Is Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss Worth It? A Complete Review

Fenty lip gloss

Looking for a non-sticky and non-gloopy lip gloss and can’t find one? Wondering which gives you all of these benefits? Fenty’s Lip Gloss range is a potential solution for your problem.

We have curated a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Fenty’s lip gloss range to analyze if the hype is real and if it meets the requirements of your perfect lip gloss.

What is Fenty Beauty?

Fenty is a beauty and skincare brand launched by Rihanna, the famous pop singer, actress, designer, and businesswoman.

After years of experimentation by the best beauty experts and experienced dermatologists, Fenty came up with one of the best scientific formulations for skincare and beauty.

The popularity of the brand is due to the inclusivity of various skin tones hence making it practically useful for people around the globe.

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What is Fenty Beauty’s lip gloss range all about?

Fenty launched its range of lip glosses that turned out as a banger in the lip care industry.

It comes in 14 different variants of different shades including sheer rose nude, sheer red, sheer pink, and sheer rich brown, etc. to help you ace every single look from being the Bold Babe to Subtle She.

Is Fenty Gloss Bomb moisturizing?

With rich ingredients such as shea butter, ginger root oil, and capsicum fruit extract, this lip gloss keeps your lips moisturized.

The rich shea butter helps to hydrate the lips and the goodness of it prevents them from being chapped. 

The formulation is such that it provides nourishing properties as well as makes your lips appear fuller instantly. Shea butter also has healing properties for cracked and chapped lips. 

The lip gloss can also be used as a night-time healer for chapped lips.

After using it for a few nights before bed, you will observe your lips take a very little quantity to give the same luscious look as earlier.

It is free of any tacky feel. It moisturizes even after the gloss has worn off your lips. 

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Is Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss sticky?

The Fenty beauty lip gloss is not sticky. It is moisturizing and gives your lips a good plump texture while volumizing them to a fuller look.

It is hydrating and is capable of masking the matte finish of your lipstick which may feel dry on your lips.

It is easy to apply and after application, feels absolutely mess-free. Due to a very good amount of shea butter in it, some people may find it a little sticky but it is absolutely good to go for many out there. 

What are the main ingredients used in Fenty Beauty lip gloss?

The Fenty beauty lip-gloss is rich in shea butter. The first few ingredients by percentage are polybutene, octlydodecanol, bis-diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Microcrystalline Wax, and lactic acid.

It has the goodness of capsicum which also gives it a tangy tone to the warm undertone. The medicinal property of Vitamin E is a cherry on top for the healthy pout you need.

Which Fenty lip gloss is the best?

Fenty has launched a diverse range of lip glosses with various shades and hues over time. It might get overwhelming for you to select the best one. They all are quite similar in formulation, what differs is the shade and that too with a very few degrees. 

  • The Fenty Glow has a shimmering rose nude hue and the strongest smell of all. It deepens the color of your lips. 
  • The Diamond Milk Shade adds a cool tone to your lips contrary to the Fenty glow which gives a comparatively warmer tone. 
  • The Fussy Lip Gloss gives a shimmering dusty tone and a slight rose hue. In terms of the warmth of tone, it ranks between the two former ones.

All the lip glosses give you an instant plump and shimmer-free look. The best part is that they come as hybrids of various tints so as to be the perfect mix of your preference.

Is Fenty beauty lip gloss vegan?

Yes. Fenty lip gloss is absolutely vegan, 100% cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

It is also devoid of any parabens or phthalates making sure you do not apply any harmful chemicals on your lips and hence preventing lip darkening issues in long term. 

What does Fenty beauty lip gloss smells like?

The Fenty beauty lip gloss has a subtle smell of vanilla peach and also has a good taste to it.

It is not overpowered or makes anyone feel nauseated due to the smell. It can give off a chemical taste to some but the smell is not overbearing at all. 

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How to use Fenty Beauty lip gloss?

Just one stroke of Fenty lip gloss can last for 2-3 hours. Although, if you want a fuller look, 2-3 strokes of the same might give you desirable results.

You can wear it alone for a natural look or can apply it over your matte lipstick to give a plump look. It gives a fuller, playful look.

You can also wear it with lip liner. The Fenty lip gloss gives your lips a warming sensation.

How much does Fenty beauty lip gloss cost?

The Fenty beauty lip gloss can be the best investment for someone looking for a lip product under $25. 

The Gloss Bomb Dip Clip-On Universal Lip Luminizer, Gloss Bomb Cream Color Drip Lip Cream, Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer cost you $19 whereas the Gloss Bomb Heat Universal Lip Luminizer + Plumper range of lip gloss is priced at $22.

How long does Fenty Lip Gloss last?

The Fenty lip gloss lasts for a good 2-3 hours period of time even after drinking or eating with it on, although it can feel budged.

It feels like butter on your lips and the finish is absolutely amazing even with one stroke.

But one of the very few cons is that the Fenty Lip Gloss doesn’t last too long. It dries quickly so applying just one stroke might not be enough. You can apply multiple strokes just to make sure it lasts a bit longer and if you think your lips have too much product, you can always blot the excess. 

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Is Fenty Beauty better than Kylie Cosmetics?

According to statistics, the sale of Fenty Beauty products has been fairly higher than Kylie Cosmetics that too within the very first month of its launch.

Fenty beauty has many options under a single product category so it goes well with almost everyone.

Both of the brands are women-led and equally empowering the makeup the skincare industry. Both of them are splurge-worthy brands.

So, is Fenty Beauty lip gloss really worth it? In our opinion, yes, it is absolutely worth every penny. Apart from the fact that this product is clean and free of harsh chemicals, it is also made for every kind of skin tone out there. Look at their product list and pick one that suits your skin tone the best.


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