Is Piggy Paint Nail Polish Safe or Toxic? Explained

Piggy paint nail polish

Nail polish is a way of expressing one’s self through the nails. It could be glitter, matte or shades of the same colour, but painted nails emanate a happy cheer. 

Piggy Paint nail polish is the brainchild of Melanie Hurley, a mother of two young girls who loved to have their nails painted even as toddlers.

Seeing their love for colourful nails, she began her quest for safe nail polish for children. With this came the inception of the chemical-free Piggy Paint in 2008.

Piggy Paint nail polish is a non-toxic, almost odorless, water-based splash of colors on tiny nails. They also come in cute, attractive little bottles making nail painting all the more fun. 

Piggy Paint nail polish ingredients

Piggy Paint nail polish is free of all the harsh components like toluene, phthalates and formaldehyde that are present in regular nail polishes.

Piggy Paint nail polish sticks to non-toxic ingredients and is water-based instead of solvent-based, with about 75% water. It uses acrylates copolymer which has been researched thoroughly and considered safe in cosmetics to make it water-resistant.

To give the desired color to the nail polishes, Piggy Paint nail polishes may contain non-toxic coloring obtained from ultramarines, iron oxide, red 28, chrome green, and orange 5 to name a few sources.

Is Piggy Paint safe for newborn infants?

There is no obvious reason for an infant to have painted nails, but the mother’s joy is to be able to adorn the baby right from the start.

If that is the case, Piggy Paint is the right choice as it is considered safe for all ages. It does not have any toxic components or harsh smells which could irritate the newborn.  It also has been seen to have no adverse effect when used by expectant mothers.

Is Piggy Paint safe for toddlers?

Toddlers can be pretty hard to monitor all day; putting their fingers and every other thing they see into their mouths faster than you can say no!

Piggy Paint nail polish could be considered safe for toddlers as they are mostly water with a couple of non-toxic components and practically have no smell.

You could also apply Piggy Paint Basecoat before the nail polish for added scratch resistance and a layer of Piggy Paint Topcoat after the nail polish. This keeps the nail paint from being chipped off. 

Is Piggy Paint safe for dogs?

Well-groomed dogs are a thing now and Piggy Paint joins the list of pet-friendly brands. Piggy Paint has chemical-free, cruelty-free nail polish for dogs making their little paws p-awesome!

Another reason to choose Piggy Paint is the bitter taste that the nail paint has, keeping the dogs from licking or chewing off at their nails.

Does Piggy Paint peel off?

As Piggy Paint nail polish is mainly water-based, it takes some time to reach its final rigidity. Once it dries, it is durable and does not peel off easily. It does not stay on as long as regular nail paint, though, as there is no solvent present and also as you don’t expect children to be delicate with their fingers.

Does Piggy Paint dry fast?

Piggy Paint nail polish takes a while longer to dry than traditional polishes as they are water-based. It takes around four to six hours to reach its final hardness.

It is recommended to apply thin coats as they will set faster than just one thick coat. A blow dryer can also be used to speed up the process between coats. It comes highly recommended that the heat of the dryer be adjusted before use on the little one’s nails.

You could also apply nail polish to your child’s nails before bedtime. This will let the polish settle down without disturbances overnight.

Does Piggy Paint wash off?

Once set, Piggy paint nail polish does not wash off with just water. This is due to the presence of acrylates copolymer which makes the nail polish water-resistant. It is best to remove the nail polish with Piggy Paint nail polish remover.

Does Piggy Paint come out of clothes?

Piggy Paint leaves no trace behind if washed off from clothes before it has a chance to dry and settle in. There is a much better chance of saving clothes from permanent stains with Piggy Paint Nail Polish as compared to solvent-based polish which set in immediately.

How to remove Piggy Paint polish?

Piggy Paint nail polish can be easily removed by rubbing alcohol on the nails if it is within the first three days of application. The polish then becomes increasingly more difficult to wipe off and a nail polish remover is a solution.

You may also use the Piggy Paint Nail Polish Remover which is specially made for their polish. Dab some Piggy Paint nail polish remover on a cotton ball and leave it on the nails for about 30 seconds. The nail polish will come off easily. It also has components that supplement the natural oils and keep the nails and cuticles healthy.

Piggy Paint nail polish remover ingredients

The Piggy Paint nail polish remover is child-friendly and non-toxic. It has a very slight smell and contains no acetone like regular nail polish removers.

While Piggy Paint nail polish removers do not have the pungent smell of acetone, it has a replacement – the smell of Corn alcohol. While this is not a great smell, it is something that mothers do not especially mind due to the goodness of the product as a whole.

Piggy Paint nail polish removers have an extract of the Aloe Vera plant, whose benefits are numerous in skin products generally. The Aloe Vera extract and Vitamin E help the nails retain the natural oils and keep the nails from becoming brittle. 

Another interesting ingredient of the Piggy Paint nail polish remover is an embittering agent it contains. This is to deter children from putting their fingers in their mouths.

Is Piggy Paint nail polish remover safe for babies and pets?

Once Piggy Paint nail polish is applied on babies and pets it is best advised to remove it with the Piggy Paint nail polish remover. Its Aloe Vera and Vitamin E components are added to keep the natural oils that protect nails and cuticles intact.

While all commercial nail polish removers can take off Piggy Paint nail polish, the remover of the same brand comes highly recommended by most mothers. It is eco-friendly and child-friendly in every way. 

Is Piggy Paint really non toxic?

Piggy Paint is a safe choice when it comes to painting children’s nails. They are a non-toxic, eco-friendly nail polish brand without the strong smell that accompanies usual nail paints. It consists mainly of water, has no harsh chemicals, is vegan and is cruelty-free. 

Piggy Paint nail polish also has a good shelf life of several years. Though the nail polish might thicken with passing time, a few drops of water can be added and the polish is as good as new with a good shake.


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