NapaJapan Japanese Candies Unveil Their Latest Collection

Japanese candy from NapaJapan

Japan has always been known for its unconventional candy flavors. So if you are looking for some head on down over to NapaJapan and check out their new collection. Their collection includes the following and more

LOOK Chocolate Mint Ice Cream DUO –  This candy brings you two delicious types of delicious mint ice cream flavors. The core of the chocolate is either made of cool green mint or creamy white mint with tiny cocoa bits. Smooth chocolate surrounds this core to make the perfect mint chocolate candy that is reminiscent of ice cream.

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This is a limited edition release that has 12 mini pieces in the box (6 of each flavor.) and can be bought for $2.75. The Candy is made by Fujiya one of the most well-known candy makers in Japan, known for their high-quality ingredients and accurate flavors.

NapaJapan Japanese Candies - Toppo Cookie Sticks

Toppo Filled Cookie Sticks Salty Vanilla Ice Cream – This candy is a wafer pipe with a Madagascar Vanilla and caramelized butter filling inside. The sweetness of the vanilla and the saltiness of the butter combine to give a delightful flavor. Want a more authentic ice cream eating experience? Try chilling it in a freezer! You can get two packs of these sticks for $3.50.

Hi Chew Pineapple chewable Japanese candy

Hi Chew – Pineapple “Umai-Chew” –  This Chewable candy has a sweet and tart pineapple taste. It also has pineapple sugar crystals in the middle to add a crunchy surprise while chewing the candy. All this culminates to form a candy with the perfect balance of chewiness, creaminess, fruitiness, and crunchiness. 

They are available in packs which contain 12 pieces. These packs cost $2.75. They are made by Hi Chew, a company that has been a part of the Japanese candy scene since 1975. They have chewable candies in a wide variety of flavors, covering everything from fruits to sodas.

Kit Kat Mint Japanese chocolate

Kit Kat Mint – In Japan Kit Kat is known for its wide variety of flavors and Kit Kat Mint is the new addition to their collection. They have thin layers of green mint chocolate between the wafers that form the perfect balance of flavor with the milk chocolate coating, which comes through in each bite.  

They are available in a bag that has 12 individually wrapped mini Kit Kat bars, for $5.99

NapaJapan is a company founded in 2003 that aims to share a slice of Japanese life with people everywhere. They carry a large selection of specially curated products that includes everything from candy to collectibles to various trinkets. You can also email them to suggest a product you would like to see on their webstore and if viable they will add it.

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