What Size Glossier Hoodie Should I Get?

Glossier pink hoodie

You know Glossier from their popular line of beauty and skincare products. 

In recent times, the GlossiWEAR pink hoodie has been gaining cult status.

The cool new hoodies are available in seven sizes. Let us help you grab a piece that is the right fit for you. Here we go.

How does the Glossier hoodie fit?

A Glossier hoodie is a classy garment that can be worn in any situation.

Glossier claims that the new hoodies are generous and long, for a comfy fit. You can take your true size from the sizing chart. This will tell you about the hoodie dimensions, but many questions remain.

Should a hoodie be tight or loose?

A hoodie is essentially sportswear and that’s how it should fit ideally. Hoodies shouldn’t be so baggy or tight that it isn’t easy to move around in.

Another important aspect one should check is that your hoodies do not bulge around your midsection. It should be tight enough to hold its shape without drooping.

The waistband should not cover your bottom. The actual quality of the fabric is also crucial to choose the correct length since the cheaper garments quite often shrink.

Should your hoodie be tight or loose? Well, that’s a personal choice. But a few general rules apply based on your age, height, build, etc. You need to keep a check on the collar, shoulders, sleeves, length, and width.

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A classic hoodie should not be too tight. A good-quality material will not be worn out and allow the waistband to hang forward.

Similarly, the shoulder seam of your hoodie should align with your shoulder bone and the sleeves should be long enough to cover the base of your wrists.

The sleeves should not hinder the movement of the arm by drawing back when you bend or do physical work.

A tight waistband should fit perfectly at the hip leaving 3-6cm of loose fabric on each side. A perfect fit makes you look fit and protects against the cold.

How should a hoodie fit a woman?

There are many ways for a woman to style their clothes, but an ill-fitting hoodie can make you look disproportionate. It should be a rather tight fit around ribs with loose sleeves.

While the body material should be loose, the waistband should have a snug fit around the hip. Also, the collar must not be too tight nor too loose.

How should a hoodie fit a man?

The Glossier GlossiWEAR pink hoodie is for women, and so it may not look good on men.

Generally speaking though, a lot of men choose comfort over looks, especially with sportswear. This ends up with them looking sloppy and hides their build as well.

Whether it is a Glossier Hoodie or any hooded sweatshirt, there are a few rules to follow. A perfect-fitting hoodie should have a snug fit around the hip (not be too tight nor too loose).

Ideally, the shoulder seams should sit on the shoulder bone and cuffs should reach the wrists. Also, the waistband should cover your hips.

How often should you wash Glossier hoodies?

A hoodie doesn’t get dirty or smelly as quickly as you fear because it isn’t usually in direct contact with your skin. As a general rule, if your hoodie is not dirty or stained, washing it after 6-7 wears is a good idea.

The Glossier Hoodie features a tumble dry low, do not iron design. For machine wash, use cold water with a normal cycle only. Also, do not bleach.

Do glossier hoodies shrink in the dryer?

As a rule of the thumb, the cheaper your garment, the more often it shrinks. Your ideal-fit hoodie can easily shrink in size after a few washes.

The Glossier Hoodies does not seem to have a significant shrink though.

The hoodies will only shrink if you don’t use the right settings for the washer and dryer. As per Cotton Incorporated, the tumbling action of the dryer accounts for the majority of shrinkage. A 45-minute tumble can shrink cotton 20 percent or more.

Most hoodies are made from cotton since it is so soft and comfortable. The only problem is it shrinks when exposed to heat. So, don’t wash your hoodie with warm water and throw it in the dryer after.

The Original pink hoodie from Glossier is 70% cotton and 30% polyester fleece. 

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How to wash Glossier hoodies?

The best way to wash your hoodie is to turn it inside out and run the hoodie through a standard wash cycle. Also, before you wash, zip up to avoid snagging on other clothing items.

Once done, lay out your hoodie on a clean towel to help it air-dry. This process will help you avoid any shrinkage. Remember, always use cold water with any standard detergent.


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