Is NIVEA Lip Balm Good or Bad For You? A Complete Review

Nivea lip balm reviews

Winter is coming. You know what else is coming with winter? Dry, chapped lips. Finding a lip balm that moisturizes and nourishes our lips is like finding a needle in a haystack.

NIVEA is known for its low cost, quality products, and its lip balm seems to have subverted all expectations.

The NIVEA Lip Balm is good for you because it’s made to hydrate and protect your lips. It provides powerful moisturization for up to 12 hours! The best part? NIVEA uses different formulas suited for various lip types. So it doesn’t matter if you have dry or glossy lips, NIVEA Lip Balm definitely has something suited for you.

My dry lips wished me a prompt farewell after I started using the NIVEA Lip Balm. I use it routinely now to great satisfaction. If you’d like to know more, here are the answers to all the questions you may have about the NIVEA Lip Balm!

Is NIVEA Lip Balm good for lips?

NIVEA lip balm is great for your lips! The moisturizing formula of the product provides long-lasting softness and gives you that Instagram-worthy pout. It also prevents dry lips from cracking and protects them from chafing against each other. It greatly reduces the urge to constantly lick and hydrate our lips as it does a great job of hydrating our lips.

Which NIVEA Lip Balm is the best?

The NIVEA Lip Balm comes in various formulas and flavors. For example, the Nivea Original Care Caring Lip Balm has shea butter and panthenol. The best lip balm for you is the one that suits you the most! Don’t be afraid to research the ingredients in the product.

Does NIVEA Lip Balm offer sun protection?

Yes! All NIVEA Lip Balms contain SPF 10 which helps to protect your lips from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The NIVEA Sun Protect Lip Balm, in fact, has strong sun protection with an SPF level of 30. 

Can you apply NIVEA Lip Balm every day?

The NIVEA Lip Balm is completely safe to apply to every day. You don’t need to reapply it every few minutes though, as it already offers strong hydration. Once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening are ideal. You may reapply it after washing your face though.

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Is NIVEA Lip Balm good for pink lips?

NIVEA Lip Balm is suited for all lip colors and types. It has an attractive range of shades that are suited for all skin tones and has no ingredients that can permanently alter the color of your lips. 

Can I use NIVEA Lip Balm overnight?

Yes! Applying the NIVEA Lip Balm overnight will repair dry lips. The NIVEA Repair and Protection Lip Balm are great for overnight application as it provides powerful protection and nourishment.

Is NIVEA Lip Balm safe to use?

The NIVEA Lip Balm is completely safe to use. It only contains essential ingredients needed to protect and hydrate your lips and does not contain any irritants like camphor or other unnecessary chemicals.

What color NIVEA Lip Balm is the best?

The NIVEA Lip Balm comes in multiple different colors. The Cherry Wine shade gives your lips a rich, dark color while the Rose shade provides a hazy pink glow. The Fruity Shine range also contains glitter which is great for you if you like shiny, glossy lips. Choose your favourite!

Does NIVEA Lip Balm have a fragrance?

The flavored products in the NIVEA Lip Balm range do have fragrances. But it’s not particularly strong. If you’re looking for something neutral then Nivea Original Care Caring Lip Balm is your best bet.

Is NIVEA Lip Balm cruelty-free?

NIVEA Lip Balm is not cruelty-free. The product is tested on animals and may contain ingredients derived from animal bodies. NIVEA does have vegan options and they are always marked appropriately but they are yet to release a vegan range of lip balms.

Is NIVEA Lip Balm halal?

Yes, NIVEA Lip Balm is indeed halal. It does not contain any impermissible ingredients and has no gelatin either. There are also pigment-free options available.

Is NIVEA Lip Balm paraben free?

Parabens are preservatives that are often used in make-up products. About 70% of NIVEA’s products contain no parabens. NIVEA Lip Balm has no parabens either as stated by NIVEA’s website.

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How much product do you get in a tube?

One tube of NIVEA Lip Balm contains about 0.17 oz or 4.8 grams of products. It is priced at $3.49 and is great value for money. The prices of the products across the range differ though, the Fruity Shine collection, for example, retails at $4.50 

Does NIVEA Lip Balm have glitter?

Not all NIVEA Lip Balms contain glitter to make your lips shine. The Fruity Shine range is the only known line that contains any glitter. Nevertheless, all NIVEA Lip Balms will provide a healthy glow and color to your lips.

Does NIVEA Lip Balm have petroleum?

One of the best selling points of the NIVEA Lip Balm is that it doesn’t contain petroleum or any mineral oil whatsoever. It only contains safe and essential ingredients to keep your lips nourished for the entire day. 

Can you use NIVEA Lip Balm on a cold sore?

It is not advisable to use any lip balm on an active cold sore as the product will get contaminated. The NIVEA Lip Balm can be used to treat dry and cracked lips but it should not be used as a medication for cold sores. If you have used it on an active cold sore, then do not use it again as you may develop another one.

Will NIVEA Lip Balm heal lip infections?

Infections are largely caused by bacteria and other such organisms. The NIVEA Lip Balm does not contain any antiseptics or antibiotics that will help to heal lip infections. Proper medication must be used to treat them.

Does NIVEA Lip Balm contain essential oils?

Yes! NIVEA Lip Balms contain various essential oils which nourish and rejuvenate your lips. Shea butter and Jojoba Oil are some of the principal ingredients used in them. They also contain hydrogenated rapeseed which is a wonderful ingredient for hydration.

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Do celebrities use NIVEA Lip Balm?

You’ll be surprised to know that BTS’s Jimin is an avid user of the NIVEA Soft Rosè Lip Balm. He is known to apply it quite often to moisturize his lips and fans of BTS have sold out the product in many shops.

Does NIVEA Lip Balm lighten lips?

NIVEA Lip Balms do not contain any bleach or other chemicals that might lighten your lips. They do contain pigment to give the lips a beautiful color but they do not cause any permanent lightening. 

Is NIVEA Lip Balm water-based?

The NIVEA Lip Balm provides some amazing hydration but the product itself is not made of water. It does contain hydrogenated rapeseed oil though, which is great for moisturizing dry lips.

Is NIVEA Lip Balm harmful for dogs?

Dogs do not need lip balm. But the NIVEA Lip Balm will not cause any long-lasting damage if ingested by a dog as it does not contain any toxins. Keep the lip balm away from any pets though, just in case.

Is NIVEA Lip Balm waterproof?

The NIVEA Lip Balm is long-lasting and offers amazing protection but it can wash off with water. Reapplication is recommended if you’ve washed your face or eaten any food.

Is NIVEA Lip Balm good for the environment?

As mentioned before, the NIVEA Lip Balm does not contain any petroleum or mineral oils which makes it ideal for the environment. The natural ingredients of the lip are not only great for your lips but also cause no harm to the environment.

Is NIVEA Lip Balm safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes, NIVEA Lip Balms do not contain any toxic materials that may be harmful to an expectant mother. NIVEA has a range of products that are tailored to cater to pregnant women and lip balms are also one of them.

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Can children use NIVEA Lip Balm?

Children can also use NIVEA lip balm without fear as it contains mild ingredients. There are also pigment and fragrance-free options available that are ideal for children. Some children have a habit of picking at their lips due to dryness, so the NIVEA Lip Balm may help in controlling this habit.

Can men use NIVEA Lip Balm?

Men can definitely use NIVEA Lip Balm. It does not contain anything that could be harmful to them. The lip balms also have a fragrance and pigment-free range which is ideal for people who prefer austerity.


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