A Complete Guide To Hanon Raffles [2000+ Words]

Hanon raffles

Hanon is a brand born out of the passion of two brothers in the late 80’s. Although it started as a company selling skateboards and sneakers, it’s become a hub of the most exclusive footwear collection on the planet.

Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1993, Hanon regularly collaborates with other companies to create the most exquisite and hard-to-find footwear. Other than being an icon in the global sneaker community, it has its own apparel brand.

How does Hanon Raffles work?

Exclusivity is what built Hanon and still drives its core. And the raffle is its mechanism to always keep access to its products up to the sweet gamble of luck.

Some companies manufacture exclusivity by launching products at a price that is unfeasible for the most. But some, like Hanon, keep it fair by promising product access to anyone who emerges as the winner of their raffles. 

Now before you jump on the bandwagon of trying to buy yourself a super-exclusive pair of sneakers, understand the rules and regulations that govern this beast of luck.

Hanon follows a pretty simple flowchart to conduct a raffle and swears by it.

Step 1: Pick the right size

If you wish to enter a draw of an advertised release, the most crucial thing is to select the right size for yourself as this can’t be changed later on. So, if you enter the wrong size and win the raffle, it won’t be of any use to you, unless you decide to flip it for bigger bucks! 

Along with the size, you need to input the obvious fields like customer information, shipping address, and the preferred payment method.

Step 2: Pay for the product

Regardless of whether you end up winning or not, you need to go through the payment right away.

Here’s the thing: Hanon will deduct the product price from your account and put it on hold, until the raffle winner is announced.

Step 3: Wait for the results

In case you win, you get a congratulations email plus the order confirmation.

And if luck doesn’t favor you, they still notify you via email that your attempt wasn’t successful and your money is returned to your account within a business week.

How many times can you enter the Hanon raffle?

You can enter into a draw only once. If you try to enter multiple times via different accounts while using the same details, your entry will stand canceled.

So, let your luck play fairly to yield your desired results.

How long do Hanon raffles take?

Hanon moves quickly. You will be intimated about the results within 3 hours of the end of the draw.

An email stating the win along with an order confirmation goes to the winners and the statement of an unsuccessful attempt is sent to the people who lost.

It declares the authorized future payment null and void and it is returned to respective bank accounts within a business week.

And please keep in mind that the payment is sent back via the originally chosen payment method. So, it will take a varied number of days for the amount to reflect in your bank account.

Does Hanon take money for raffles?

When you participate in a draw, you are required to go through with the full payment. This money doesn’t get deposited into Hanon’s bank account. 

Instead, all they do is to put the payment on hold to register genuine buyer interest and make the process effortless if you win.

So, your money is safe! As I mentioned above, if you lose, your money is deposited back into your account within a business week.

From that moment, you can start eyeing an opportunity to enter a draw for another exclusive release. Pretty crazy, hah!

How do I know if I won a Hanon raffle?

If you win, the authorized future payment is debited from your bank account and you’re emailed an order confirmation along with an intimation of your win.

Hanon emails even the ones who don’t end up winning with the information of their unsuccessful attempt. Plus it does a swift job of reverting the held payment to the respective bank accounts within a business week.

Both categories of information are sent within three hours of the end of the draw.

How do I cancel a Hanon raffle?

If you wish to cancel your entry into a Hanon raffle draw, you need to act pretty quick. You get only one hour from the time of your draw. You won’t be able to cancel it at all once that elapses.

To cancel your entry, you can either email their customer service team or call them up at the information given on their official website.

Does Hanon do free returns?

No, Hanon does not do free returns. You need to return the item in its original condition within 14 days of receiving it. Make sure to mark the package as “Returned Goods” if shipping from outside the UK in order to avoid customs charges. 

Hanon notes that they are not responsible for customs charges, if any, and are within their right to refuse a return if the product is damaged.

How long does Hanon take to refund?

Once they receive your item, they claim to take a maximum of a week to process the refund. And it should be in your bank account via the same chosen payment method in 3-5 business days.

How long does Hanon take to ship?

As it has been noted that it’s swift with every raffle step, it is very much the case with the delivery of items as well.

Upon receiving an order confirmation via email, it usually takes five business days for the item to reach you.

So, if you happen to win a raffle, just sit tight. The won item will be with you (almost) in no time.

Excitement and anticipation of wearing something exclusive would make five days pass like a breeze. Wouldn’t you say so?

Is Hanon-Shop legit?

Hanon scored a perfect 100 in the Trustscore test conducted by ScamAdviser.

They keep tight-lipped about the secret sauce that fully governs their algorithm to evaluate a website. But they take positive indicators, like website performance, positive reviews, etc., and negative indicators like age of the website, being based in a high-risk country, etc. into account.

