Does Nature’s Miracle Carpet Shampoo Work? Explained

Nature's Miracle carpet shampoo

After a long day at work, you want to relax and sink your feet into a cozy, fluffy carpet. But are you concerned that the Nature’s Miracle Carpet cleaner you bought might stain your carpet? Does it contain harmful chemicals like ammonia? 

You wonder, is a clean carpet worth taking these risks? Let’s find out!

Nature’s Miracle carpet shampoo mixing instructions

Nature’s Miracle carpet shampoo can be used with any rug-cleaning machine or carpet shampooer. The machine should be water-powered. It does not matter which company has manufactured the machine. Most carpet cleaning equipment works equally well. 

But if the manufacturer clearly specifies using a particular cleaning liquid, then stick to that. If you use Nature’s shampoo there may be compatibility issues. This might damage the machine. 

When you use the shampoo, you need to follow the instructions on whichever machine you use. Each machine will have varying amounts of liquid that are safe to use. One specific area of importance is regarding the dilution process.

Do you dilute Nature’s Miracle carpet shampoo?

Yes, you must. Nature’s Miracle claims that its products don’t need to be diluted. But don’t make that common mistake. This statement doesn’t apply to the carpet cleaner, although it may be true for other products. 

The carpet shampoo definitely needs to be diluted according to each machine’s structure. If there are no instructions given, dilute 6 ounces of the shampoo/cleaner into 1 gallon of water.  

Other than this, the product is ready for use. No changes or additions need to be made. Take care not to use the carpet shampoo with any other product. It can be used without a machine when cleaning manually.

Give the liquid a good shake before use. Also vacuum your rug/carpet thoroughly before you use the cleaner to remove any surface dirt, small objects, etc. 

Does Nature’s Miracle bleach carpet?

It depends on the material of your carpet. Don’t use shampoo on materials like vinyl, pure cotton, leather, velvet, and silk. On other materials, you need to test the cleaner on a small area of the carpet. 

After leaving it for 10 minutes or so, check if the color is fading in any way. If there is any discoloration or run-off, this means that the fabric will probably bleach. Not all fabrics are fade-resistant. They do not bind the same way onto dyes. 

Does Nature’s Miracle stain carpet?

No! On the contrary, it removes stubborn stains and thoroughly cleans your carpet. It effectively removes both older faded stains and recent ones. It tackles everything from dirt, mud, food stains, to pet urine.

You just need to leave it on for about 10 minutes to allow the cleaner to gather up the grime. It can then be rinsed off and left to dry for at least a day. Your carpet will be brighter and cleaner than before.

Can you use Nature’s Miracle in a Rug Doctor? 

No. The Rug Doctor is a water-based carpet cleaning machine. Despite this, it is not advisable to use Nature’s Miracle carpet cleaner in a Rug Doctor. The Rug Doctor Carpet cleaner liquids are specifically designed for their own brand machines. 

They will not work well with cleaning products from other companies. Rug Doctor’s regulations prohibit you from using other cleaners in its machines when you rent it out. Only their own brand is allowed as per terms and conditions. 

If you buy a Rug Doctor and use other carpet shampoo brands with it, the machine could get damaged. You will not receive any compensation in such cases, because the purchase terms clearly cover this aspect. 

Can you use Nature’s Miracle hard floor cleaner on carpet? 

No. It is not advisable to use the hard floor cleaner on your carpet. As the name suggests, it is best suited for hard surfaces like wood, ceramic, tiles, concrete, etc. It may have other ingredients that solid surfaces are resistant to, but which may damage carpets and upholstery. 

The hard floor cleaner may cause discoloration or fade on such fabric-based material. In addition, it is to be used in full strength, whereas the carpet shampoo is diluted. Using any other Nature’s Miracle products other than the carpet shampoo, in the carpet cleaner machine could destroy it.

The hard floor cleaner could be more concentrated and potent. This could damage the rubber insides of the carpet cleaner you use.

Is Nature’s Miracle carpet cleaner safe for birds?

It might be safe, but you shouldn’t risk it. Birds are smaller than regular pets. They also tend to be more sensitive to cleaning products. The carpet shampoo may affect their breathing or cause mild toxicity. 

Ensure that when you are cleaning, the room is well-ventilated and the birds are moved someplace safe. If you want to clean out your bird’s cage, then don’t use the carpet cleaner. Nature’s Miracle offers a Bird Cage Cleaner which is safe. 

It leaves no irritating odor. It gets rid of dirt and feces that pile up on the cage floor. 

Does Nature’s Miracle carpet cleaner contain bleach or ammonia? 

No, as per the list of ingredients made public, the carpet cleaners do not contain bleach or ammonia. On the contrary, the bio-enzymatic formula actually removes any odor of ammonia. It also does not contain chlorine which makes up bleach. 

It does contain ‘zinc salt’, but it is not specified whether salt is a chlorine-based salt. Zinc salt can be made up of various other elements as well. Some carpet shampoos have also taken out silicones and sulfates.

But this evaluation is incomplete because all ingredient details have not been provided. Nature’s Miracle uses generic names for some ingredients like ‘surfactant’ or ‘deodorizer’. It doesn’t elaborate on what kind of compounds are used to achieve these functions.

So, without full disclosure, we cannot be completely sure. This holds for the ingredients discussed below as well. 

Does Nature’s Miracle carpet shampoo contain lead?

Nature’s Miracle has been moving towards eco-friendly products for almost a decade. So we can hope that they don’t contain harmful chemicals. Since it is family-safe and pet-safe, it is assumed that the ingredients are as non-toxic as possible.

As previously mentioned, the ingredients list does not include lead. We cannot be sure if it is present in trace amounts in some ingredients. For example, components like ‘base’ or surfactant blend’ don’t really give out a lot of information. The details of some ingredients have been withheld on the public website and elsewhere. 

But there is no mention of lead explicitly. So with the available information, we can assume that is not an ingredient in the carpet cleaners.

Does Nature’s Miracle carpet shampoo contain alcohol?

Yes. The previous versions of the carpet shampoo used isopropyl alcohol. The Nature’s Miracle carpet shampoos sold now have propylene glycol on the ingredient list. It is a type of alcohol that is used as an additional solvent. 

If other alcohols have been used, they have not been named. There could be other alcohols under the categories of fragrance, solvent, deodorizer, etc. But their contents are not specified. 

Nature’s Chemicals carpet cleaner is safe for you, the family, and your pets. The composition may lack complete clarity but it is of sure utility. The pros and cons have been laid out; the ball’s in your court!


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