Are Hey Dude Shoes True To Size? Do They Run Big Or Small?

do Hey Dude shoes run big or small?

Born in Italy in 2008, the Hey Dude shoe brand set foot in the USA in April 2010. Crocs, the American footwear giant acquired the brand from its founders Alessandro Rosano and Dario Kaute in February 2022.

Hey Dude is available in more than 20 countries. It is one of the leading footwear brands in the USA – recognized for its quality, comfort, and verve. There are plenty of choices for men, women, and children in the brand’s crate.

Will Hey Dude be a good fit for you though? Let’s go into it.

What are Hey Dude Shoes made of?

The comfort of clothing and shoes mainly comes from the material. The Hey Dude shoes are basically slip-on offered in a variety of styles – from cozy sandals to swanky boots. And all without a comprise on style or comfort.

The Hey Dude shoes are made of leather, suede, canvas, or cotton. Depending on the model, you may find shoes with cotton uppers, wood blend shafts, animal fur lining, or insoles made of memory foam, cotton, or canvas.

The brand has recently introduced an eco-knit collection. Aimed at protecting the planet from plastic wastes, these shoes are made completely from recycled PET fiber. They are similar to other shoes in terms of comfort, sturdiness, and style.

Hey Dude shoes may stretch or shrink depending on the material they are made of. Here is a short guide on the various materials that go into making Hey Dude shoes and how they behave..

Do leather shoes stretch or shrink?

The answer is both. If you are using your leather shoes regularly, they will stretch from the inside. However, if they are seldom used, they will shrink due to environmental heat and pressure.

Therefore, if you are buying the shoes for frequent use – pick a size with a snug fit. For occasional use, go for a size that fits you well.

Do suede shoes stretch or shrink?

Suede is superior quality leather made from the undersurface of animal skin. It behaves pretty much like leather. Shoes made from suede expand with use. They will shrink if unused and exposed to heat.

Do canvas shoes stretch or shrink?

Canvas is a woven fabric made of cotton or linen. Shoes made of this material stretch after being worn. However, you can also shrink them by soaking them up in water and heat drying them thereafter.

When picking a Hey Dude shoe, size up or down depending on the material that the particular model is made of.

What size Hey Dudes should I get?

When you are purchasing new shoes, you usually look for the right fit and design. To grab the perfect size, it is recommended to measure your feet and pick a shoe that is slightly bigger – in order to allow room for air circulation. Sizes vary from one brand to another too. So, what size of Hey Dudes should you get? We will assist you.

Hey Dude shoe size chart

Pick your size from this size chart for different categories.

Hey Dude Women Shoe Size Chart
Hey Dude Men Shoe Size Chart
Hey Dude Toddler Shoe Size Chart

What is the biggest size Hey Dudes?

US size 17 or EU size 50 in the men’s shoe category is the biggest Hey Dude shoe size available. In the women’s category, the biggest is US 12 or EU 43, while in the children’s category it is US 6 or EU 38.

Do Hey Dudes run big or small?

According to the manufacturers, the fit of Hey Dude shoes depends on the shoe model. They recommend studying the sizing tips for each product to decide the perfect fit for you.

Further, Hey Dude shoes have a stopper on the lace that helps you pull the lace to adjust the tightness. So, if the shoe runs big or small for your feet, this mechanism will assist you to achieve a comfortable fit. The sandals collections too come with velcro strap adjustments.

Additionally, most Hey Dudes can be worn with or without socks for the desired fit and breathability. One more point you need to keep in mind while purchasing your shoes is that cotton and canvas shoes tend to stretch with use – they may tend to run big after a couple of days.

Do Hey Dudes have half sizes?

As of mid-2022, Hey Dude only offers full sizes. You can choose one size up or down depending on your preference for a snug or a loose fit. You can also pick your preferred fit based on the material of the shoes. The fit can also be adjusted using socks and the lace stopper mechanism.

Do Hey Dudes come in wide sizes?

Some of the Hey Dudes styles are offered in a wide fit. The Wendy, Wally, and Misty collections are available in wide sizes. The sandals collections come in extra-wide fit besides having velcro strap adjustments.

Most Hey Dude shoes are made from cotton and canvas, which stretch with use. Therefore, opting for one size up and using it for a couple of days will enlarge the shoes for you.

Do Hey Dudes come in toddler or baby sizes?

Yes, Hey Dude shoes are available for toddlers and babies – the sizes start from US 1. The products in this category come with cotton linen and elastic laces besides attractive prints. Here is a list of popular toddler-size Hey Dude shoes

  • Wendy Youth Print
  • Wendy Youth Funk
  • Wendy Youth Linen
  • Britt Youth

Do Hey Dudes come in youth sizes?

