Is Jergens Lotion Good For Tattoos? Explained

JERGENS body lotion for tattoos

Ouch! Does that fresh tattoo sting when you hydrate your skin? Can the Jergens lotion range be safely applied without the area smarting? Does it have ingredients like alcohol or lanolin? Are they a good choice for the healing of that new ink? 

This article will tell you all you need to know about using Jergens lotion on tattoos. 

Can you use Jergens lotion on a new tattoo? 

You can certainly use Jergens lotion on a new tattoo. For the first few days, leave the area alone. Don’t use any product because the skin needs to breathe and recover. After 2-3 days, you can use moderate amounts of Jergens  Ultra Healing lotion. 

It is unscented and mild. You can apply light layers regularly. Maintain a balance between moisturizing and letting the skin free. It can be used till the tattoo dries up and the scabs peel off.

Make sure that you do not apply too much lotion- not only will the skin be clogged, but the lotion can also actually dissolve some of the ink! This could make your tattoo lighter than you wanted. 

Is Jergens  Ultra Healing lotion good for tattoos? 

Yes. It is a good option to moisturize and protect the tattoo as it dries up. It aids the healing process. This helps with a new tattoo because the area tends to get inflamed. Soon it becomes very dry, scaly, and begins to break apart. 

The Ultra Healing lotion can soften the area just enough. It isn’t scented and is irritant-free. This ensures that dryness-induced cracks do not ruin the tattoo before it is completely set. It acts as a salve for the tattooed area.

Is Jergens  Hydrating Coconut lotion good for tattoos?

Yes, it is. Most of the ingredients are the same as the Ultra Healing lotion. In addition, it has coconut essence. Coconut oil is excellent as a post-tattoo moisturizer. It has collagen which tightens, strengthens, and nourishes your skin. 

This gives your skin a bouncy, vibrant look and feel. Coconut oil also has antibacterial properties which prevent tattoos from getting infected. It will help to soothe and promote the complete healing of the tattoo wound.  

Is Jergens  Original Scent lotion good for tattoos? 

No. The Original Scent lotion has a very clean scent. While the scent may not be overwhelming, the chemicals used can affect the tattooed area. It can cause scarring. The tattoo may also not last very long and could fade quickly.

This is because scented products are not recommended for aftercare. Colors will leach out and the tattoo will not have sunk in properly. It is a mild lotion. But the scent may cause allergies or skin rashes around the inked area.

Can I use Jergens  Shea Butter on my tattoo?

The jury’s still out on this one. Shea butter has excellent healing properties, which make it perfect for applying on a new tattoo. It makes the skin supple and moist, which is great for tattoo aftercare. 

The only issue is that Jergens  Shea Butter lotion also has a light scent. It could be from an artificial additive or Shea Butter extracts. But even though the scent is so gentle and barely lingers, it could inflame the area. 

It is also rather thick which could drain ink from the tattoo. This could wash out the tattoo or make it dull. 

Is Jergens  Daily Moisture good for tattoos? 

No. While the Daily Moisture lotion provides a good hydrating and softening effect, it is scented. It has citrus extracts which can be particularly agitating for open tattoo gashes. This kind of additive can sting and cause itching.

It can further result in the skin becoming raw and sore like a festering wound. This will completely ruin the aftercare process. It can make the skin peel off and the scabs will come off prematurely. So, avoid this scented moisturizer and choose the Ultra Heal version. 

Is Jergens  safe for tattoos?

As previously described, you should use the unscented lotions and moisturizers from the Jergens line. These are not only safe, they also promote the healthy and sanitary healing of your tattoos. They fight germs and dirt that may have accumulated on the skin during the process. 

It hydrates, softens, and lubricates to prevent dryness. So it allows the tattoo to dry up at its own pace. So the outer coating comes off hassle-free, without any blemishes or wounds. 

Does Jergens lotion have alcohol in it? 

Yes. Most of the lotions and moisturizers do contain a few different types of alcohol such as Cetearyl Alcohol, Panthenol, Pentylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Sorbitol, etc.

Cetearyl Alcohol is used as an emulsifier- it allows the oil-based and water-based components to blend. It is used to hydrate the skin, making it supple and healthy.

All the alcohols have this hydrating function in common. Panthenol is an alcohol derived from a Vitamin B-5 acid i.e. pantothenic acid. It alleviates any stinging or soreness on the raw skin around the tattoo.

It provides some pain relief in addition to tackling dryness. Pentylene glycol functions as an additional solvent. It allows chemicals that are insoluble in water to be incorporated into the lotion. This along with Phenoxyethanol are both antimicrobial chemical compounds. 

They can prevent any spread of infection on the inked skin. They can both be either synthetically made or naturally extracted. Phenoxyethanol is also a preservative to increase shelf-life. 

It keeps the lotion chemically stable i.e. it stops reactions between chemicals and the separation of compounds in the lotion. 

Sorbitol is an alcohol derived from sugars. It conditions the skins, locks in moisture, and also regulates the thickness of the lotion.  This gives it a pleasing texture and lubrication. These properties allow for better application as well as absorption into the skin. 

The alcohols are safe for use in Jergens lotions. Their concentration is according to health regulations. They are not toxic like ethanol or other harsh alcohols.

Does Jergens  lotion have lanolin?

No, Jergens lotions are 100% free of lanolin across the varieties. Lanolin is a fatty emollient that forms a protective barrier over the skin. It is a wax-like substance that is derived from the oil glands of sheep and other animals that produce wool. 

It has a water-proof quality to it. This barrier prevents the skin from drying out and becoming flaky. It blocks maximum water loss from the skin to the air. It is also an anti-irritant – so it stops itchiness, scaly skin, and redness. 

It has a medicinal/balm effect on minor wounds such as inflammations, gashes, cuts, and burns. Instead of lanolin other hydrating ingredients have been used. These include different kinds of alcohols, oils, and petroleum-derived chemicals, amongst others.  

Does Jergens lotion have petroleum?

Yes. While Jergens lotions do not have pure petroleum as an ingredient, they do have petroleum-derived compounds like petrolatum and mineral oils. Both these compounds are by-products of the petroleum refining process. 

Petrolatum is commonly known as Vaseline or petroleum jelly. This jelly forms a gentle, water-resistant coating on the skin. It helps the tattoo heal by stopping the entry of water, germs, bacteria, etc. 

It can help in protective aftercare, but because it is thick, it can also clog pores. So be careful not to apply too much. Else, the skin around the tattoo cannot recover and it will scar. 

Mineral oil stops the dryness and cracking of the skin. It is also an excellent way to lighten the scar tissue of the tattoo as it heals. 

The properties and utility of different Jergens lotion varieties have been detailed. This article should help you make an informed and safe decision for your tattoo after-care procedure. May you be able to flaunt your bright and clear statement ink!


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