These Kenzo Baby Girl Outfits Are On Sale Right Now

Kenzo baby girl clothes on sale

Kenzo’s is having a sale on select baby girl products right now. You might be looking for some clothes for your little ones. You might have stumbled upon this brand during your shopping. Let’s take a look at some of their products for girls.

Kenzo Sport Leggings 

Kenzo Sport Leggings on sale

Classic black leggings with the Kenzo metallic finish logo which gives the simple black leggings some contrast in color. These leggings are perfect for winter as they are lined with a warm and soft polar fleece, keeping your child warm and comfortable.

Speaking of comfort, the waistband is also elasticated to give it some stretchiness and comfort. The fabric is made of 70% polyester, 28% cotton, and 2% elastane. The cotton provides softness while the elastane provides elasticity.

The diagonal Kenzo logo also adds a completely new layer of style on a simple and generic color. Produced in China, the Kenzo black leggings are available at $51 on sale and $85 without the sale. 

Jumping Tiger Loose T-Shirt

Jumping Tiger Loose T-Shirt from Kenzo - Sale

Featuring a painting style art of a tiger along with some flowers and leaves, the Jumping Tiger Loose T-Shirt is probably going to attract your child’s attention easily.

The T-Shirt is made of 100% loose organic cotton. That along with the short sleeves and rounded collar ensure good airflow, helping keep the body cool during summers. It’s perfect if your child can be fussy about wearing clothes due to their texture.

Since this T-Shirt is made of cotton only, it’s incredibly soft and comfortable. The artwork on the chest features a tiger jumping/roaring in some bushes, which is pretty good as kids love tigers. Manufactured in Turkey, the Jumping Tiger Loose T-Shirt is priced at $52 during the sale and $65 without the sale. 

K Logo T-Shirt

K Logo T-Shirt from Kenzo on Sale

The K Logo T-Shirt is a simple white tee with an abstract K made of black and pink lines on the chest as the art. It’s a pretty good pickup if your child’s name starts with K. The back has the Kenzo logo on the neck in a similar abstract design.

The simplicity of this one makes it really good. Wear this with a pair of jeans and you have a really good outfit for school. Throw on a jacket or some leggings and it’s perfect for outdoor activities.

Just like the last one, this tee is made of 100% cotton which makes it soft and really good at absorbing sweat. Made in Turkey, the K Logo T-Shirt is priced at $44 during the sale and $55 without the sale.

Tiger Sweatshirt

Tiger sweatshirt from Kenzo on sale

Since animals are a really attractive thing for young kids, here’s another tiger-themed clothing, this time in the form of a sweatshirt.

Featuring a plain pink/peach background, the Tiger  Sweatshirt has a tiger embroidered on the chest with the Kenzo logo in the center, making it appear as if the tiger is gonna chow down on the logo, which is a nice detail.

There’s also an ox embroidered on the left sleeve. As always, the round neck ensures comfort while the ribbed finish on the sleeves, collar, and waist gives this sweatshirt a really premium look. Manufactured in China, the Tiger sweatshirt is 83% cotton, 11% straw, and 6% metallic fibers.

The cotton ensures softness, while the straw and metallic fibers make the embroidery durable. The Tiger Sweatshirt is available at $136 during the sale and $180 without the sale.

Loose T-Shirt Dress

Loose tshirt dress from Kenzo on sale

The Kenzo Loose T-Shirt Dress features the same painting style art we saw before on the Jumping Tiger T-Shirt.

This time, the art includes an elephant and a tiger, along with some vegetation like bushes and flowers. The tee is cream in color and houses a thread embroidery of the Kenzo logo on the chest in bright black, white, purple, and pink lines that all contrast well with each other.

The art spreads all around the tee to the front and back, and the neck also has a ‘K’ embroidered with threads. The Loose T-Shirt Dress is made up of 83% cotton and 16% polyester, which is the perfect blend of comfort and durability. 

This tee is perfect for informal gatherings, meetups with friends, and even events if you throw on a good pair of jeans and a jacket along with it. Produced in China, the Loose T-Shirt dress is available at $124 during the sale and $155 without the sale. 

Why Is Kenzo So Popular?

Kenzo is a French luxury fashion company created by a Japanese man named Kenzo Takada in 1970.

It is owned by the parent company LVMH. Kenzo is known for fusing Asian and Japanese fashion with European fashion. The journey of Kenzo Takada started in 1964 when he moved to Paris to begin his career in fashion.

Kenzo started off with handmade women’s clothing and slowly expanded into men’s and kid’s clothing later on. He resigned as the company’s creative director in 1999, but the brand still continues to produce clothing based on his initial inspirations.

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