Do Shout Color Catcher Sheets Go In The Washer Or Dryer?

Shout color catcher

Color catcher sheets are essential for preserving the shine and color of your clothes. They help renew your fabric and make it look new. Yet, it is essential to use color catcher sheets properly for adequate results.

Many times, clothes turn dull or get discolored after wash. Color catcher sheets help you prevent this from happening.

Shout is a brand of stain removers manufactured by SC Johnson. Their ‘Color Catcher’ sheets protect your clothes and make it possible for mixed washes. Color catcher sheets are more suitable for dryers but work well with both the washer and dryer. Using them in a dryer is convenient as they tend to cause damage to a washing machine’s drum. However, you can also use these sheets in a washer-dryer combination machine for fine results. Just ensure that the delicate bags do drain away in the drainage system and get clogged. 

color catcher sheet is usually popped in while washing clothes to save your whites. They prevent color loss and give you vibrant clothes after each wash. So, if you wash your colored and white clothes together, ensure you pop one of these before starting the machine. They are safe and guarantee results. Please keep reading to know more about color catcher sheets and their details.

Below are a few common questions asked about Shout color catcher sheets.

What are color catchers?

Some clothes tend to bleed color in water. When you pop one of these in a washing machine, these colors tend to stick onto white fabric and ruin them. Color catcher sheets, as the name suggests, pull in these dyes from the water and thus prevent your whites from getting spoiled. Furthermore, these sheets prevent color loss and ensure you get fresh, vibrant-looking clothes after every wash. Today many people prefer using it for safe laundry.

How do Shout color catcher sheets work?

Color catcher sheets contain additional absorbent fibers. The product works like a magnet to trap dye particles that colored clothes bleed. The primary function of this sheet is to promote safer mixed washes. Moreover, you can freely wash your colored and white clothes together using these color catchers.

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Are color catcher’s reusable?

The absorbent fibers in your color catcher sheets don’t work well once they have absorbed dye particles. They are hence usable only once and need to be changed with a new sheet for each wash. Reusing them may not give you satisfactory results.

Why are color catchers not suitable for washing machines?

The issue with color catchers is that their sheets are thin and fragile. Thus, it can get stuck in gaps and damage your washing machine. Further, if the color catcher gets stuck in your machine, it will try to find its way out via the water pump. Thus, it can lead to clogging and could damage your washing machine.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend using color catchers in dryers and not washers. It enables better safety and reduces the chances of damage.

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Is a Shout color catcher toxic?

The absorbent fibers in the color catcher are not tested for consumption. It contains sodium carbonate, which is generally safe, but given that it is not a consumable product, we strongly advise that it is kept out of reach of children.

Are shout color catchers toxic for nature?

A color catcher sheet does not harm the environment for many reasons. It is made from natural fabrics, and the material is entirely recyclable. Moreover, they retain shape even after absorbing the loose dye from fabrics. These sheets are biodegradable and environment-friendly for use.

What is a good alternative for color catcher sheets?

Making a color catcher at home is quite easy. However, they may not be as effective as the ones in the market. Here are a few DIY color catcher ideas 

  • Use small pieces of white clothes to get started. Cut them into tiny pieces.
  • Now, take a spoon of baking soda and dissolve it in warm water.
  • Soak the clothes in this mixture and let it air dry.
  • Now, you can use these tiny pieces of fabrics as color catchers.

While this generally works well, your mileage may vary. 

Do you need color catchers?

The need for a color catcher depends on how you choose to do your laundry. For example, if you prefer washing dark clothes separately, you will not need this product. However, if you wash all your clothes together, you need to add a color catcher to your laundry.

Sustaining clothes is as essential as removing dirt from them. So, use the right laundry techniques and get fine washes.

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How do you use a color catcher sheet?

Using a color catcher sheet is simple. Please take a quick look at these steps to understand their usage better.

Step 1: Place one sheet at the rear side of your washing machine’s drum. For large loads, use two sheets

Step 2: Add the detergent and start a normal wash cycle.

Step 3: Remove the clothes instantly after you complete washing them.

Color catcher sheets are suitable for all washes, whether it is a hand wash or a machine. Use it to prevent damage and give your outfits a clean, fresh look.


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