Is Ponds Moisturizer Good Or Bad For Your Skin Type? Explained

Ponds moisturizer

Ponds is one of the oldest brands with some good moisturizers that get the job done while being easy on the pocket. It has many variants that suit different skin types from acne-prone to dry skin types and is easily accessible. 

Ponds Moisturizer Ingredients

Ponds moisturizers are a balance of good and icky ingredients. They have emollients and humectants like glycerine, Vitamin E, and good actives like niacinamide that provide much-needed nourishment to the skin. 

Few ingredients like mineral oil, methylparaben are common in every moisturizer Ponds has. There are a few comedogenic ingredients and sensitizing ingredients like artificial fragrances and alcohols that may cause a skin rash or make skin vulnerable to infections.

Does Ponds Moisturizer Have Oil?

Yes, Ponds moisturizers do have emollients with mineral oil and petrolatum quite at the top of their ingredient list in every variant. 

Mineral oil is considered safe for dry skin as it works as a potent moisturizing agent in skincare. It creates a barrier on the skin to prevent transepidermal water loss hence locking in the moisturization. However, mineral oil tends to clog pores. 

Petrolatum on the other hand is a dry skin savior and helps heal flaky skin and extremely dry skin conditions. The PAHs in petrolatum however possess the risk of cancer, skin irritation, and allergies. 

Do Ponds Moisturizers Have Parabens?

Yes, Ponds moisturizers have methylparaben and propylparaben as preservatives to keep the product away from getting any microbes over a while. 

The status of paraben in the skincare and cosmetic industry is quite dicey. Some researches have shown that parabens are harmless to the skin even if they are used in large doses like around 25%, while few studies have shown that, parabens may cause the skin to age faster than the normal pace, swelling, irritation, and contact dermatitis. 

If you have sensitive or bruised skin, you might want to do a patch test first. 

Does Ponds Moisturizer Have SPF?

Ponds moisturizer for oily and dry skin doesn’t have any SPF mentioned, but they do have ingredients like zinc oxide, aluminum hydroxide, and titanium dioxide which are characterized as physical sunscreens. 

Physical sunscreen reflects the UV rays from the skin. These elements protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, however until and unless ‘SPF” is mentioned on the product, it is advisable to use a separate sunscreen. 

Though Ponds Clarant moisturizer and the one from their anti-aging range do have an SPF 30 in them. 

Does Ponds Moisturizer Have Alcohol?

Ponds moisturizers have Cetearyl alcohol and Cetyl alcohol which are non-drying as well as considered as good alcohols in the skincare. They are emollients that make skin smooth and moisturized. These alcohols also prevent water loss and protect the skin barrier.

They also prevent skin from getting any bacterial infection and allergies and also soothe rough, dry, and patchy skin. 

They also work as emulsifiers that blend water-based ingredients with oil-based and thicken up the product.  

Does Ponds Moisturizer Contain Benzene?

The status of Benzene is quite uncertain as it is found in petrochemicals and so is never mentioned as a separate ingredient on the product. Many products with synthetic fragrances may contain benzene in them because most of the man-made aromas are a blend of chemicals that are derived from petrochemicals. 

Ponds moisturizer has 2-3 synthetic perfuming ingredients that may be a derivative of those chemicals. 

Many types of research have shown that benzene is volatile which means that it evaporates easily without getting absorbed into the skin. 

Does Ponds Moisturizer Contain Retinol?

Ponds Rejuveness moisturizer is formulated using retinol complex and niacinamide, but the normal moisturizers for oily and dry skin do not contain retinol in them. 

The Ponds Rejuveness range is ideal for women who are 30+ experiencing some signs of aging. This range has some good reviews across the USA on almost all the shopping portals. 

Although Ponds Rejuveness is a beginner-friendly range, still if you are new to retinol, kindly do a patch test.

Do Ponds Moisturizers Have A Fragrance?

All the products from Ponds have synthetic fragrances in them. Few moisturizers have two to three perfuming ingredients in their formulations which does make them a not-so-good choice for people with fungal acne or sensitive skin. 

Synthetic fragrances tend to do some harm to the skin in the long run. They sensitize the skin and can produce skin rashes or make the existing skin condition worse. Few users have complained about getting a stinging feeling on their delicate skin with the application of Ponds moisturizers.

Does Ponds Moisturizer Cause Acne?

