Is OOFOS Legit? Are They Really Good For Your Feet?

OOFOS shoes

The market for recovery shoes has grown rapidly in recent years. Recovery shoes are commonly used to prevent exercise-induced muscle damage and to shorten the recovery period after a strenuous workout.

When you’re healing from an injury, you want your shoes to support rather than hinder your recovery. That’s why brands like OOFOS, Superfeet, and HOKA came up with their own variations of Recovery footwear. They are specially designed to provide additional support and cushioning so you can concentrate on getting back to your daily hustle.

OOFOS is one of the top brands which specializes in recovery footwear. The thick, cushiony foam in the OOFOS Recovery shoes provides impact absorption, reduces pressure on your joints, and helps you to get back on your feet faster. These recovery shoes are made of viscoelastic Oofoam, which absorbs shock and aids in the healing of heel spurs. It’s an excellent choice for individuals who require more assistance in healing after an injury. 

Over the last decade, OOFOS has worked hard to build a brand of supportive and comfortable footwear that helps athletes and exercisers recover faster. And the result? It’s currently the leading brand in athletic recovery footwear. OOFOS was founded by footwear veterans and friends who were at the forefront of the athletic footwear and running shoe boom in the 1970s and 1980s.

This post will tell you just what you need to know about one of the best recovery shoes available on the market right now, so keep reading.

What are OOFOS made of?

OOFOS was created by an accomplished foam expert and veterans of the athletic footwear industry. They promised to develop a new material (OOfoam) that would aid in the recovery of fitness enthusiasts and athletes in between exercises. OOFOS can be your go-to shoe for taking the stress off your feet and joints so they can rebuild and recuperate before your next workout session, just the way sports drinks and energy gels do.

It can help you recover without slowing you down, thanks to a unique, cutting-edge, and patented material known as OOfoam that absorbs 37 percent more shock or impact. OOFOS footwear comes in a number of different styles, not simply the sandal and slide styles, traditionally used after exercise as it’s created to be your go-to shoe no matter the weather or situation.

What is the difference between OOFOS Original and Sport?

All OOFOS products are built on an exclusive OOfoam tech and their patented footbed design. The OOFOS OOriginal is a unisex sandal that is suitable for both men and women, having a broader toe platform, looser straps, and a lower arch. There are several subcategories for its sportswear footwear under OOFOS OOriginal and OOFOS OOahh. The ‘Sport’ range is part of the OOriginal collection, while the ‘Sport’ and ‘Sport Flex’ footwear lines are part of the OOahh collection.

The OOriginal Sandal is where the OOFOS journey began. This streamlined design, combined with the breakthrough OOfoam recovery technology, is the foundation of all its future styles and models.

Are OOFOS shoes good for your feet?

When purchasing footwear, whether sports or formal shoes, most of us take time to ensure that the fit is comfortable. You should be careful when choosing your new pair of recovery shoes to ensure the best possible experience.

Most medical experts advise against wearing flip-flops for a good reason. Traditional flip-flops may be comfortable, but they lack proper cushioning and arch support, which can lead to tendonitis and other foot problems. They do not bring any health benefits to your feet. OOFOS were created to provide impact absorption and arch support that traditional flip-flops lack, allowing feet to recover between workouts.

OOFOS for flat feet

Flat feet, often known as hyperpronation, is a condition in which the entire sole of your foot is in contact with the ground while standing. Hereditary flat feet affect about 8% of individuals in the United States and happen when your arches fail to develop during childhood. It can make it more difficult to find shoes that fit properly and are comfortable. 

OOFOS shoes are designed to provide targeted support and cushioning for people with flat feet; so you can keep wearing your favorite shoes without experiencing pain or discomfort.

To get your perfect fit, make sure the arch of the shoe is centered beneath the arch of your foot. After that, double-check that the heel is adequately supported on the footbed, and you’re ready to go. With podiatrists-approved options like OOFOS OOahh Slide Sandal and OOFOS Original, you’re ready to take on the day.

OOFOD for wide feet

Wide feet are a common foot issue that affects millions of people and causes them to wear the wrong size shoes. OOFOS are typically offered in medium unisex width, with the exception of the OOlala thong.

Although OOFOS does not offer a specific shoe for wide feet, it does have some options that it claims can benefit persons with wide feet. The OOriginal and OOriginal Sport thongs, as well as the OOahh Sport Flex sandals, are strongly recommended for people with broad feet.

The OOahh Sport Flex has an adjustable Velcro upper that fits people with wide and narrow feet as well as those with high insteps and arches. The OOlala thong is recommended for people with narrow feet as it has a narrower footbed shape.

What Are OOFOS Shoes Good for

OOFOS for walking

The OOfoam can help with your knee problems and is perfect for your daily walk as it absorbs 37 percent more shock than any other material used in traditional flip flops in the market today. You will experience less pain as it will absorb more of the impact as you walk. They’re great for providing extra cushioning and support when you’re on your feet for long periods of time and can help reduce soreness and fatigue.

OOFOS for running

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through running is an effective way to stay fit. But long-distance running at a fast pace can cause joint pain and leave muscles sore and cramped. Options like OOFOS OOmg Fibre Low and OOMG Eezee Low are a great choice for runners who are constantly on the go. These shoes are built on a soft, springy sole that’s designed to provide support and cushioning without adding unnecessary bulk or weighing you down. The result? You’ll feel like you just had the best recovery session, even if you didn’t have time for one.

OOFOS for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis causes tingling pain around the heel as a result of inflamed tissue that runs across the bottom of the foot. It puts a lot of strain on your feet and lower body, causing a lot of pain and discomfort.

