What Kind Of Butterflies Do You Get From Insect Lore?

Insect Lore Butterfly Kit

We’ve all seen and marveled at butterflies as children. However most people don’t know that butterflies can be grown at home. Watching a caterpillar go through metamorphosis and emerge as a stunning butterfly is a process that will captivate anyone. Insect Lore is a company that specializes in making those dreams come true. They sell a range of products from caterpillar boxes containing caterpillars to habitats for the caterpillars

What is Insect Lore? 

In order for butterflies to be grown, you require a habitat, caterpillars, and feed. Insect Lore is a one-stop solution for all of this. Started in 1969 by an entomologist called Carlos White, who wanted to let children experience the magic of metamorphosis, Insect Lore has been around for a long time. It is widely trusted and has won many awards. The main products that they sell are butterfly kits (you can buy them here) which include habitat for caterpillars, feed for them, and instructions on how to grow and release them as beautiful butterflies. They also sell caterpillars separately and sell butterfly feed and habitats.

What kind of butterflies do you get from Insect Lore? 

Insect Lore sells Painted Lady butterflies. This is the only sort of butterfly they sell. Painted Lady butterflies are beautiful and importantly their migration patterns are not disturbed when you release them. When you release a Painted Lady butterfly, you can be sure that you’re helping the environment as they’re beneficial pollinators.

How long do butterflies stay in the chrysalis? 

Chrysalis lasts for around two weeks usually. Chrysalis is an important stage in the development of butterflies, as they transform from caterpillars into butterflies. The exact duration depends on the type of butterfly you have. For Painted Lady butterflies, the chrysalis usually lasts 10 days.  At the very least, 5 days are needed, while the longest time taken will be around 21 days.  After the chrysalis, the caterpillar is now a butterfly. They only emerge when the conditions are right for them. So it’s important to ensure that your butterflies are provided with optimal conditions. 

When should I release my butterflies? 

Once your caterpillars emerge from chrysalis, you need to start thinking about releasing them. The optimal time for releasing your butterflies is within three to four days of their emergence.

The key thing to keep in mind is that you should release them before they start to mate and reproduce. This usually takes place when a week has passed since they emerged. When you release your butterflies, do so on a branch or high place. This will keep them safe from predators on the ground.

How do you feed Insect Lore butterflies? 

Insect Lore is a trusted company and its butterfly kits ensure that everyone can witness the magic of metamorphosis for themselves. The kits are perfect for children to learn and get interested in the world around them. 

As with all living things, your butterflies need to be fed. In nature, butterflies feed on the nectar of flowers. You can buy butterfly feed from the Insect Lore store. The Insect Lore butterfly raising kit has the feed needed along with the equipment (feeding dropper) for giving the butterflies the feed. If you buy caterpillars and not the kit, the necessary feed is still provided. In case the feed runs out or you don’t want to buy the feed, you can give your butterflies sugar water. This is a mixture of sugar in hot water.


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