Is Krylon Spray Paint Safe For Babies And Pets? Explained

Krylon spray paint toxicity guide

Water-based Krylon spray paints are safe to use indoors where your babies and pets are since they have low VOC (volatile organic compound) content and are less toxic. Volatile organic compounds are gaseous chemicals emitted from paints and are used as preservatives to increase the shelf life of the product.

Is Krylon Spray Paint Oil-Based Or Water-Based?

Most Krylon paints are oil-based, but H2O latex is water-based spray paint. It’s crucial to understand the differences between oil-based and water-based paint types so that you can choose which one is best for indoor settings where your baby spends most of her time.

Certain surfaces and circumstances call for oil-based paints; for example, you may need an oil-based coating to a water stain to avoid the stain from bleeding through the topcoat.

Some characteristics of oil-based paints are:

  • An oil-based paint provides a very even, polished, smooth, and glossy finish with little to no brush strokes. 
  • They have high resistance to wear and tear.
  • They have low susceptibility to environmental conditions, like temperature and humidity.
  • They need a longer drying period and have a strong chemical odor. 
  • They have the tendency to become chalky, brittle and can develop cracks over time.

An oil-based paint finds its best application on the following surfaces: 

  • Baseboards – Since they are vulnerable to physical damage, many painters prefer oil-based paints, as they prevent the surfaces from scratches and scrapes.
  • Window frames – Oil-based paints don’t tend to stick to windows when opened and closed.
  • Oil-based paint is the most popular choice to make exterior and interior trim shine.

Water-based paints have low to zero content of VOC making them a better choice for painting interiors. Some characteristics of water-based paints are:

  • Water-based paints are flexible and tolerant to surface expansion and contraction without developing cracks.
  • They have excellent tolerance to UV rays that make them resistant to chalking and color fading. 
  • They have a faster drying time in non-humid climates and are easy to clean with soap and water.
  • They have a less strong odor compared to oil-based paints. 
  • They are highly prone to chipping hence have low resistance to wear and tear.

The most common application of water-based paints are as follows:

  • Water-based paint is the best option for interiors. Its fast drying time allows painters to complete two coats in one day. Its low odor and low VOC content are safe to be used inside the house.
  • Water-based paints don’t fade easily and are a great choice to use in the exteriors of the house. These paints are also durable for most climates.
  • Water-based paint is resistant to alkalis, hence has a tendency to adhere better and lasts for a longer period on brick, stone, concrete, and plaster structures.

Krylon Spray Paint Ingredients

The chemical composition of Krylon paints, especially oil-based, has a high amount of VOCs. Volatile Organic Compounds are carbon compounds (excluding carbon monoxide) that have a high vapor pressure. These chemicals include acetone, ethylbenzene, and xylene which are consistently present in Krylon spray paints. 

Most of the VOCs are human-made chemicals and are used and produced in the manufacture of not only paints, but also in pharmaceutical industries, and refrigerants. Many household products like cleaners and room fresheners have some amount of VOCs in them. 

Is Krylon Paint Toxic Or Non-Toxic?

The oil-based Krylon paints are toxic as they are high on VOCs. Inhaling such VOCs can cause breathing difficulties, or make you nauseous. In extreme cases, it could also damage your central nervous system and cause organ failure.

Most people however report milder symptoms like irritation in your nose or throat. Some VOCs are considered to be carcinogens.

The water-based Krylon paints have a low amount of VOCs so it is considered to be less toxic. But paints even with low toxicity or zero VOC can be dangerous to babies and children. Small children and babies are vulnerable to paints especially if they have sensitive skin or asthma or any respiratory condition. They should be kept away from freshly painted cribs or walls. 

Not only that, if you are pregnant, it’s better to cover your mouth and nose while the paint is still fresh. Exposure to VOCs may lead to miscarriages and increased chances of birth defects. 

Pets are equally sensitive to paints as there is some amount of VOCs present as preservatives even in a zero VOC paint. Paints in general are considered to be fatal to animals. 

Final Verdict

Krylon offers a wide range of both indoor and outdoor paints. You can use their paints to give your tables, vases, and cars a new look.

As they offer a huge variety of product categories, their coating finishes are smooth and glossy. There are about 30+ kinds of paints on their website for you to choose from. All you need is a little care if you are pregnant, or have pets or babies.


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