Does Gorilla Tape Really Work? Explained For Different Situations

Gorilla tape reviews

Gorilla tape is heavy-duty tape that is tougher than the average duct tape. It works really well under different situations.

This article looks into the various uses of Gorilla Tape, the different varieties, and their specific properties that enable them to serve their particular functions. 

What can Gorilla Tape be used for? 

Gorilla Tape is a brand of duct tape that is two times as thick as ordinary duct tape and uses a concentrated rubber adhesive which is also twice or three times what you see on conventional duct tape. 

So it is much more effective than standard duct tape for both indoor and outdoor repair and restoration purposes.

It is resistant to UV damage that could cause yellowing of the repair. Also, due to its outer coating that can withstand any weather, Gorilla tape is a very effective tool to repair things in your household.. 

Gorilla tape can be used for repairs and restoration inside the house – like holding together broken or wobbly furniture-bed stands, tables, or chairs. It can cover up shattered window glass and splintered panes and prevents insects from entering through gaps. 

Other use cases include patching up tears in netting or blocking leaks in a cracked pipe or drains.

Gorilla tape is ideal to plug cracks and damages in air vents or air conditioners until you can repair them completely.

Gorilla tape is suitable for repairing cracks in walls, floors, grates, etc., or repairs to such broken facets inside the house or outside such as the roof, awnings, patio, etc.  This is because Gorilla Tape has enhanced adhesive properties which allow it to bind well to any kind of surface. 

Gorilla Tape is particularly useful for rough surfaces. So whether the repair and renovation is for metal, wood, plaster, stucco, concrete, brick, etc. it is a good choice since it is manufactured specifically to overcome the drawbacks of standard tape. 

Gorilla tape’s unique selling point is binding to rough surfaces and filling into any perforation. It acts as a fastener that ensures durability and efficacy. This property is lacking in typical tape which is flimsier and doesn’t last as long. 

Another place to use Gorilla tape is in packing and sealing boxes and cartons when moving or storing items. It can also be used to plug leaks in pools, tents, and to patch up rubber tires to prevent them from deflating. 

Is all Gorilla Tape waterproof? 

Not all products offered under the Gorilla Tape tag are waterproof. Certain kinds are specifically designed to be waterproof because of their required functions.

For example, the Gorilla Tape All-weather Extreme is 100% waterproof and it can be used in any weather- rain or shine. So is the Waterproof Patch and Seal Tape which is useful for plugging leaks in pipes, drains, etc.

The Camo Tape is also completely waterproof, designed as it is for outdoor use such as camping, rafts, paddle pools, etc. 

Crystal Clear Gorilla Tape, used for patching holes, repairs, etc. also has a unique feature of being applicable even underwater, e.g. to fix leaks in swimming pools. 

The rest of the products like the Gorilla Tape original –black, white, and silver and the Heavy Duty Mounting and other varieties except for those mentioned above,  are not waterproof. They may be weather resistant and resistant to moisture or water but they are not waterproof. 

Water-resistant is different from waterproof in that, the water-resistant tape can resist seepage of moisture but not to a great degree whereas waterproof is 100% percent impenetrable; water cannot even seep in. 

Is Gorilla Tape good for leaks?

There are particular versions of Gorilla Tape that are manufactured just for the purpose of sealing leaks and providing a strong barrier to seepage.

The waterproof Patch and Seal Tape is designed to provide a robust barrier against the elements being UV resistant, waterproof, and weather resistant. It blocks out air, water, and any moisture completely. The Crystal Clear Tape is also waterproof and durable even underwater.

Both these Gorilla Tape products are effective at plugging leaks because they are durable.

They also won’t tear off easily since the adhesive is heavy-duty and the tape is designed to bind sturdily to any surface which is leaking. 

These qualities make these Gorilla tapes durable, strong, and effective against leaks both indoors and outdoors, in all types of weather and for considerable periods of time. 

Is Gorilla Tape permanent?

Only one product in the Gorilla Tape line is designed to be permanent and this is the Permanent Gorilla Tape All-Weather Extreme.