Absolutely. There are Hey Dude shoes for little kids and teens. These shoes are equipped with Flex and Fold technology, are made of cotton canvas, and have memory foam.

Here is a list of popular Hey Dude shoes for teenagers.

  • Bradley Youth
  • Wendy Youth Funk
  • Wendy Youth Sparkling
  • Wendy Youth Doodle
  • Wally Youth Stretch
  • Wendy Youth – Star Gold
  • Wendy Youth – Cat Eye
  • Wendy Youth Linen
  • Scott Youth

Can Hey Dudes be washed?

Yes, Hey Dude shoes can be washed. The manufacturer’s care guide provides detailed washing instructions for different materials and styles.

Here is a short guide on how you can wash your Hey Dude shoes (depending on the material)

Washing instructions for Hey Dude cotton canvas shoes

  • Remove lace and insoles
  • Use gentle wash in the machine with liquid detergent
  • Using cold water increases durability
  • Air dry after the wash – do not use the machine dryer
  • Avoid direct sunlight while air drying

Washing instructions for Hey Dude Suede/Leather shoes

  • Remove dirt using a brush
  • Wet the outer of the shoes with a wet cloth or sponge and air dry
  • Use a suede brush to remove stains
  • Use suede protector spray after each clean

Washing instructions for Hey Dude Adomments (fur, wool, linings, etc.)

  • Do not use a washing machine
  • Washing by hand is recommended
  • Air dry – do not use a machine dryer

Can washing shrink your Hey Dudes shoe?

Suede and leather shoes are recommended to be washed by hand – this does not shrink the shoes. These materials shrink only if kept unused and exposed to heat. Talking of cotton and canvas, which can be washed in the machine – the manufacturer advises you to select gentle wash and use cold water to avoid shrinking and warping.

Are Hey Dudes shoes comfortable?

The Hey Dude shoes are loved for their comfort and innovative styles. The brand is loaded with features like ergonomic design, ultralight outsoles, memory foam, adjustable laces and straps, and sufficient breathability.

For walking

The Wendy and Wally collection of shoes and the collection of sneakers for women are good choices for a comfortable walk. The products are made of comfortable cotton canvas that is lightweight, flexible, and breathable. They are ergonomically designed and come with adjustable laces.

For running

Hey Dudes are available in canvas, leather, and suede. Canvas shoes are not great for running as they do not provide adequate cushioning and support. In the leather collection, you can choose the Wendy and Wally ones. Polly Sox collection with suede and leather combination would also be suitable for running as they have ultra-grip outsoles.

However, these choices are good for gentle running alone. If you are doing intense workouts and fast-paced running, then Hey Dudes is not the right place for you.

For the beach

Canvas, leather, and suede are the materials that Hey Dude uses in its shoes. All of these are not appropriate for beachwear. Canvas quickly absorbs water and will make your feet dampened – it will also gather a lot of sand. Leather and suede are not ideal options either – you should never allow these materials to become wet.

Therefore, Hey Dudes are not great partners for your beach vacations.

For hiking

The Wendy and Wally collections may be good for light hiking activities. They provide basic fit and support if you are trekking on easy terrains. However, the brand does not have sturdy, water-resistant, and high-traction shoes that are essential for safe and comfortable hiking on tough terrains.

For diabetics

If you a diabetic, you require footwear that is airy and non-suffocating. The extra room in the shoes would allow space for diabetic inserts and cushions. It will also help in diabetes-induced foot problems such as fungal infections, swelling, tingling, numbness, and pain. Additionally, it is advised that you avoid high-heeled shoes.

Podiatrists recommend shoes made from canvas, leather, and suede for diabetic patients. Hey Dude ticks all these boxes and is hence highly recommended for diabetic patients.

These are some Hey Dude shoes that are good for diabetics.

  • Phoenix Sox sandals
  • Wendy Summer
  • Wendy Canvas
  • Wally Eden
  • Wally Recycled Leather
  • Misty Fleece
  • Misty Oven

For Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is caused by an inflammation of the tissue connecting the heel bone to the toes. The condition exacerbates by wearing the wrong type of shoes.

To treat this condition, you will require shoes with good cushioning and a wider fit. You should also avoid wearing high-heeled shoes.

The following Hey Dude shoes are ideal for Plantar Fasciitis since they are constructed with soft soles, memory foam, and a wide fit. 

  • Wendy Ranch
  • Misty Fleece
  • Thad Sox
  • Wally Eden

For bunions

If you have bunions, you must surely step into Hey Dudes. This is a condition where there is a bulge at the joint of the big toe. For this, you will require extra wide shoes that are preferably made of a stretchable material like canvas and leather. You can pick any extra-wide fit shoe from Hey Dudes catalog – it will feel like walking on the clouds.

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