Yes, Ponds moisturizers have a few chemicals, especially the perfuming ingredients and the parabens, that are used in almost all of their products. These chemicals may be harmful to the skin in the long run. 

Does Ponds Moisturizer Clog Pores?

Ponds moisturizers have thickening agents which are comedogenic and can clog pores. Ponds moisturizer for oily skin however has a lightweight texture but the synthetic fragrance ingredients do contribute to clogging pores and producing acne.

Does Ponds Moisturizer Cause Breakouts?

The presence of parabens in Ponds moisturizers may lead to an increase in estrogen which in turn can cause breakouts. And not to forget the perfuming ingredients which also tend to aggravate acne and pimples. 

Does Ponds Moisturizer Darken Skin?

No, Ponds moisturizers do not darken the skin. Its sole purpose is to provide needed nourishment and hydration to the skin. 

Still, if Ponds moisturizer is making your skin visibly dark, it means that you are not using the right moisturizer for your skin type. Ponds have moisturizers for every skin type, so you need to do some research on which moisturizer will cover most of your skin concerns. 

Not using the right moisturizer for your skin leads to excessive dryness which may make your skin look visibly darker. 

Is Ponds Moisturizer Good For Oily Skin?

Ponds have moisturizers targeted for oily skin. The Clarant range has one and a few countries also have Ponds super light gel and Ponds Light Moisturizer which have seen some huge fan following in the skincare industry. 

These moisturizers are lightweight, non-oily, and non-sticky perfect for oily skin in summers as well as winters. They soothe the skin and provide the required nourishment and hydration without leaving any greasy residue behind. These moisturizers are also good to wear under makeup.

Is Ponds Moisturizer Good For Acne-Prone & Sensitive Skin?

The Ponds moisturizer has a lot of chemicals that can aggravate the existing acne and sensitize the skin. If your skin goes well with the ingredient list of this brand, then ponds moisturizer is a good choice to go for.

Ponds moisturizers have a few ingredients like stearic acid which is not considered a good ingredient for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Ingredients like stearic acid are thickening agents used to give texture to creams and lotions, hence having a contribution in causing acne.

Is Ponds Moisturizer Good For Dry Skin?

Ponds have three moisturizers for dry to very dry skin. One of their facial dry skin moisturizers also won a Reviewer’s Choice Award for all the good reasons. This particular moisturizer is proven to be 82% safe for the skin. It is gluten-free, lanolin-free, and doesn’t contain irritants or dyes. 

Facial moisturizers for dry skin have comedogenic ingredients that can clog pores and result in breakouts. If you have dry acne-prone skin, do a patch test first. 

Is Ponds Moisturizer Good For Black Skin?

Black skin is rich in melanin which means it is more prone to hyperpigmentation, dryness, uneven skin tone, and acne. Black-skinned beauties require products that are rich in antioxidants, emollients, and non-comedogenic ingredients. 

Ponds dry skin range might be a good choice for black skin as it has good moisturizing ingredients but, artificial scent and comedogenic chemicals might not make this brand the best choice in the market. 

Black skin has some specific needs that might not be the case with other ethnicities. Black skin needs a few ingredients like shea butter, Vitamin E that can cater to their skin needs.

Is Ponds Moisturizer Good For Rosacea?

We would say no. Rosacea is a skin condition identified by some pus-filled bumps. The skin around that area becomes quite sensitive and delicate. Rosacea is treated with anti-acne medications and antibiotics to reduce and calm down its symptoms. 

Owing to so many chemicals in the formulation, Ponds moisturizer may not be the best choice to treat rosacea. Ponds moisturizer also has comedogenic ingredients that can make this condition worse. 

Is Ponds Moisturizer Good For Tattoos?

Ponds moisturizer is not good for your tattoo if it is new, as it has fragrance in it. Tattoos are best-taken care of with unscented and alcohol-free products as these won’t irritate the skin and produce any skin condition.

A fresh tattoo cannot take any moisturizers or lotions, it needs an ointment made for the first few days. It is best to use tattoo after-care products made specifically for them to avoid any damage.

A Final Note

Ponds moisturizers are budget-friendly and one of the oldest products used by many generations. In general, these moisturizers are fairly good for all skin types, but if you have some skin condition or sensitive skin it’s advisable to go for better options present in the market. 

There are a few moisturizers from this brand that have earned a huge appreciation across the globe and there is no harm in trying them if they fit well with your skincare needs. 


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