Is PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash Good For Acne?

PanOxyl acne foaming face wash

PanOxyl is an acne foaming wash that prevents acne and heals breakouts. This wash has benzoyl peroxide that works on acne to clear it quickly. Moreover, the effective wash destroys bacteria and clears existing breakouts as well. In addition, this antibacterial foaming wash clears pores and attacks the acne cycle. It is a dermatologist-recommended face wash that prevents the formation of new blemishes and acne on daily use.

The PanOxyl acne foaming wash is very good for acne. It clears all existing acne and prevents the formation of blemishes. Moreover, it helps in clearing out breakouts and gives instant results with regular use. To get clear and blemish-free skin, PanOxyl is a perfect wash for everybody with acne-prone skin. 

How to use PanOxyl?

Using Panoxyl acne foaming wash is not very complicated. Ensure you read the patient leaflet well before proceeding. Also, if you experience irritation, itching, or any adverse reaction, reach out to your dermatologist.

Before using the wash:

  • Ensure you do a patch test.
  • Apply the PanOxyl to one or two acne and wait for three days.
  • If it does not cause soreness or any reaction, start using it.

However, if you notice redness or irritation, discontinue the use.

Steps to use the PanOxyl acne foaming wash correctly.

  1. Before using the product, damp the affected area. Do not apply directly on dry skin.
  2. Apply the foaming wash to the acne-affected area. Avoid applying it around the nose, mouth, or eyes as it will irritate.
  3. Make sure that you keep it away from hair, as benzoyl can bleach hair. Use this product carefully and correctly apply it only on your acne-affected skin.
  4. Gently rub the foaming wash on your skin for 20 seconds in a circular motion. Work on it till it forms a lather.
  5. After rubbing, wash thoroughly and pat dry your skin. If your skin turns very dry, use the cleanser for 10 to 15 seconds only. Also, avoid using it often.

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How often should you use the PanOxyl acne foaming wash?

Quick results can be tempting; however, using this product in the right proportions is necessary for ideal results. For normal acne control, you can use this product once daily. However, if your skin is prone to acne, using it twice or thrice a day works best.

This foaming wash has benzoyl peroxide, which helps prevent acne and kills acne-causing germs from your skin.

In addition to these instructions, please also follow the following skin routine for quicker results.

  • Wash and Cleanse

Not just washing but also deep cleaning your skin is important. So, use this foaming wash twice or thrice a day, as mentioned above. Also, using it daily will help you prevent acne and shed dead skin cells.

Do not scrub and use this wash normally on the skin. Instead, be gentle on your skin and let the foaming wash do its work.

  • Moisturize

People often forget to moisturize their skin after washing it. It is a crucial step, and one should not miss it. Even doctors agree that hydrating your skin is very important.

PanOxyl is an anti-acne wash, and it will cause dryness after wash. So, it is necessary to apply a mild moisturizer after every use. 

Skipping this step can affect your skin adversely and cause more breakouts by oil clogging. Thus, ensure you hydrate your skin well.

  • Use an SPF cream

If you are going out in the sun, using an SPF cream is a must. It is your best pal and must be on your skin whenever you are under the sun. Sunlight is dangerous for your skin and causes aging. Moreover, it causes damage and sunburns. Make sure you are using 30+ SPF for complete protection.

How much time does PanOxyl take to show results?

PanOxyl deeply works on your skin and heals it. We know you want instant results and clear skin in just a few days. Thankfully, this does not take a long time. PanOxyl generally starts showing results in three weeks. But if you have a severe break out of acne, it may take up to five weeks. So, for maximum benefit and precise results, use this acne foaming wash daily for eight to twelve weeks. 


PanOxyl is proven to be effective on acne-prone skin. However, use it carefully and follow the directions told to get exceptional results!



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