Is LOOKFANTASTIC Legit? Is It Reliable?


LOOKFANTASTIC has a vast number of quality products on display that they ship worldwide. Their Beauty Box subscription plan is an affordable way for fashionistas to stay in the latest trend.

But the retailer is not without all the risks of online shopping. Based on your location, you may face the issues of late deliveries and extra charges related to customs or courier services.

Approaching their Customer Service for returns can be a tiresome affair, and the team can use a lot of improvement. 

The brand is legit and reliable for the most part, and shopping from them means taking that chance you do with any eCommerce website out there. 


Founded by Daniel Crown in 1996, LOOKFANTASTIC was among the first online beauty retailers to function in the UK. The brand was sold in 2010 to the eCommerce company THG PLC, or The Hut Group as they are popularly known.

In 2017, The Hut Group had a value of more than 2.5 billion euros, identifying it among the unicorn companies of the UK

LOOKFANTASTIC is one of the top global beauty retailers of the present day. 

Where does LOOKFANTASTIC ship from? 

LOOKFANTASTIC has its headquarters in Greater Manchester and ships most of its products from its warehouses situated within the UK.

Does LOOKFANTASTIC sell fake products?

While there have been plenty of online reviews from disgruntled customers stating that the products they received are fake, there is no real way to know this. LOOKFANTASTIC, for the most part, indeed sells authentic brand products.

Why is LOOKFANTASTIC so cheap? 

LOOKFANTASTIC is an online direct-to-consumer brand. This means that the store saves a lot of money that gets otherwise spent in retail space, hiring sales staff, and marketing. These savings get ideally passed on to the consumer.

But having said that, LOOKFANTASTIC is not always cheaper than retail stores. Depending on the product, there could be retail spaces that sell the same product for cheaper.

But the store indeed provides a lot of discount vouchers, the information about which you can check out directly from the company website before the limited offers expire.

Promotional codes are a marketing strategy that works advantageously for the buyer and the customer. The brand gets to sell more products while the customers gain exciting incentives to buy them. Such incentives can also be in the form of gifts; you only have to consider the exciting handouts that LOOKFANTASTIC provides buyers who spend 90 dollars or more.

LOOKFANTASTIC offers free shipping in the US for orders that spend $35 or more. On top of the delivery charge in several countries, the buyers may need to pay the customs charges, which could turn hefty depending on the country. Therefore, even if the beauty product you check out is priced cheap, the chances are that you may spend more than you imagine.

Are LOOKFANTASTIC products genuine? 

LOOKFANTASTIC has under its umbrella almost 660 top brands of skincare, makeup, haircare, body care, among many others, which are all products that are certified clean, organic, and vegan.

They provide accurate information on each product they sell. And many of the items they offer may not be available to buy at your local stores.

Having said that, you can also note a number of customers with unhappy experiences over their order on LOOKFANTASTIC. Be it due to the quality of the product or the delivery time. However, any eCommerce retailer is prone to showing such instances of flawed shopping experiences in their history. 

Does LOOKFANTASTIC charge customs?

LOOKFANTASTIC is a company that delivers its beauty products worldwide. They charge customs, but the amount varies depending on the country the item has to be delivered. Please check with your local excise regulations to know how much you will pay for the product.

Does LOOKFANTASTIC ship worldwide? 

Yes, LOOKFANTASTIC ships its beauty products worldwide. Their delivery time and costs vary from one location to the next. The company has set a minimum value for orders beyond which free delivery is enabled, even for international shipping.

Read along to find out the time it takes for the standard delivery of a LOOKFANTASTIC order in different locations across the world:

  • 5 to 21 working days in India 
  • 4 to 7 working days in Northern Ireland 
  • 2 to 4 working days in the UK
  • 5 to 8 working days in US (May take up to 14 working days to get delivered to Alaska and Hawaii)
  • 3 to 5 working days in Germany 
  • 2 to 4 working days in New Zealand (Additional 1 to 2 days for regional areas) 
  • 2 to 4 working days in Australia 
  • 5 to 9 working days in Dubai 

Does LOOKFANTASTIC use Clearpay? 

Yes, a wide variety of beauty products on LOOKFANTASTIC let you use the Clearpay option, where you can buy first without paying and cover the cost in due time through interest-less installments.

