Hard Candy Lip Gloss Is Now Available In Two New Flavors

Hard Candy Lip Gloss New Flavors

Hard Candy’s popular lip gloss lineup, Glosstopia, has just revealed two new flavors! You might be looking for a good lip gloss that doesn’t ruin your lips and break the bank. Let’s see if Glosstopia fits the mark. 

The Flavors 

The two new flavors are ‘Minty Yours’ and ‘Let It Mango’. As the name suggests, they’re Icy Blue and Mango Yellow in color. As per a user on Walmart, the taste is subtle and doesn’t overpower your mouth. 


Surprisingly, the Hard Candy Glosstopia Lip Gloss is actually colorless. They can be worn as-is for a clear, glossy look. You can also use them under lip shades to help their color pop out better. 

Hyaluronic Acid

If you’re into the newest details of the makeup world, you probably know all the hype surrounding hyaluronic acid. According to Healthline, hyaluronic acid (HA) is a glycosaminoglycan naturally found in the body. In simple terms, they’re carbohydrates or sugars that help the skin look hydrated and plump. It’s also been discovered to help in healing wounds. 

Hard Candy uses this very hyaluronic acid in their lip gloss. This ensures that your lips stay soft and hydrated throughout the day. 


After more than one year, masks have become a part of everyday life, which is why a bad lip gloss could cause inflammation. Fortunately, a customer from Walmart confirms that the lip gloss is not thick and perfect to wear with a mask on. 


One of the biggest problems with beauty products can be it’s texture. You don’t want your hair to stick to your lips or your lips to feel all sticky. A user review tells us that the lip gloss is very smooth and not sticky at all, which also helps when you’re wearing a mask. 

The Price

All flavors of Glosstopia – Minty Yours, Let It Mango, Cheers To Cherry, Carnival Ready, and Coco Rush are available at $6.00

About Hard Candy

Hard Candy is a brand owned by Walmart. They aim to bring beauty products to the market that signify freedom of beauty and expression. Their products are free of any animal testing, so you can shop without any guilt for animal cruelty. 

Their ‘Color Daring Skin Caring’ lineup claims to offer the latest high-tech beauty products for under $10. 

Is Glosstopia any good?

Taking a look at the product details, customer reviews, and research about the hyaluronic acid shows that Glosstopia is pretty good for the price of $6.00. 

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