5 MudLOVE Bracelets For Sale

Mud Love bracelets for sale

Looking for bracelets that are pocket-friendly and are of good quality too? Mud love is your place then. They have various options you can choose from.

The MudLOVE bracelets are handmade bracelets made with love to shape the lives of many people. These bracelets provide one week of clean water via MudLOVE’s giving partner, Water for Good.

Symbol bracelet

Need a personalized bracelet? You have come to the right place. Symbol bracelets are in vogue. Get yourself a customized bracelet from the symbol of your choice. It could be ampersand, footprint, cross, heart, infinity, and many options you have never seen before. 

It’s now available at a 50% discount.

Friends Original Bracelet

Friendship day is just around the corner and friends are like jewels in our life. Gift your friends this perfect friend bracelet carved in bold round letters available in several colors like blue, yellow, green, purple, and many other options to look from. 

The Friends original bracelet from MudLOVE is now on sale with a 40% discount.

Serve Original Bracelet

Serve one another in love by getting your hands on this amazing piece carved beautifully now available in numerous colors like pink, purple, blue, black, and many more to choose from.

The MudLOVE Serve bracelet is now on sale with a 40% discount.

Family Original Bracelet

Family comes above all. The only thing which remains static in your life is family. What’s better than adorning your wrists with these dazzling bands carved with ‘family’ available in various colors like blue, black, red, yellow, and much more.

You now get this bracelet at a 40% discount from MudLOVE.

Laughter Original Bracelet

Laughter is the best medicine. It is one of the best forms of therapy. So, laugh away all your sadness with the perfect laugh bracelets available in colors like orange, green, purple, and many more.

Get 40% discount on the marked price if you shop from the MudLOVE website today.

The handmade bracelets are adjustable and waterproof too, every product is adjustable from size 5-8, wear them once and go on many adventures. It is dishwasher and microwave safe too, except for products with metallic decals. Made in the USA and in the Dominican Republic in partnership with Vida Plena, this product not only makes you happy but benefits us too, it provides clean water to someone in the Central African Republic. The company partner’s in the Dominican Republic, Vida Plena, to provide at-risk women with safe and dignified work. These women weave Vionas, tie elastics, and craft various clay pieces. These purchases have an impact around the globe! 

Every product recites a beautiful story, tell your loved ones yours? 

The products are priced as $7.20 except the symbol bracelet which is $5.00.


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