John and Bob’s Soil Optimizer Reviews

John Bobs Soil Optimizer Reviews

Summer is here. You look over to your neighbor’s thriving garden and you’re filled with envy.

You ask yourself,” What am I doing wrong”?

You try your best to repair your poor, cracked soil with heavy digging and lugging cumbersome bags of humus, but the reward is not worth the effort.

It is time to turn that frown upside down. We have some news for you. 

Does your Soil need an Optimizer?

Yes, it does! Rich soil is key to the long-term health and beauty of a natural ecosystem. A Soil optimizer is a nutritious food source for plants that help combat hard clay soil. It acts as a soil conditioner and provides better disease resistance.

Why Jon and Bob’s Optimize?

The reason why Jon and Bob’s products have been in the limelight is not because of a lack of competition. If we compare their products with compost tea, for example, the benefit of using Jon and Bob’s is that it has made gardening simple and affordable for everybody including everyday gardeners.

Spreading three pounds of Jon and Bob’s Optimize over 1000 square feet gives the same results as working with hundreds of pounds of compost humus. According to the company, it would take you 112 bags (at 1.5 cubic feet per bag) of popular brands of compost to deliver the same benefits of one bag of John and Bob’s Optimize. With an indefinite shelf-life, this product made in the USA can treat up to 4,000 sq. ft.

The product is designed to be applied over the top of landscapes, existing lawns, or gardens and is to be watered in. You can easily apply it by hand or with the help of any type of whirlybird spreader. It not only enhances root development and plant growth but also creates a rich, fertile soil structure.

The addition of beneficial minerals and microbes helps promote aeration and drainage. As the concentrate is non-toxic and does not burn when in contact with skin, it is safe to use around children & animals. It increases water retention and aids in leaching out harmful alkali. The optimize gets to work as soon as you add it into the soil and continues to release nutrients and enrich the soil over time.

Optimize contains 14% Humic Acid from Leonardite mined in New Mexico, USA, and organic calcium and .78% Iron that balance the pH of the soil.

They also come in different sizes.

  • 3 lbs. (1,000 sq. ft.)
  • 6 lbs. (2,000 sq. ft.)
  • 12 lbs. (4,000 sq. ft.)
  • 42 lbs. (14,000 sq. ft.)

Breaking it down

John and Bob’s four product systems of Optimize, Maximize, Nourish-Biosol and Penetrate, provides you with nature’s best ingredients to infuse your soil with life. By applying it only twice a year you get dramatic improvements in plant and soil health. 

Optimize is made of humus and adds nutrients and beneficial microorganisms.


Per small plant or start: 1/8th cup

Per young tree or shrub: 1/4th cup

Per large tree or shrub: 1/2 cup

Per 180 SQ Ft: 1 cup

Maximize with 9% Calcium, .33% Magnesium, and .46% Iron from naturally occurring Basalt and Granite add vital minerals back into the soil and help keep organisms bad for the soil in check.

You can also trace amounts of minerals naturally occurring from Basalt and Granite. Copper, Zinc, Boron, Cadmium, Molybdenum, Nickel, Selenium to name a few.


Per small plant or start: 1/2 cup

Per young tree or shrub: 3/4th cup

Per large tree or shrub: 1 1/2th cup

Per 180 SQ Ft: 3 cups

Penetrate contains ingredients that break hard clay into crumbling soil that is easier to work with. It also improves the growing condition of plants. The live bacteria in the soil optimizer break the hard soil apart to increase air and moisture circulation to the roots.


Per small plant or start: 1/4th cup

Per young tree or shrub: ½ cup

Per large tree or shrub: 1 cup

Per 180 SQ Ft: 2 cups

Nourish is an organic fertilizer that is made from fermented soybean and cottonseed meal. As the name suggests, it provides nourishment to the soil. It contains simple sugars that bacteria thrive on, and this, in turn, helps to support plant growth.

When used with other John & Bob’s products, it supports the live bacteria in John & Bob’s Penetrate and stimulates micro-organism activity that is beneficial for your soil. 

In simpler words, the slow release of organically bound nitrogen provides ample amount of supply of nutrients to plants. This fertilizer is also effective against these tiny parasite roundwords called nematodes that can bring down roots of your plants.

It enriches the soil with quality nutrients and offers a natural way to protect your plant against pests and diseases.

Biosol improves the health of the plant and protects it from chlorosis, stem disease, and blossom drops. This ensures higher crop yields. It further increases sugar in the feed that contributes to better ripening of fruits and vegetables.

Jon and Bob’s recommend you blend 1 part OPTIMIZE, 2 parts NOURISH-Biosol, 3 parts MAXIMIZE and apply them all at once for the best results. They also sell a pre-mixed blend of OPTIMIZE, MAXIMIZE, and NOURISH-Biosol – exclusively on their website.

An organic, easy, and effective way to maintain your soil and keep it healthy!



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