In a nutshell, their Trustscore is a solid indicator of a website and therefore Hanon is legit.

Although an enthusiastic Hanon customer took to Reddit to warn of high shipping charges outside of the UK & Europe, he labels them as the best sneaker shop in Scotland.

Hanon regularly uses Trustpilot to interact with customers who leave a review there and resolve any issues that they face.

For instance, It thanked Milton who appreciated them for making his experience of buying ASICS/BAPE Gel-1090’s smooth. He was amazed by its packaging and that its delivery only took five days.

Hanon Shop review

Trustworthy reviews help you make the best decision and save you from regret. So, let’s dig deeper to see what other customers’ experience has been like:

Helpful and friendly

Mark, who lives in Wolverhampton, found the Hanon staff helpful and friendly. Like Milton, Mark stood in the appreciation zone for the product packaging and its speedy delivery. In his buying journey to the moment, he found Hanon unrivaled. [Source: Trustpilot]

Great customer service

Gary totally recommends Hanon post his Adidas zx8500 purchase. He found Hanon to be quite the opposite of other companies that put multiple obstacles, like cancellations, along the way. He looks forward to buying from them frequently as he found their customer service to be great. [Source: Trustpilot]

But what happens when a customer posts their complaint. Here’s a perfect example:

A raffle participant, Kenneth, upon his unsuccessful attempt supposedly did not receive the authorized future payment back into his bank account within the mentioned timeline of seven business days. He felt that he hasn’t gotten his money back because Hanon doesn’t care about its customers.

Hanon apologized for the inconvenience caused to him, and then cleared the confusion by stating that it was actually the fifth working day. They concluded this issue by mentioning that sometimes banks take seven full business days to complete a transaction. They advised him to share the voided payment screenshot that was emailed to him with the bank. [Source: Trustpilot]

Sometimes, customers receive faulty goods:

Problems with refunds

Spencer found the outer bags of the Patta x Tommy t-shirts that he ordered already opened when they arrived. He also noticed that the writing on one t-shirt was peeling off quickly.

Upon discussing this with the Hanon staff, they offered him a 20% partial refund to keep the products as-is. He declined it and got a counteroffer of getting a full refund minus the delivery charge.

As shocked as he was about the counteroffer, he didn’t like the idea of paying any penalty as there’s no way for him to have verified the quality of delivered products before they are actually delivered. Makes perfect sense, right?

In response to this review, Hanon apologized for this butchered buying experience and informed him that they were only waiting for the issued return labels to get back to them before they could process the full refund request. And now that they had received it, the request has already been processed. [Source: Trustpilot]

Too much time to refund

Ben had an unpleasant raffle experience and was left with a very bad taste in his mouth. 

He saved up for three months so that he could afford new trainers. He entered a draw but was unsuccessful in his attempt. He set aside the amount from his meager savings to fulfill his dream of buying these trainers. Since he lost in the raffle, he’d have to wait for about seven working days for the funds to reflect back into his account.

But this defeated his purpose as by the time his funds would become available to him, the trainers would be sold out everywhere. He didn’t have a good experience with the Hanon staff as all they asked him was if he wanted them to close his account. He felt that Hanon doesn’t treat their loyal customers well. [Source: Reviews.io]

Other reviews

Ruston sent his thanks to Hanon all the way from the Republic of Tatarstan. He found their shoes very nice, comfortable and practical. Although he loved the product, he’d prefer if they declared the shipping charges to Russia free. And that, according to him, would render Hanon second to none. [Source: Smart Reviews]

James highly recommends Hanon as they were prompt with their customer service. He flagged their stock range and the price of sale items as its USP. He feels that it’s the best shop for sneakers in the UK as other similar websites do not offer what Hanon does. [Source: Smart Reviews]

Timothy wonders if Hanon can be trusted as he still awaits his refund. He paid for the t-shirts but couldn’t receive them as Hanon delivery staff filled in an incorrect address. He was informed that it would take about six weeks for the amount to reflect in his bank account, but that didn’t happen. Apparently, he’s also stopped getting any replies from the company. [Source: Smart Reviews]

Unfortunately, a customer received a faulty pair of trainers. Even though he had worn them a few times and had thrown away the packaging box and the paperwork by mistake, he received the full refund within a few days after exchanging a few emails with the Hanon staff. He experienced no issues in returning the product without the required documents.

Sylvia was grateful that his luck favored him to win ZX420 trainers in the raffle. He found the packaging to be safe and secure. He couldn’t recommend these trainers enough as he finds their quality and detail amazing. He went on to win the second pair of the same trainers. Imagine being that lucky! [Source: WorthThePenny]

I hope you feel well educated about Hanon Raffles from scratch. So, what do you think? Are you going to try your luck at exclusive footwear?


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