Is Heeta Hair Scalp Massager Good For Hair Growth?

Heeta hair scalp massager

A scalp massager is an easy, convenient, and portable tool that serves a wide range of functions for adults, kids, and pets. 

It can be used to:

  • remove dirt and debris from the scalp,
  • stimulate hair follicles and improve circulation,
  • promote healthy hair growth, and
  • relax the head and neck muscles. 

Check out the list of FAQs to help you understand and decide on whether to buy one or not. Happy reading!

What does a scalp massager do?

A scalp massager is an effective way to stimulate the hair follicles. Massaging can be done either using your fingertips or a scalp massager. The usage of a scalp massager is efficient for those who prefer avoiding their finger or nails touching the scalp. 

If used in a proper way, scalp massagers can provide similar results as compared to the traditional way of massage using fingertips, reminding you of your mother or grandmother. Scalp massagers also help in spreading the natural oils from the scalp to the tip of the hair strands, thus aiding in the growth of thick and lustrous hair.

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Does a scalp massager make your hair grow?

A scalp massager primarily stimulates the hair follicles. This helps in improving blood circulation to the scalp and promotes hair growth. It also helps in removing debris on the scalp which is a major reason for dandruff, hair loss, and other severe skin conditions on the scalp. 

Removing dirt from the scalp once a week using a mild shampoo is essential, and the use of a scalp massager on wet hair helps in the even spread of shampoo throughout the scalp.

Does vibration on the scalp stimulate hair growth?

Vibration is a preferred massaging technique, not just on the scalp, but the whole body itself. On the scalp, it helps dilate the blood vessels and improves the delivery of oxygen to the scalp tissues. It also helps in relaxing the muscles of the forehead and the neck. 

Electric scalp massagers are now available in the market but maybe a little expensive.

Is it okay to massage your scalp on a daily basis?

Massaging daily is the best way to remove residual dirt from the scalp. Using your fingertips, or a more efficient scalp massager to massage can be beneficial for hair growth and prevents the scalp from falling prey to scalp infections such as dandruff or psoriasis. 

Using essential oils for hair massage is a tradition followed through centuries for maintaining luscious locks. A weekly oil massage would do since the scalp already produces natural oils, which while proper and timely combing, go all the way down to the hair tips.

How does Heeta hair scalp massager work ?

Heeta hair scalp massager is a manual scalp massager.  It can be manually rotated on the scalp, in any direction you prefer. Be careful not to tangle your precious locks by vigorous rotations or harsh massage. Be gentle and kind towards your luscious locks and use them on the scalp, all the way moving down to the hair tips. 

The scalp massager works towards easing itchiness on the scalp and promoting blood circulation to the follicles. It can be used both on wet and dry hair, on straight and curly hair. It also has an added advantage of an ergonomic design for your convenience. 

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Heeta hair scalp massager reviews


Heeta hair scalp massager is an economical option available currently in the global market. The price range online begins from $6.79 for one brush. Users are completely satisfied with the price and the combo offer of $13.99 for two brushes. It is available at an affordable cost.

Hair growth

The Heeta hair scalp massager is quite effective in clearing dandruff and promoting the growth of thick hair strands. Many users feel that their scalp has become cleaner and healthier after the use of Heeta hair scalp massager.

Ease of use

The design of the product is lightweight and convenient to use for grooming the hair of kids and pets as well. It is easy to hold while in the shower because of its compact design. 

Does Heeta hair scalp massager work on dry scalp?

Heeta hair scalp massager helps in removing dirt and residue accumulated on dry scalp. It carefully removes the build-up in a few washes leaving the scalp healthy and clean. This is crucial for fast and healthy hair growth.

Does Heeta hair scalp massager work on wet scalp?

Heeta hair scalp massager can be used while in the shower. After applying shampoo to the scalp, the massager can be used to evenly spread the foam throughout the scalp.

Be sure to not vigorously use the massager as the scalp is very sensitive when wet. Light circular motions must be done to spread the foam and later can be rinsed out using an ample amount of water.

Does Heeta hair scalp massager work on straight hair?

Heeta hair scalp massager works well on straight hair. The hair must be combed and free from tangles. Using the massager aggressively may lead to tangles in long hair. Take care to use it gently and smoothly throughout the scalp, and not just on one part of the scalp.

Does Heeta hair scalp massager work on curly hair?

Heeta hair scalp massager works on any hair type, be it curly or straight. The hair must be detangled properly before usage. During usage, move it in small circular motions at one area, and then shift on to a new area of the scalp. Rapid motions and improper usage may cause tangling in curly hair and make things worse.

Also, be careful so as to clean and disinfect the brush properly after each usage, since the dirt and residue from previous use must be thoroughly removed before the next usage.



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