It is designed mainly for the outdoors and to be extremely resilient and to withstand all conditions.  

It does remain on surfaces that have been repaired or sealed for extended periods of time. The rest of the tape varieties are long-lasting and durable but they are not permanent. 

The Mounting Tape, however, offers a permanent binding to the surface and is held in that position perpetually unless deliberately removed. 

How long does Gorilla Tape take to set? 

The Gorilla Tape products bind quickly to the surface it is applied on. The surface should be clean; all debris, dirt, and other rubble should be removed. 

In addition, the ideal application temperature ranges between 40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Once this is done, it shouldn’t take too long to set. From an immediate set to a couple of minutes is the expected time for it to attach completely to the surface, as long as further readjustments and movements don’t interrupt the process. 

Can Gorilla Tape come off easily? 

It depends on the product and what it is used for as well. Some products in the Gorilla Tape line are advertised to be easily removable by hand.

It does take quite a bit more strength and effort to remove it manually because it is thicker and has a stronger adhesive than normal tape. 

The Permanent Gorilla Tape All-Weather Extreme is meant to last perpetually and so this might be more difficult to take off.

It could leave residue and it could damage the surfaces it is used on. The same goes for the Mounting Tape. 

You can use the tape itself to take off the residue, or apply heat, water, acetone, and other spirits, or even professional residue removers. The use of a knife or blade to scrape off the tape can also make removal speedier. 

So depending on the product type, Gorilla tape can be torn off by hand or cut and scraped off with some tools and the speed with which it comes off will be subject to the above-mentioned conditions. 

What temperature can Gorilla Tape withstand? 

The application temperature of Gorilla Tape varies in the range of 40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 60 Celsius).

The ideal temperature is room temperature. Once applied, it will function well and hold consistently between 0 to 65 degrees Celsius. 

Heavy-duty Gorilla tapes meant for outdoors like the All-Weather or the Waterproof Seal and Patch can withstand extreme temperatures between -53 degrees Celsius (-47 Fahrenheit) and 90 degrees Celsius (194 Fahrenheit).

Is Gorilla Tape good in cold weather? 

Gorilla tapes are generally designed to be weather resistant and to withstand extreme temperatures.

The extent of temperature fluctuations that can be withstood depends on the product. 

Gorilla tape varieties meant for outdoors like the All-Weather, Camo, Heavy Duty Mounting, etc. will have higher temperature ranges they can withstand. 

Keep in mind that Gorilla Tape works best at room temperature.

Is Gorilla Tape good for electrical cords/appliances? 

Gorilla Tape should never be used on electrical appliances or cords. This is because the electrical tape has particular properties of insulation and is designed to be non-conducting. 

Electrical tape is designed to be elastic and stretchy so as to be able to patch up holes or tears in electrical wiring or hold wires together, but in such a way that it can be adjusted. Gorilla Tape, once placed, is rigid and is thus unsuited for this purpose. 

The use of duct tape such as Gorilla Tape can cause short circuits and fires if it is used in the place of electrical tape. Using Gorilla Tape in place of properly insulated electrical tape can be life-threatening for the person and a hazard for the property.

Is Gorilla Tape good for packing? 

Waterproof Gorilla Packaging Tape Heavy Duty is designed specifically for packing, moving, and storage of items. It is moisture resistant and it can withstand a wide range of temperatures. 

It is resistant to any splitting or tearing when stretched over large boxes or cartons. Its thickness has also been increased and it is made in such a way that it fits the shape and purpose of tape guns used for packing items. 

Is Gorilla tape good for cars? 

You can use Gorilla Tape to fix broken car parts such as holding together broken bumpers after an accident, or re-attaching rearview or side mirrors.

Since it is weather resistant and durable it should hold fairly well, irrespective of external conditions. 

The tape’s strength enables it to hold parts together more sturdily than normal duct tape. 

You should expect some minor damage to the paint because when removed, Gorilla Tape will leave a residue, which might be hard to remove considering that any solvents or spirits used to pry off the tape could further scrape off the paint. 

Is Gorilla tape good for air mattresses? 

