Is Shatto Milk Good? Should You Avoid It?

Shatto Milk review

Shatto Milk Company runs a charming little dairy farm in Osborn, Missouri, just outside of Kansas City. They deliver milk and food staples in Kansas City and Missouri.

Who Owns Shatto Milk Company

Shatto Milk Company is owned by Matt Shatto and was founded in 2003. 

Since 2004, Shatto Milk has started bottling milk and is available in almost every grocery shop in Kansas City.

Still, like most expanding businesses, they wanted to expand, but they realized that distributing outside of Kansas City would be problematic due to the short shelf life of milk and a lack of brand knowledge.

It is a small family dairy that primarily provides milk for the Kansas City region, as well as some non-dairy items.

The Shattos have less than 500 cows and are vertically integrated, bottling and delivering the milk that their cows produce in Clinton County, Missouri.

The Shattos have also opened their dairy to the public year-round, with over 150,000 visitors each year.

What products are sold by Shatto Milk Company?

Shatto Milk Company sells delicious milk in genuine glass bottles. They serve cheese curds in cheddar, cajun, and dill flavors, as well as cream, butter, and ice cream. 

If you’re not in the mood for dairy, they also provide tea, lemonade, fruit juice, and orange drinks.

You can find a whole list of their goods, including Milk, Flavored kinds of milk, Ice Cream, Cheese, Butter, Non-Dairy, Milk Soap, prepared meals, fruits and vegetables, and much more on their website.

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Does Shatto Milk Company use growth hormones?

Shatto Milk Company does not use any growth hormones on its cows

Growth hormones (mainly rBST or rBGH) are injected into cows in order to boost their milk production. Shatto Milk Company claims that none of their cows are subjected to these hormones.

How long does Shatto Milk last?

Freshness is important in all dairy products, and  Shatto company claims that milk is delivered from their cows can be stored up to 12 hours.

For decades, the family-owned and managed Shatto Milk Company has been a local favorite, providing fresh and natural dairy products. So, for your breakfast or brunch, add a wonderful bottle of Shatto milk.

Can you return a bottle of milk to Shatto?

Yes. Simply clean the bottles and place them next to your porch box on days when you expect a delivery. Your milkman will collect the bottles and credit your Shatto account $2.00 per bottle, regardless of size.

Log onto your Shatto account, go to MY ACCOUNT, then DELIVERY HISTORY to see your bottle return credits.

Your bottle deposit is refunded if you preserve your empty bottles and take them to the grocery shop when you need additional milk.

I like this method since it is an excellent way to recycle glass bottles, not only to reduce the trash in landfills but also to allow Shatto Milk Company to reuse them.

Is Shatto milk pasteurized?

All of these dairy products are made using milk from a happy herd of 400 cows. This happy herd grazed on a property owned by the Shatto family for almost a century.

After milking, the milk is pasteurized and homogenized on-site at a moderate temperature of around 170 degrees, rather than at the high temperatures and speeds used by many dairy co-ops.

Shatto’s cows aren’t given rbST (recombinant bovine somatotropin) or rbGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone), and their bedding is made out of natural sawdust.

What are the different Shatto milk flavors?

Shatto Milk offers both ordinary white milk as well as flavored milk to their customers. Popular flavors include

  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry,
  • Banana,
  • Root beer
  • Orange creme, and
  • Spiced eggnog 

Now, before you consider the idea of root beer flavored milk, believe me, it is very delicious. The flavors are well mixed, and any child or child-at-heart adult would like it.

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How Does The Shatto Flavored Milk Work?

Shatto Milk Company is a family-owned dairy farm in Kansas that has been in operation for over a century. They bottle their own goods for quality assurance, and they oversee every step of the manufacturing process to ensure you get the best dairy products available.

You may even visit the farm and see their facility as a testament to their dedication to quality and openness.

Within 24 hours of the cow being milked, the Shatto Flavored Milk is processed, bottled, and sent to the shop. The milk is mixed with a range of delectable flavors during the processing stage to produce a unique drink that the entire family will enjoy.

Where can you buy Shatto milk from?

Because flavored milk is delivered directly to local retailers to maintain product freshness, you will need to locate a merchant near you that sells them

On their website, you may search by location to see if there is a store near you that sells these delightful milk products. Because the farm is in Kansas, the majority of the stores carrying these items will be in the area.

What’s the delivery fee for Shatto Milk?

If you order Ordinary white milk then delivery costs are calculated based on the quantity of the order. Goods under $15 are charged $3.99, orders between $15 and $99 are charged $2.99, and orders above $100 are not charged a shipping cost.

Credit or debit cards are accepted for payment. After your Milkman has delivered your order, your card will be debited within 24 hours.

Can you visit the Shatto Milk farm?

Shatto milk farm only provides tours by appointment in order to limit the number of people who can visit at any point.

The tour includes viewing where the milk is bottled and how the bottles are washed, as well as tasting all of the milk flavors and ice cream (all of which are wonderful!).

Then they take you to see how the cows are milked, and then to my particular favorite – the Calf Barn, where you can pet the young calves and try your hand at milking a cow.

It’s a great experience for families, or for young ladies who enjoy animals and activities like this. After the tour, you may spend as much time as you like at the Country Store, buying delightful items or stocking up on milk products to take home.

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Shatto milk delivery jobs

This is a great opportunity for the right person.

This position is not at the Osborne Dairy. It’s a Kearney-based auxiliary company that delivers Shatto and 300+ other items to consumers’ homes.

Below is a typical day in the life of a milkman.

You get to the warehouse EARLY and load your truck. You don’t need to be awake yet for this 30-minute workout because the product is fully organized for you.

You then get in your chilled milk truck and go around a particular route, delivering the product to about 100 clients.

The job requires great attention to detail and the ability to work quickly; errors are a major issue that adds considerable time to your day.

You don’t require many networking skills, since you rarely contact consumers.

You must be able to navigate a large vehicle through narrow places. 

Final Thoughts

Most people haven’t had milk delivered to their homes in decades, but a Kansas City-area firm is attempting to revive the tradition. Since its first test market in late 2015, Shatto Delivery Service of Osborn, Mo., which has links to the Shatto Milk Company, has built a customer base of approximately 8,300 individuals.

If you live in Kansas City and are looking for a place to get Shatto Milk, you can definitely go for this product. In the spring, when the kids are restless and you need a fun method to keep them occupied for a few hours, I would definitely recommend bringing the family on a tour of the dairy farm!



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