Clearpay, also known as Afterpay outside of the UK, has set its transaction limit as 2000 dollars in the US. There may be individual purchase limits based on your spending history on the Clearpay app. 

Follow these four steps to enjoy hassle-free shopping on LOOKFANTASTIC using Clearpay: 

  1. Choose Clearpay as your payment method while you checkout. 
  2. If you are already a Clearpay user, log in to your account to complete the checkout process. 
  3. If you do not have a Clearpay account, there are options that allow you to sign up while you checkout. 
  4. You can immediately make the order without paying, enjoy the purchase, and pay over four installments fortnightly without interest. 

If you miss an installment, a late payment fee gets calculated at twenty-five percent of your purchase price. 


Yes, LOOKFANTASTIC utilizes multiple courier services for their delivery, and Hermes is one of them. 


Similar to Clearpay, Klarna is another Buy Now, Pay Later opportunity that LOOKFANTASTIC lets you utilize. 

Does LOOKFANTASTIC Take One4all Gift Cards?

No, LOOKFANTASTIC does not take One4all gift cards anymore. 

Are LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Boxes Worth It? 

LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Boxes are a subscription program where you will receive six beauty products worth about 60 dollars for reduced prices. The brand has one, three, six, or twelve-month plans with prices ranging from 19 to 16 dollars per month.

The subscription makes you a part of the #LFBeautyBox community, which comes with the advantage of various offers and updates. 

Through the Beauty Box, LOOKFANTASTIC provides premium products at affordable prices. If you are a shopaholic for beauty items, the LOOKFANTASTIC box is a perfect choice considering the value you receive for the money you pay. An assorted collection as such allows you to try different beauty products out at low prices

To provide you with an exact idea of how the beauty box works, let us explore the contents of the February box or the Treasure Edition as it is popularly known: 

  • Eyeko Galactic Lid Gloss (4 ml)
  • Balance Me AHA Glow Mask (10 ml)
  • Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel (15 ml)
  • Magn!tone London Makeup Remover Pads (2)
  • Bubble T Strawberry Macaroon Body Butter (50ml)
  • Illamasqua Mini Beyond Veil Primer (6ml) 

These six items together at a budget price are perfect for anyone who wishes to try out popular beauty items without going bankrupt! 

Can you cancel the LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box?

Yes, you can cancel the Beauty Box you have ordered by contacting the customer service team. If you only wish to discontinue your subscription, turning off the auto-renewal feature will do the job. 

Does LOOKFANTASTIC Have Free Delivery? 

Yes, like most eCommerce websites out there, LOOKFANTASTIC enables the free delivery option depending on your spending. The company has set the current minimum limits at: 

  • 35 Dollars in US 
  • 25 Pound Sterling in the UK
  • 6000 Rupees in India
  • 30 Euros in Germany 
  • 25 Euros in Northern Ireland 
  • 50 Dollars in New Zealand 
  • 200 Dirham in Dubai

Can You Cancel a LOOKFANTASTIC Order? 

Yes, you have options available to cancel a LOOKFANTASTIC order. If you only wish to cancel an individual item in the order, you can proceed to do so by clicking on the purchase information in your account.

If you are canceling an order due to late delivery, the brand’s response has to come after having contacted the courier service, meaning the process may take more time than one expects. Much of the negative reviews LOOKFANTASTIC has received over time had to do with its customer service team. 

Does LOOKFANTASTIC do next day delivery? 

Yes, despite the pandemic situation, LOOKFANTASTIC still has its next delivery option intact for orders from around the globe. The price for the service will depend on your location. 

Are returns on LOOKFANTASTIC free?

Yes, LOOKFANTASTIC products can be returned free of cost, in cases where the company is at fault. You even get your postage costs covered if you have received the items wrong or damaged. 

How to Return a LOOKFANTASTIC Order?

You can follow the steps below to return a LOOKFANTASTIC order: 

  1. Arrange a return by contacting the LOOKFANTASTIC Customer Service team. 
  2. Be ready with information such as your order number, description of the item you are returning, and reasons for the return. 
  3. Place the LOOKFANTASTIC returns form inside the package and courier it back to the warehouse. 

The packaging has to be secure to avoid the risk of damage during transit. Remember that you hold the responsibility for the returned product until it reaches the LOOKFANTASTIC warehouse.


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