Options like OOFOS OOcloog and OOahh Slide are designed to offer targeted support and comfort for the plantar fascia and surrounding tissues. By improving circulation with OOfoam and a biomechanically developed footbed, the plantar (bottom) tissues of the foot become more mobile, relieving pressure on the foot. A lot of customers have experienced relief from the discomfort associated with Plantar Fasciitis and the bone spurs that are often associated with this disorder, as noted in OOFOS’ initial wear tests in 2012. 

OOFOS for high arches

OOFOS is great for people with high arches because they provide the maximum amount of support possible without being restrictive. With options like Ooahh Unisex and OOFOS Unisex OOCloog, they’re super comfortable for those with high arches and can be worn for extended periods of time without causing any discomfort.

OOFOS for bunions

A bunion develops when the joint capsule is forced to expand across a bony growth on the side of the joint where your big toe meets your foot. While OOFOS does not have any specific footwear for those with bunions, several customers have said that wearing the shoes has helped them feel better. Podiatrist-approved options such as the OOFOS Unisex Original Thong and the OOFOS OOriginal Sandal can help relieve the pain and suffering associated with your bunion.

OOFOS For Neuropathy

Neuropathy affects the peripheral nerves of the nervous system and can cause a wide range of unpleasant symptoms, from mild to severe. People with neuropathy should choose footwear designed to manage pain, prevent injuries, and maintain balance.

OOFOS are often used for recovery after a workout or long run, but they can also be a great option for those living with neuropathy.  Neuropathy is caused by damage to the nerves, which causes pain, numbness, and sensitivity to temperature and touch. OOFOS shoes cushion the sole and provide arch support, which can help improve comfort and reduce pain.

OOFOS for Achilles Tendonitis

OOFOS Recovery shoes are designed to provide comfort and support to achy feet and legs. They can be great for people with Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and other foot injuries. You can wear them while you’re sitting or lying down to speed up your recovery.

OOFOS For Diabetics

While they are not a cure-all for your diabetes, the OOFOS recovery shoes have the potential to improve your health and quality of life if you are willing to put in the effort. These shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day long. If you suffer from diabetes, they may be worth checking out.

Can You Wash OOFOS Shoes?

As OOfoam is a closed-cell foam, it does not retain moisture or bacteria and emits little odor. This is an ideal option as you can wear them anywhere and clean them easily even if they become filthy. 

You can keep your OOFOS looking as good as new by washing them on a cold cycle with moderate detergent or by scrubbing them in the sink with a scrub brush and mild soap. The OOmg should be cleaned on the gentle cycle in cold water. Towel them dry after washing, and they are ready for wear immediately or put outside to dry in the shade.

Machine Washing OOFOS

You can wash your OOFOS on the delicate cycle with a mild detergent, or you can simply wipe them down with a wipe or washcloth, and they’ll be as good as new.

Can you wear OOFOS all day?

People are embracing the wellness trend with recovery footwear and are increasingly purchasing podiatrist-approved footwear that aids in recovery and increases the body’s ability to heal. The lightweight and supportive fit of OOFOS makes it ideal for all-day wear.

Whether you want something to ease your achy joints, or you’re looking to improve your overall health and wellness, OOFOS has something for you. This means you can wear OOFOS recovery shoes all day long and get the benefits of better posture, lower back pain relief, and stronger muscles.

Can you wear OOFOS outside?

Recovery shoes aren’t really known for their aesthetic appeal. Even so, an increasing number of people are wearing them outside for fun, style, and comfort in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking for shoes for your next outdoor trip, look no further than OOFOS. With their rugged and durable style, they are ideal for an active lifestyle and are built to last.

Can you stretch OOFOS?

The OOfoam material is supportive and does not stretch much. Never cram your foot into a tight-fitting shoe. Simply go up a size. Make sure the arch of the footbed fits properly under the arch of your foot when sizing for any OOFOS. 

Can OOFOS hurt your feet?

Traditional footwear insoles offer little to no support, and heel pads are frequently too rigid, resulting in decreased comfort. When you’re injured, every movement is painful, and even the simplest tasks may seem impossible.

OOFOS was one of the first footwear brands to help with shock absorption and recovery from injury and strenuous physical activity. It can help with posture and range of motion, making it ideal for people who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or on their feet. If you’ve tried OOFOS shoes and weren’t satisfied, you might want to try Orthaheel or Hoka.

Is OOFOS slip-resistant?

OOFOS is not approved as anti-slip. If your workplace requires non-slip footwear, you should consider other anti-slip recovery footwear, such as Hoka.

Is OOFOS true to size?

OOFOS shoes are made to fit true to size, so they should fit in with the rest of your shoes. But if a pair of OOFOS shoes are too small or too big for you, size up. Because the OOCloog line is closed-toe, they may require a larger size than usual.

Is OOFOS waterproof?

The OOmg shoes are not waterproof because they have a fabric upper that has not been treated for water resistance. The other shoes from OOFOS are waterproof. 

Is OOFOS better than Crocs?

As a recovery shoe brand, OOFOS has grown in popularity in recent years, owing to a gradual shift towards well-being and fitness. They intend to provide comfort and support, similar to what your Crocs shoes do.

There are, however, some significant differences between OOFOS and Crocs. Crocs are typically designed for casual wear, whereas OOFOS are designed for recovery. Crocs offer adequate arch support, but podiatrists say they don’t efficiently protect the heel. When the heel is unstable, the toes often clench, aggravating tendonitis and toe abnormalities.

Based on its own internal research and the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance in 2020, OOFOS has cemented its position as a leader in the industry when it comes to foot health.


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