Salt Optics Eyewear Now Come With A Black Bear Brand Leather Case

Salt optics Black Bear Brand leather case

Premium eyewear brand Salt Optics has struck a partnership with the Black Bear Brand and has designed a special case that fits all of its sunglasses. 

Salt Optics was founded 15 years ago in Coastal California and has since then has been creating exquisite stylish and comfortable eyewear. Salt glasses and sunglasses are modern, yet honor the past as their design and impeccable quality are combined with useful technology, handcraftsmanship, and an undeniable pure fit.

Black Bear Brand is a North American company that has had a long history in America and has now been revived by making creative collaborations. The brand is well known worldwide and produces a variety of time-proof products such as jackets, shirts, pants, hats, accessories, boots, and footwear.  Because superior construction is not simply about beauty, it’s also about durability, the company takes a lot of pride in its work and backs everything they make with a lifetime guarantee.

Together with Salt Optics, the Black Bear Brand has created a handcrafted Horween leather sunglass case. Bringing unique, high-quality finishing and features the case has a secure magnetic snap giving it a timeless style and effortless beauty. Secure magnetic snap means no pressure when closing the case.

As beautiful as it looks outside, the leather case has rigidity, yet it’s soft and keeps your glasses fully protected. 

The Horween leather case is $90 and can be shipped worldwide. Check out the Salt Optics store to order yours. 


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