple skincare contains a mix of organic, natural, and other components that make a product functional to help achieve the desired results all while making sure that it is safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Is Simple Brand Paraben Free?

Since the Simple Skincare brand primarily serves people with sensitive skin, it tries to keep its product as far from chemicals of any kind as possible.

Therefore, most Simple products contain no parabens.

But I’d advise you to take a look at their product list where you can find ingredients of every product in the description so that you can confirm if the product that you’re thinking of buying has parabens.

Is Simple Skincare Cruelty-Free?

Simple aims to take care of people with sensitive skin. Its core extends to being kind to animals as well.

Europe banned animal testing way back in 2013, and Simple Skincare originates from Europe.

The company believes that animal testing isn’t the only and best approach to test products that are safe for humans.

Since the company has been expanding in areas outside of Europe, Simple Skincare is cruelty-free and they have been a proponent of the ban on animal testing.

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Where Are Simple Skincare Products Made?

Simple Skincare originates from the U.K. and its parent company, Unilever is also headquartered in London, U.K.

The company manufactures most of its products in the U.K., but not all of them.

It urges its customers to always check the origin of the products that they choose to buy.

Is The Brand Simple Vegan?

The company invests heavily in developing efficient non-animal approaches to product safety testing.

It furthers its kindness philosophy by not using any animal-derived ingredients except for using beeswax in a very small number of products.

Simple has vowed to be a completely vegan brand as it develops future products.

So, technically, not 100% vegan, as of now.

Is Simple A Clean Brand?

It’s been observed that Simple takes kindness seriously. Its mission is to produce the safest products using vegan approaches for the ones with sensitive skin.

Simple Skincare started as a company that sold soap with no color and fragrance.

And the company continues its mission by being completely free of artificial color, 2000 chemicals, parabens, animal-derived ingredients, alcohol, etc.

So do you think you can call Simple Skincare a clean brand?

Is Simple Brand Good For Acne?

Please make sure that you understand acne isn’t caused by the absence of a skincare routine, but by the factors that have nothing to do with taking care of your skin.

It’s caused by fluctuation in your hormonal levels, skin sensitivity to irritation, the buildup of dead skin cells, etc.

People assume that they have acne because they aren’t keeping their skin clean and go on to adopt a vigorous cleansing routine that only aggravates their acne issues.

The Simple brand is good for acne since it stays away from harsh ingredients. They make use of gentle but effective ingredients like thyme, zinc, etc. that regulate oil production, deeply cleanses pores, and keeps the skin hydrated. 


Is Simple Facial Wash Good? 

The kind of facial wash that would be the best for you depends entirely on your skin type. 

Is your skin sensitive and prone to acne? Is your skin dry? Does your skin feel too oily and you often find yourself wiping away the excess oil using either a handkerchief or tissue paper?

Simple Facial Wash is very good and has been designed to be a very mild and gentle facial cleanser, which upon regular use makes the skin supple and soft.

This has been found to suit especially the ones with sensitive skin that’s prone to acne breakouts. It leaves your skin with a soft, gel-like feeling all over your facial skin.

However, if you’ve got oily skin, you may not find it to be too helpful.

Can I Use Simple Products When Pregnant?

A brand like Simple becomes important during a time like pregnancy. Since pregnancy involves a lot of hormonal changes, it leaves your skin sensitive and your nose a bit stronger of a tool to pick up odors.

Therefore, fragrance-free and chemical-free products are advised during pregnancy.

And if you’ve got even mildly sensitive skin during normal times, it is advised that you choose products from a company like Simple which deals with sensitive skin issues primarily.

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Is Simple Skincare Alcohol-Free?

Even though alcohol is a great antiseptic, it is a terrible ingredient for the ones with sensitive skin as it dries out the skin and ultimately causes inflammation.

Simple Skincare serves people with sensitive skin, so they include no alcohol in any of their products.

They proudly claim this in the list of ingredients that they opt not to use as they believe what a company chooses to not use is just as important as what it chooses not to use.

Is Simple Bar Soap Antibacterial?

Simple bar soap contains grapefruit extract which is a natural antibacterial agent.

Since it is designed to provide everyday cleaning for people with sensitive skin, it is a mild cleansing soap with no perfume or color that can irritate the skin.

In case you happen to have sensitive skin, please make sure that you moisturize your skin post using the soap.

The better you keep your skin hydrated, the less it will be aggravated and prone to any kind of adverse breakout.

Is Simple Skincare Sustainable?

Simple Skincare takes pride in solving sensitive skin issues via products developed using non-animal approaches.

It’s taken serious measures in the past decade to become a cruelty-free brand. It claims to be working on getting vegan certification for all its products.

It’s done the same in the domain of sustainability. 

It uses 100% recycled packaging and is on its way to make its product formulations 100% biodegradable by 2030.

Do Simple Products Contain Lanolin?

Since Simple is a cruelty-free brand, it neither tests its products on animals nor uses animal-derived ingredients in its products, except for beeswax in some of its products.

So, none of the Simple products deploy lanolin or its derivatives as an ingredient.

Is Simple Hypoallergenic?

Simple makes its products for people with even the most sensitive skin. 

Its cleansing products are designed to be gentle cleansing and hydrating agents that reduce the risk of skin irritation and inflammation as much as possible.

No usage of perfume or essential oils further lowers the risk.

So, you could safely assume the Simple Skincare products to be hypoallergenic.


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