Is Nuby Teething gel safe for babies? Is it FDA approved?

Nuby teething gel

Baby’s teething fussiness driving you up the wall? Wondering if Nuby’s teething gel is a safe option to calm your bub down? 

Well, it is! Nuby’s Teething gel is an all-natural product that is completely safe for your baby. It is paraben-free. Preservatives that may affect your child’s development have been tossed out. So have unregulated homeopathic ingredients like belladonna.

The gel can be swallowed without injury. So don’t have to worry if your baby accidentally ingests it. 

This article will provide a detailed evaluation of Nuby’s teething gel.

Nuby Teething gel ingredients 

Eugenol is the primary active ingredient that provides the benefit. The other ingredients are carriers or supporting compounds. Eugenol is essentially clove oil, at a 0.8% to 1.3% concentration. Clove oil has antiseptic and anesthetic properties. 

The inactive ingredients in Nuby teething gel include Betaine, Bioflavonoids, Citric acid, glycerin, Glyceryl Undecylenate, Caprylate, Stevia, to mention a few.

Does Nuby teething gel numb? 

Yes, Nuby teething gel has a numbing effect. Eugenol is the active numbing agent. It soothes the gums and reduces swelling. The clove oil extract has a dulling effect. This analgesic can reduce toothaches and soreness.

It only provides a brief respite from the pain. So you will have to re-apply. Frozen pacifiers may also help. Cold objects can reduce sensation and provide relief. Mothers can also press cool washcloths or spoons against the raw areas.

Does Nuby teething gel work? 

Yes, the gel works for most babies. But the impact varies from one baby to another. The gel comes with a teething applicator. For some infants, the pacifier makes application easier. They like to chew on it. This automatically spreads the gel. 

Other babies don’t like the applicator. For them, apply the gel with clean fingers. Gently rub it into your infant’s gums. Some infants may dislike the strong, sharp taste. But with regular use, they may get used to it. Generally, it works instantly and provides immediate relief. 

How often can you use Nuby Teething gel? How long does it last? 7

According to the instructions, the gel can be used 4 times a day. Only use a pea-sized amount each time. Your pediatrician may recommend a different amount that you can follow. You can only use the gel for a maximum period of one week. Overuse can be toxic for babies; even lethal. 

After 7 days, if the symptoms persist consult a doctor. It could be an underlying infection if there is also a fever. Once applied, the gel lasts only 15 minutes. So it can be applied every quarter of an hour. This works best before bedtimes and naps. 

Nuby Teething gel side effects

Nuby Teething gel doesn’t have any considerable side effects. It doesn’t contain painkiller compounds that can be harmful. It also doesn’t contain untested homeopathic compounds. So it is relatively risk-free.

The only exception is if your baby is allergic to some ingredients. Some infants react badly to clove oil or Balsam of Peru (a benzene-based compound). Symptoms like fever, disorientation, nausea, or breathing trouble may occur.

You need to seek medical attention in these cases. 

Is Nuby Teething gel safe for babies? 

Yes, Nuby Teething gel is safe for babies to use. It does not have noxious additives with adverse health impacts.

Most teething gels used to (and may still) contain lidocaine and choline salicylate. The FDA has warned against lidocaine for teething babies. A topical application could cause seizures and brain malfunction. Effects can be deadly if overdosed. 

Choline salicylate can be poisonous in large doses. Mild impacts include vomiting, heartburn, and acidity. But it can also have serious repercussions like liver damage and brain swelling (Reye’s syndrome). 

The Nuby teething gel is free of lidocaine and Choline Salicylate. Instead, it uses benign alternatives like eugenol and betaine. This makes it harmless for your tiny tot. 

Does Nuby Teething gel contain benzocaine? 

No, Nuby gel does not contain benzocaine.

Benzocaine is a controversial compound used for numbing. It was used in teething gels and for medical procedures. Benzocaine has been proven to be very detrimental. It can cause dermatitis, edema (swelling of lymph nodes), and rapid, abnormal heart rate.

It can also be life-threatening because it reduces oxygen count in red blood cells. Your extremities may turn blue, resulting in death. But the FDA has banned the use of this chemical.

Is Nuby Teething gel FDA approved? 

Nuby’s teething gel does not have formal approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A). The FDA has not evaluated this product or its components. But this is no cause for any worry.

Most over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and products are not regulated by the FDA. But they are allowed to be sold at pharmacies. In addition, Nuby’s teething gel does not contain any FDA prohibited ingredients.

So it is a safer bet for parents on the whole. 

Does Nuby teething gel expire? 

Yes, of course. Just like any other product, Nuby teething gel will also spoil. It usually goes rancid after about 3-4 years. It may go bad sooner if left open. You will know if it has expired by looking at the consistency. The ingredients will separate. The entire gel will become watery and discolored.

There have been problems with the display of the date. Some gel packs do not have an expiry date on the label. This often confuses parents into thinking it stays good for several years. Check the manufacturing date. If 3 or more years have elapsed, do not buy it.



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