Gorilla Waterproof Patch and Seal Tape is a good choice to patch up holes and tears in air mattresses. It locks out any moisture or air and is strong enough to hold steady in covering up the tear so that the mattress does not deflate. 

It cannot be used along with Gorilla glue or other types of adhesive glue, because that could damage the air mattress. Gorilla Tape can also damage the air mattress because of the residue it leaves behind. 

So the tape should not be used if you plan to repair the mattress professionally or use a proper patch kit, because the tape would have damaged the integrity of the vinyl in your mattress.

Gorilla tape varieties that do not bind to oil-based or plasticizer ingredients like the original Gorilla Tape may not work very well on an air mattress. Instead, varieties that use acrylic are a better fit in this scenario. 

Take note, that Gorilla Tape and duct tape in general works best for vinyl air mattresses. Its impact on air mattresses made of rubber or other plastics incorporated with textiles could be different. It may be less effective even as a temporary measure or it could do more damage. 

Is Gorilla Tape good for fabric? 

With Gorilla Tape, some versions work well in holding together fabric, because of their relatively good adherent abilities.

For example, the Gorilla Double-Sided Tape is very useful because it adheres to surfaces that normal duct tape cannot bind to. 

The label of each variation will have to be closely checked to know exactly which ones will work on fabric, and which cannot bind to such material. 

Some types of Gorilla Tapes are unable to bind to the fabric that has a high content of oil or other plasticizer ingredients. So Gorilla Tape varieties that have acrylic would be a better fit for these purposes. They can bind to various types of fabric including curtains and carpets. 

Is Gorilla Tape good for tubeless tires? 

You may use Gorilla tape to patch up the tubeless tire to the rim of the vehicle, cycles, bikes, etc. It can also be used to even convert tubed tires into tubeless ones. 

Its strong adhesion and durability make it the preferred fit for this purpose. Its tensile strength and adhesion allow the components to hold together more tightly and securely for long periods of time. 

Of course, if the spokes breakthrough, you will have to re-tape.

Gorilla Tape also leaves a lot of residues and chipped paint when it is removed. But it works just as well as rim tape in most cases. 

Is Gorilla tape good for tent repairs? 

Yes, Gorilla tape is good to cover up tears in the tent material or to tape together broken tent poles.

It is waterproof and weather resistant along with being strong and durable. The Patch and Seal Tape, the Tough and Wide variety are all effective.

These varieties are meant for camping and outdoor requirements.

Not only does it tape together ripped seams in the tent or patch up large tears, but it also withstands winds, cold temperatures and keeps out water all without getting damaged in the process. 

Is Gorilla Tape good for drag clicking? 

Gorilla Tape does NOT have any particular advantages over any other kind of tape in terms of its utility for drag clicking.

Scotch tape, electrical tape, duct tape or even regular tape does the job well enough. It is more about the grip of the tape, and Silicone grip tape is often used. 

So Gorilla Tape could be on par with these other tape varieties. It would not have any shortcomings or extra benefits compared to the others. Its utility would be equal to the others. 

Is Gorilla Tape good for cardboard? 

The Gorilla Heavy Duty Packing Tape is designed for moving, packing, and storage, especially for large and heavy cardboard boxes. It does not tear and is resistant to splitting when stretched across boxes.

It is an excellent adhesive so it binds robustly and remains undamaged even during rough movement and handling. Its thickness makes sure the cardboard boxes will be tightly sealed and securely packed and it is waterproof so it will not permit seepage into the cardboard. 

Is Gorilla Tape good for outdoor use? 

Several varieties of Gorilla Tape such as the Camo, All-weather Extreme, Crystal Clear, Patch, and Seal are all designed to be used outdoors.

The Crystal Clear Tape is also UV resistant. So it does not damage or turn yellow when exposed to continuous sunlight.

They are all either waterproof or water-resistant and all of them are weather/temperature resistant meaning that they can withstand different ranges of extreme temperature.

They can be used during camping, in RVs, and for any repairs outdoors, even for vehicles. 

Some of them can even work underwater. All their properties allow for effective use outdoors either in repairs, temporary fixes, and attachments, etc.


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