Que Bella Face Masks Review – Is This A Good Brand?

Que Bella masks

Que Bella is a popular brand when it comes to face mask cleansing, smoothening, and recharging the skin all at once. Their masks range from mud masks, clay masks, peels off masks, and sheet masks selling over a million every year.

Is Que Bella a Target brand?

Que Bella is Target’s best-selling mask brand. While Target does not own the Que Bella brand, the first launch happened in partnership with Target back in 2011.

The benefits of the Que Bella masks on skin range from detoxifying, conditioning, plumping, pore minimizing, hydrating, and even giving it a younger look.

They have a variety of masks for every skin type there is. You could have oily skin, a dry one, a dull one, or a combination of all and you would still find one that suits you.

You could pick up their masks based on ingredients, scent, or pick up even a gold one if a luxurious one is what you want.

Are Que Bella masks natural?

Que Bella masks are made with naturally occurring elements.

Here are some ingredients in the Que Bella masks:


A naturally occurring mineral, for its ability to absorb excess oil from the skin.


Derived from rapeseed oil and is used as a moisturizer in Que Bella masks.

Shea butter

This is another moisturizer that is used to mellow down the age of the skin.

Cocoa Butter

This acts as a skin conditioner and makes the skin feel softer. It is sourced from cocoa beans grown off the Ivory Coast.

Lavender Oil

Known for its relaxing properties, it also gives a blissful scent to Que Bella masks

Witch Hazel Water

This is formulated from natural elements and is perfect for oily skin as it has a soothing effect when used

Amethyst Extract

Produced from large geodes within volcanic rocks, it lends its anti-aging properties to the Que Bella masks.

Tea Tree Oil

It is highly sought after for its warm, earthy aroma and is great on oily skins. Tea Tree oil is a key ingredient in Que Bella masks.

Aloe Vera

Taken from the aloe vera plant in the form of gel, it is used in the Que Bella masks to soothe and rejuvenate the skin.

Seaweed Extract

This is extracted from the oceans and formulated in the Que Bella HQ helps with sensitive skin.

Lemon Oil

The uplifting aroma of the Lemon Oil used in Que Bella masks soothes the skin and perhaps your mind as well


It is a chemical substance made from pantothenic acid. It is ideal for dry skin, leaving it moisturized and elastic.

Hemp Seed Extract

This is used widely in skin care products and is known for its skin-conditioning benefits.

Peppermint Oil

No friend of acne, peppermint oil is used in Que Bella masks for its antibacterial characteristics.

Pomegranate Oil

This is another conditioning agent that leaves the skin feeling soft.

Watermelon Extract

This reduces the redness of the skin and gives the skin a younger look.

In addition to the above ingredients, Que Bella face masks also include pineapple extracts, menthol, white charcoal powder, avocado oil, caffeine, gold, lactic acid, grapeseed oil, coconut water, and more.

How long do you keep Que Bella mask on?

As Que Bella has a wide variety of masks, the time you keep the mask on varies. Ideally, it is recommended that you keep the face mask on for at least 20 minutes or till it is dry to be peeled off.

The ideal time to wear a clay, cream, gel, or mud mask is fifteen minutes while you may remove your Glycolic Acid Gel Mask after just ten minutes.

How often should you use Que Bella mask?

No skin product delivers absolute results on the first use and Que Bella masks are no different. They should be used regularly to get the best outcome, but you must keep your skin tone in mind while deciding on the frequency.

Some face masks could end up leaving the skin too oily or too dry.

It would be best to use your Que Bella masks up to twice a week and then see how the skin reacts. Based on the effects that ensue, you could make it a part of your skincare regime.

Is Que Bella supposed to burn?

Que Bella masks are ideally not supposed to burn, but they could have a stinging effect on sensitive skin. They could also make the skin feel hot if left on for too long.

Are Que Bella masks good?

Que Bella is the bestselling face mask brand on Target, and its various products enjoy star ratings of between 4 to 5.

It is safe to say that Que Bella masks are good and deliver on their promise. They make your skin glow, refresh it and give you the confidence you need for a good day.

Is Que Bella good for acne?

Que Bella masks use Peppermint Oil in their products for its antibacterial characteristics. This helps prevent acne on your skin.

Is Que Bella good for sensitive skin?

Owing to the use of natural ingredients and skin-friendly ingredients, Que Bella masks do not have an adverse effect on most skin types. It would be advisable to do a trial for very sensitive skin.

Is Que Bella cruelty free?

Que Bella has stated that they do not test their products on animals. Their masks are sorted and tried on humans at their manufacturing center. Que Bella is a cruelty-free brand.

Is Que Bella vegan?

Que Bella has something for everyone. They have a variety of vegan masks for different skin types and different requirements.

Are Que Bella masks safe?

Que Bella masks are safe and non-toxic owing to the use of natural ingredients and extracts. They do not potentially harm the skin, nor do they harm the environment as all elements in the mask are biodegradable.

Do Que Bella masks expire?

Que Bella masks use different ingredients for different types of masks. While clay masks might lose their moisture early, charcoal is good to go until it is opened and exposed to air. Another thing to keep in mind is the elasticity of the mask which might diminish with time. It is best to check the face mask packaging for the expiration date.

Where to buy Que Bella mask?

Que Bella masks are available on Target, Amazon, and numerous shopping sites, including their own website.

So, do Que Bella masks work?

With more than 25 types of facial masks to help cleanse and nourish the skin, there is no doubt that there is at least one for every skin type out there. These pamper-at-home products are the easiest way to reach that exfoliated, replenished, glowing skin that you have always dreamed of.

So, yes, Que Bella masks do work and help you achieve your desired results.


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