Puracy Hand Soap Review- Is It Safe?

Puracy hand soap review

Puracy is a company that makes cleaning products from natural ingredients. They have partnered with chemists, doctors, and other experts to create safe and gentle cleaners that everyone can use. 

They also claim that the Natural Hand Soap is “tough on grease, goo, and grime” despite its harmless ingredients.

Puracy uses biodegradable and environment-friendly materials in its products and has taken a strong stand to conserve the natural flora and fauna of the earth.

The best part? They use plant-based substances in hand wash. But does this automatically translate to being safe? Let’s find out!

Is Puracy Hand Soap Safe?

The Puracy Natural Hand Soap is made of 99.6% natural ingredients as claimed by the company’s website.

It specifically contains ingredients like sodium methyl cocoyl taurate which is a coconut-based cleansing agent, Himalayan pink sea salt, and aloe vera.

It is a mild hand soap that is plant-based, safe for children and pets, and has no strong odor. It is also organic and hypoallergenic. 

After researching the ingredients of Puracy Natural Hand Soap, we have found that it contains no inflammatory components or allergens. So, we can safely attest that the Puracy Hand Soap is 100% safe for people and animals alike. 

Does Puracy Hand Soap Contain Parabens?

Puracy proudly asserts that its hand wash contains no sulfates, parabens, caustics, or dyes. Since the company puts heavy emphasis on using natural and plant-based products, it is only fitting that its hand soap contains no parabens.

The Hand Soap is also biodegradable which makes it even safer for regular use as non-biodegradable products often contain harmful chemicals that can cause damage to your skin. 

The Puracy Hand Soap can sometimes look different from advertisements. The company says that this is due to the fact that it is made from plant-based ingredients that tend to change color over time.

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Is Puracy Hand Soap Antibacterial?

No, the Puracy Hand Soap is not antibacterial.

The company states that the product can effectively kill germs and bacteria if used properly but there are no antibacterial compounds present in the hand soap itself because of environmental concerns.

Furthermore, hand soaps do not require antibacterial chemicals according to the CDC. Regular and proper handwashing is just as fruitful.

What Are The Different Fragrances Of Puracy Hand Soap?

The Puracy Hand Soap comes in three delightful fragrances. They are Lavender & Vanilla, Cucumber & Mint, and Citrus & Sea Salt.

Puracy does not use artificial fragrances in its products. So,  none of their products have a particularly strong smell.

Reviewers have described the scents as “fresh and calming” 

The Lavender & Vanilla hand soap is scented by lavender essential oil and vanillin, the Cucumber & Mint by natural fragrance, and the Citrus & Sea Salt contains grapefruit essential oil. You get clean and sweet-smelling hands after every wash!

How Much Hand Soap Does A Bottle Contain?

Puracy hand soaps come in 3 SKUs: A 12oz bottle, a 64oz bottle, and a 12oz bottle with a 64oz refill.

The 12oz bottle will clean about five hundred and eighty hands on average, while the 64oz bottle will clean more than three thousand hands.

This, of course, depends on how much product an individual uses during each wash.

How Much Is The Puracy Hand Soap Worth?

The Puracy Hand Soap is rather pricey because of the extensive usage of plant-based materials.

The 12oz bottle retails for $5.99 which is $0.36 per oz, the 64oz bottle is priced at $22.99 which is $0.31 per oz and the 12oz bottle + 64oz refill costs $28.98 which is around $0.29 per oz.

The 12oz bottle + 64oz refill provides the best value for money experience as observed. 

Is The Puracy Hand Soap Cruelty Free?

Puracy is a certified cruelty-free company, which makes its hand soap cruelty-free as well.

Puracy even requires its contract manufacturers and ingredient suppliers to sign pledges that prohibit testing on animals. Puracy does not test on animals at any stage of manufacturing. 

Instead, Puracy tests on humans and surfaces.

Is The Puracy Hand Soap Vegan?

Yes, Puracy ingredients are 100% vegan. It contains no animal-derived ingredients or byproducts. The company exclusively uses plants, minerals, and water in its hand soap.

Does The Puracy Hand Soap Contain Plastic?

While Puracy hand soap contains no plastics,  the packaging is however made of plastic.

Puracy uses relatively less plastic compared to other companies. The company recommends purchasing the 64oz refill as it contains about 90% less plastic than its 12oz bottle.

Is Puracy Hand Soap Greywater Safe?

Yes, Puracy Hand Soap is safe for greywater and septic systems. This means that used water that contains traces of the hand soap can be reused without any worries.

Is Puracy Hand Soap Good For Skin?

The Puracy Hand Soap is very mild on your hands and also contains natural glycerin and aloe vera.

This means that the hand soap will gently cleanse your hands without causing any damage to your skin.

The hand soap does not leave any residue either so you don’t get that uncomfortable feeling in your hands that you might get from other hand soaps. Say goodbye to dry and cracked hands after washing!

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Is Puracy Hand Soap Non-Toxic?

Puracy Hand Soap is completely non-toxic and contains no dangerous chemicals that may damage your skin.

It is hypoallergenic which means that the ingredients present in the hand soap are highly unlikely to cause any allergic reaction. This makes the Puracy Hand Soap ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Is Puracy Hand Soap Antiseptic?

Puracy Hand Soap does not contain any artificial antiseptics. The natural ingredients present in the hand soap may act as an antiseptic. The hand soap is ideal for washing your hands regularly but it should not be used to clean any wounds or injuries as it will not be as effective as a regular antiseptic.

Is Puracy Hand Soap Foaming?

Yes, the product produces a rich foam that effectively leaves your hands squeaky clean. Just a drop of the hand soap is enough to clean both of your hands.

How To Use Puracy Hand Soap?

Just use a single pump of hand soap, lather for about 20 seconds, and then rinse with water. Be careful and wash the back of your hands and the space between your fingers thoroughly.

How Does The Pump Work?

You need to insert the pump inside the bottle, turn the collar towards the right and firmly tighten it. Then, turn the spout towards the left. The spout should pop right up and your Puracy Natural Hand Soap will be ready to be for use!

Can You Use The Puracy Hand Soap On Babies?

Puracy Hand Soap is ideal for children and infants.

But Puracy makes special products for babies which are tailored for their needs. The Puracy Hand Wash may be used on babies but it is advisable to use milder products for them.

Similarly, Puracy Hand Soap is safe around pets but it is not recommended to use it on them. Puracy makes products catered towards animals as well so it is best to use them for your pets.


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