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Being stuck in the house due to a lockdown isn’t something anyone of us could have predicted how we were going to spend our summer. With going to the gym being out of the question, most of us were looking for some alternative that would keep us fit in the safety of our homes. Pink Fitness has us covered with the Pink Summer Camp.

 They say fitness is a combination of diet and exercise, and Pink Fitness has you covered on both fronts. By signing up to the Pink Summer Camp you get a 90-day workout plan.

This workout plan is tailored to your specification based on personal data and goals you provide to the personal trainers. The workout is designed to be done in the safety of your home. Similarly, a diet plan is also worked out based on the eating habits you provide to the nutritionists. Your progress is charted and monitored by experts who also provide consultations. 

You can sign up for this program by downloading the Pink 360 app and making the payment. The program costs ₹ 2,999 for the 3 months.

Pink Fitness is a subsidiary of Fitness One which opened in 2004 in Chennai. The main goal for Pink Fitness has been to provide a safe place for women to work out. From those humble beginnings, they have grown to over 50+ centers with more than 40,000 satisfied customers. Women’s fitness and weight loss are key at this all-women gym. All studios are equipped with variable resistance training and cardio training equipment. They are also staffed with expert nutritionists and personal trainers to help you set personal goals.

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