These Gigi Pip Straw Hats Are Lit!

Gigi Pip hats

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Gigi Pip sells a wide range of high-quality, fashionable women’s hats. Their hat styles, including floppy sun hats, flat brim straw hats, short brim straw hats, and classic Panama straw hats are some of the popular ones among the audience.

These hats come in different styles, colors, materials, and sizes. There is a hat for every need of yours! In addition, Gigi Pip has a wide range of hat accessories and bags as well.

Let’s take a look at some of Gigi Pip’s popular hats!

Bre Straw Pork Pie Hat

This stunner Bre Straw Pork Pie hat is quite a favorite among women. Developed with firmly pressed paper straws, the classic Pork Pie hat will surely turn all heads around!

Bre Straw Pork Pie hats come in three color variants – Ivory, Natural, and Black.

The Bre Straw Pork Pie hats are manufactured with a paper straw, rope band, and cotton-poly inner sweatband. These materials ensure top-notch quality hats. In addition, the hats come in a variety of sizes too. The sizes are 55, 57, 59, 61 cm. You also get an adjustable inner band that allows you to adjust the size of your hat to ensure the perfect fit!

Ozzy – Lifeguard Hat

The Ozzy hats are one of the classic lifeguard hats from Gigi Pip. These are made with soft, raffia straw, a floppy brim, and a tall fedora crown. In addition, the hats also have a cognac-colored genuine leather chin strap with painted brushstrokes. This gives the hats the perfect finishing look!

The Ozzy hats are available in one color – Natural. Their dimensions are 9.5 cm front of crown height and 10 cm brim width. The hats have different sizes as well, 55, 57, 59, 61 cm, along with an adjustable inner band with which you can adjust the size of the hat at your convenience.

Seabreeze Seagrass Hat

The Seabreeze seagrass hats come in a classic boater style with a wide brim. They have been made with woven seagrass in a beautiful natural green color. The unique Seabreeze seagrass hats are sure to give you some natural, earthy vibes every time you wear them!

The hats have a dimension of 10 cm crown height and 10 cm brim width. These are available only in one color variant as of now, which is Natural. The material used in the making of Seabreeze Seagrass hats is seagrass with a cotton-poly inner sweatband.

Just like all the other hats from Gigi Pip, the Seabreeze Seagrass hats come in different sizes too. The variants are 55, 57, 59, 61 cm. You also get an adjustable inner band to adjust the hat to ensure it fits you just about right!

Isla Straw Fedora Hat

If you are looking for the perfect sun hat, then the Isla Straw Fedora Hat is a great option. This wheat straw fedora hat comes with a wide brim. Its two color variants, Natural and Chocolate Brown, both make a great choice to wear out in the sun.

The Isla Straw Fedora Hat crown measures 10.5 cm while the brim is 10.2 cm wide. The hat is made with wheat straw, with a lining of metal beads cotton-poly sweatband on the outside and inside respectively.

You get the hat in different sizes which are 55, 57, 59, 61 cm. As is with other Gigi Pip hats, this one has an adjustable inner band too.

Camila Fedora – Natural with Stripes

This beautiful hat with an avocado crown is definitely one of the prettiest Gigi Pip hats. The raffia straw used to make the hat makes it very easy for you to pack it for your vacations. Although these hats are great for summer, you can wear them all year round. The Camila Fedora hats have a nude, genuine leather band with beautiful cross detail on their left side!

The dimensions of the Camila Fedora hats are 10.5 cm front of crown height and 10 cm brim width. The hats are available in two color variants, Natural and Rust. The material used is raffia straw with a cotton-poly inner sweatband. 

Available in different sizes, 55, 57, 59, 61 cm, the Camila Fedora hats have an adjustable inner band that you can adjust to ensure the hats fit you perfectly!

Here are some frequently asked questions about the brand Gigi Pip and its popular hats!

1. Where is Gigi Pip located?

Gigi Pip is located in Salt Lake City in Utah. The owner of the brand is Ginger who manages the beautiful hats you see on their website, on social media platforms, and in their store in Salt Lake City.

2. What makes Gigi Pip hats different from their competitors?

The hat industry comes with multiple shortcuts. However, Gigi Pip does not believe in them. The materials sourced for the hats are of premium quality and every step of the manufacturing process is checked thoroughly to ensure the customers get the best.

3. Are Gigi Pip hats made from animals’ skin?

Most Gigi Pip hats are entirely animal-free. However, for some hats, wool is used which comes from animals. 

4. Are Gigi Pip hats affordable?

The quality you get at Gigi Pip is better than most hat brands. With this, the pricing is comparatively affordable for the quality you get. For example, the Camilla Fedora Hat, made with the unique raffia straw with a cotton-poly inner sweatband, retails for $84.

5. How to take care of my Gigi Pip hat?

If properly cared for, your Gigi Pip hat may last for a long time. To take care of your hat, you can use a soft brush to brush out any dust, dirt, or debris from the hats. Always make sure that you pick it up by its brims and not the crown. Additionally, do not lay the hat flat on a surface, always hang it.


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