Fredericks And Mae Introduces Five Armed Candle Holders

Five armed candle holder

There is something raw and primal about fire that helps set the mood. If you are in the market for candle holders to set the mood in your house or shop, check out the latest Five Armed Candle Holder by Frederick and Mae.

As the name suggests Five Armed Candle Holders can carry up to five candles. It has five curved arms that lead into a flange with a spike. The spike is to hold the candle in place while the flange ensures there is no spillage of melted candle wax. The candle holder has a real Scandinavian medieval look.

The five armed brass candle holder measures roughly about 12 inches in height and 18 inches in width. This is ideal as a single center piece of decor on your wall. Or, if you choose to buy this in pairs, make sure that the wall is long enough to hold two of them at either ends – you could perhaps plan for a work of art in the center to add to the aesthetics.

There are two variants of the candle holder, a black iron version is available for $110 USD and a golden brass version that retails for $135 USD.

The candle holder also comes with an iron or brass screw based on the version you buy.

Fredericks & Mae was founded by Gabriel Fredericks Cohen and Jolie Mae Signorile in 2007.


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