Is The Sharpie S-Gel Permanent? Helpful Tips

Sharpie S-Gel

Sharpie S-Gel is permanent on porous materials and does not bleed. It doesn’t smudge and provides a wonderful writing experience. It is possible to clean Sharpie gel using acetone, esters, and ketones, but this will damage the material. 

Most washable inks are water-based and are made to break down instantly. Sharpie S-Gel contains a pigment called Permachrome along with binding agents like xylene and toluene, which makes it last longer.

The Sharpie S-Gel ink contains glyceride, resin, pyrrolidone, and a colorant that makes it water-resistant and capable of writing on different types of surfaces. It holds to most of the surfaces and repels water molecules. It also provides vibrant lines that are smudge-free.

Sharpie S-Gel also contains organic chemicals like xylene and ethanol. These alcohol derivatives help the ink dry quickly and offer excellent blending, along with helping produce vivid shades. Binders like polymers or resins help in adhesion.   

About Sharpie

Sharpie is a popular brand of permanent markers, highlighters, and pens. Sharpie markers have several tips, and the most common and popular is the fine tip.

The list of tips includes Ultra Fine Point, Chisel tip, Brush tip, and Retractable tip. Sharpie products also include gel and rollerball pens that are extremely popular.

Sharpies may be used on any surface, from paper to canvas, fabric, glass, wood, plastics, ceramics, stone, and metals. 

Sharpie S-Gel on fabric

Sharpie S-Gel is not specifically designed for fabric. They can stain fabric like cotton and linen, and persist beyond several laundry cycles.

The stain may eventually fade with washing and using rubbing alcohol. However, no chemical can provide 100% results. 

Sharpie can create, customize and decorate items of fabric like shirts, bags. Sharpie designs last for years on fabric items. Though they provide striking colors, it tends to bleed on fabric material.

Sharpie S-Gel on skin

Sharpie S-Gels are not permanent on the skin as they eventually fade within a few days. They can also be easily removed using an alcohol-based cleaner or sanitizer. Though it is certified to be non-toxic, it is advised not to ingest. 

One of the biggest concerns with using Sharpie S-Gel for body art is that the chemicals can penetrate the bloodstream through broken skin. Hence they are not intended to be used on the skin for customizing tattoos. Rubbing a generous amount of sunscreen or coconut oil on the applied area helps you remove the gel ink from the surface. 

Sharpie S-Gel on leather

Sharpie S-Gel is suitable to draw and write on leather items, and it permanently marks them. It doesn’t fade by rubbing and helps you create patterns and art on every type of leather. 

Sharpie S-Gel is oil-based and helps create bold, smooth, and premium quality designs on leather. 

Sharpie S-Gel on Glass 

Glass isn’t porous. As a result, Sharpie S-Gel doesn’t penetrate the layers and is hence easily removable from glass surfaces.

Hand sanitizers, rubbing alcohol, magic erasers or acetone can wipe away the gel on glass surfaces once dried.

Sharpie S-Gel doesn’t fade or smear when used on glass. Sharpie assists in creating scrapbooks, posters and window art.

Wiping the glass with rubbing alcohol, then coloring with Sharpies, and adding dimensional paint creates stained glasses.  

Sharpie S- Gel on Plastic

Alcohol-based Sharpies are not ideal for plastic as they smear and fade with time. Oil-based Gel stains permanently over the plastic and can be utilized in numerous applications. Sharpies and rubbing alcohol create beautiful tie-dyed ornaments used during festivities. 

Sharpie S-Gel on Metal

Sharpie S-Gel is a high-performance gel that provides a professional look. Sharpie gel doesn’t bleed on the metal surface and delivers vivid writing. Sharpie takes a longer time to dry up than a water-based gel. It takes around 2-5 minutes to settle and is really tough to cure when dried.

Sharpie S-Gel can create art and patterns on metal like stainless steel, and they are permanent. Sharpie creates a thinner, detailed lines on every type of surface. This gel dries up quickly and makes a permanent impression, whether it is a dark or light surface. It is durable and perfectly creates bold marks. 

Sharpie S-Gel on paper

Sharpie S-Gel produces vibrant permanent color and bleeds through the regular paper. This gel perfectly glides and remains intact on Canson’s paper. They are perfect stationeries to create vibrant and creative art on sheets.

Sharpie takes about 2 to 5 minutes to dry up on paper and doesn’t smear when used over appropriate sheets.


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