Is La Mer Cream Good for Acne? Is It Worth the Price?

La Mer for breakouts

The traditional Crème de la Mer may not be the best choice to overcome acne as it contains seaweed extracts. The brand has a wide range of other options that cater to almost all skin types, and several of them help a great deal in getting over acne.

Their effects on long-term improvements are questionable, and at the end of the day, it all comes to how much you can spend on a beauty cream.

La Mer Cream Ingredients

The formula of Crème de la Mer, or The Cream of the Sea as the translation goes, was developed, tested, and released by the German rocket scientist Max Huber in 1965. The cream has a fermented base called ‘Miracle Broth’ that gets made over the course of three months. Today, as part of Estée Lauder, the brand sells the cream at 95 dollars per 0.5 oz bottle. 

If you have ever wondered what the elixir of the expensive La Mer cream gets made of, here is a detailed list of the product’s ingredients: 

  1. Seaweed Extract
  2. Mineral Oil/ Paraffinum Liquidum 
  3. Glycerin
  4. Petrolatum 
  5. Isohexadecane 
  6. Lanolin Alcohol 
  7. Microcrystalline Wax
  8. Sesame Seed Oil 
  9. Lime Extract 
  10. Eucalyptus Leaf Oil 
  11. Sesame Seed Powder
  12. Alfalfa Seed Powder 
  13. Sunflower Seed Cake 
  14. Sweet Almond Seed Meal 
  15. Potassium Gluconate 
  16. Sodium Gluconate 
  17. Calcium Gluconate 
  18. Copper Gluconate 
  19. Zinc Gluconate 
  20. Magnesium Gluconate 
  21. Paraffin
  22. Tocopheryl Succinate 
  23. Beta-Carotene 
  24. Aluminum Distearate 
  25. Decyl Oleate 
  26. Citric Acid 
  27. Octyldodecanol 
  28. Cyanocobalamin 
  29. Limonene
  30. Panthenol 
  31. Geraniol
  32. Limonene
  33. Citronellol 
  34. Hydroxycitronellal
  35. Linalool 
  36. Citral
  37. Benzyl Salicylate 
  38. Alcohol Denat
  39. Sodium Benzoate 
  40. Fragrance 

The critical ingredients of Crème de la Mer are zinc gluconate, tocopheryl succinate, glycerin, copper gluconate, and panthenol. 

  1. Zinc Gluconate, with its properties known for wound healing, helps with acne
  2. Tocopheryl succinate acts as an antioxidant
  3. Glycerin is a natural moisturizer that adds significantly to the health of your skin by facilitating the process of hydration
  4. Copper gluconate and panthenol soothe your skin by promoting cellular regeneration and the addition of vitamin B5, respectively

What does La Mer Cream Do?

The presence of emollients such as petrolatum and sesame seed oil in Crème de la Mer helps with the hydration of the skin and reduces dryness.

The fermented Miracle Broth is the specialty of the product that claims to empower the five healing facets: moisture, smoothing, soothing, regeneration, and radiance. The cream has a soothing effect and provides relief against otherwise common discomforts of the skin.

Is La Mer Cream Non-Comedogenic? 

No, Crème de la Mer is a comedogenic product. Comedogenic creams are not suitable for individuals with their skin prone to blackheads, acne, and clogged pores.

The two of the most comedogenic ingredients of the product have to be lanolin alcohol and decyl oleate, both of which result in pore-clogging. 

However, The Concentrate by La Mer is a non-comedogenic moisturizer that is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or suffering from acne. It works against pollution and aging, while also brightening your sensitive skin.

Is La Mer Cream Anti Aging?

Crème de la Mer makes high claims on its anti-aging properties. The seaweed extract used to create the ‘Miracle Broth’ has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. It is one of the popular anti-aging creams in the market, as noted from the responses across the world. 

But despite the claims, if linoleic acid, an omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid, in Crème de la Mer, turns rancid, it may make your skin appear aged.

On top of that, several La Mer formulations contain a high amount of sesame seed that may indeed result in skin aging.

Is La Mer Cream Good for Oily Skin?

No, some La Mer products on individuals with oily skin may result in a breakout. The Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream of the brand is a versatile option for most skin types. This particular gel cream will also have a relaxed and calm effect on the user.

Does La Mer Cream Have Retinol?

No, Crème de la Mer does not contain retinol in it. Retinol is an active ingredient in many face creams that helps smoothen skin texture, soften wrinkles, clear acne, and correct dark spots. While these benefits sure sound promising, do note that they come at the cost of redness, irritation, sun sensitivity, and dryness.

Does La Mer Cream Have SPF?

La Mer Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation, available in twenty-eight shades, provides broad-spectrum protection for your skin against sun rays. They contain titanium dioxide and octyl methoxycinnamate (octinoxate) for the particular function. 

The tradition Crème de la Mer does not provide SPF protection.

Do La Mer Products Have Parabens? 

No, La Mer products do not have parabens in them. They also claim to be free of paraffin, polyethylene glycol (PEG), and silicones. Present in most products as an artificial preservative, parabens are associated with hormonal disruptions in the human body. 

Is La Mer Cream Good or Bad for Your Skin?

Crème de la Mer is a good option for all individuals who wish to get past the episodes of their dry skin. For this purpose, it has in it emollients such as petrolatum, sesame seed oil, and mineral oil. The product also works towards softening the skin, erasing pores, and overcoming the problem of wrinkles. 

The product has a lot of synthetic fragrances. While the scent of the cream may come across as pleasant to some, it may also cause an allergy in many skin-sensitive individuals. 

Does La Mer Cream Really Work?

Yes, Crème de la Mer works just as advertised. The product may not be the best moisturizer out in the market considering its price, but it really does make your skin clearer and brighter.

The brand recommends you warm the cream translucent with your fingers for a while to bring the potion alive before applying it to your skin.

If you can afford Crème de la Mer, the product can surely be a part of your beauty routine. Yet you may also want to look out for Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Night Cream and Haoma Recovery Night Cream, two impressive but cheap alternatives available in the market.


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